coat of seya.

The other day, I talked a little bit about Irenisa, which I started handling this season, but today I would like to introduce just one coat from seya.

It just so happened that the delivery times were the same, so it was the Obon holiday and we started on the same date.

seya., created by Mr. Seya, who lives in Paris.

She has a very classy personality and is a true lady designer, but I can feel the endless energy in each and every word that Mr. Seya speaks quietly.

An immeasurable strength from deep within.

In today's fashion scene, when someone mentions Mr. Seya, there is information that he is the designer of Christaseya.

For some reason, I see in Christaseya's brand profile that Mr. Seya is still involved in Christaseya. .

I don't think you see men's clothes in Japan. seya.

The number of pieces in circulation is very small, but you can feel the extraordinary energy from the depths of Mr. Seya himself in each piece of the collection.

Although it is this time of year at the store, we often talk about seya. to those who come to see it, and we ask them to look at the clothes one by one.





As the name suggests, this coat is made of 100% yak wool and undyed yak.

I think you can guess that this is already a specialty piece.

I wanted to own one this season, but I had no choice but to give it up because I run around the store and I usually use a bicycle to get around.

So I ordered myself a jacket and pants.

Actually, I wanted to talk about it on this blog, so I wore it every day after it started handling in high spirits, but it was sold out, so I couldn't introduce it.

But I think I'll post a commemorative post because it's a big deal.

Because it is the finest fabric, I was planning to show it with a microscope.

Well, that's why today I would like to introduce Seya.'s SEASON No.1 PIECE.

A unique form that is too beautiful and flows down.

Double face of undyed yak wool. No lining.

If it were undyed, the colors and textures of the fibers themselves would be exposed directly, so it would normally result in a wild-looking coat, but this is different.

An unusually high-quality yak.

Natural and beautiful luster that makes you doubt your eyes.

Rather than the brilliance of the fiber.

The potential of yak fiber is maximized. because it is undyed.

After all, if you dye it, the quality of the hair will change, just like human hair.

It's a symbol of this season of seya., so if you look at it, you'll be able to feel at a glance what kind of things we're doing and at what level.

The texture of the fabric is twill weave.

That's why it's definitely clogged.

It's a little brushed because it's a little bit of it.

Even though it's brushed, it's smooth and smooth.

And yet, it's a double face. That is double.

I think that you will be able to experience the thickness of the fabric, which is very different from a single layer.

However, it is a long coat so far.

I don't have a picture of me wearing it, but it's long.

If it's this thick and long, I think it will feel very heavy if it's made of wool.

Well, it would be nice to have a heavy wool coat, but that's not what Mr. Seya is aiming for.

So when you wear it, it feels much lighter than it looks.

The double-face fabric has a surprisingly high quality, and it has a mood of high quality no matter how you look at it.

Also, the sewing specifications are important for this coat. As a brand, it's not like the sewing specifications of seya.

well well.

really really.

Because I always see things like that all the time. I.

It's pretty bad, isn't it? seya.

It is a single piece with no lining, and there are no stitches on the front.

I don't think this is possible in Japan.

It takes a lot of time and effort, and it's a super high-end specification.

This is also a factor in the lightness of this coat. Until now, I often talked about the beauty of sewing and stitch work, but this hides the stitch.

I'm really good at fabrics and sewing.

That's not what seya. wants to direct.

Suppose you wear it without explanation. (Well, I'll definitely explain.)

Even if there is no previous information, that mood that you can always feel, I think that's what only seya. clothes have.

Materials, stitching, and stunning patterns make this possible.

This coat has a detachable collar with buttons.

By the way, the button is genuine water buffalo.

Please rest assured that quality.

If you remove it, it will be colorless.

It's a brand that mainly collects women's items, so I don't recommend it to Chinese people because it feels a little feminine if you take it off, but if you wear it, one button will be eye-catching, so it works very positively. .

Also, as you can see from this photo, there is no shoulder line.

It's common for things that don't have set-in sleeves to make your shoulders stiff and sluggish, but this coat is amazing.

The arm line is really smart.

The secret lies in how the armpits and shoulder line are formed, and when you wear it, it does a good job.

Well, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it, so if you can wear it, please wear it and experience it.

The front is a specification of one button.

However, since the front seam is deep, the left body will softly turn outward even if the button is fastened.

It doesn't matter if it's buttoned up or not, but since it's made with only this material, it's the best if you can wear it loosely like you're wearing it.

Also, at our store, we have this coat and another coat from seya.

That's why there are no buttons on the sleeves, and both this YAK coat and the other cashmere and wool coat have special sleeve specifications.

As for the size, seya. mainly has L and XL for men. Some items are available in M ​​and L, but the coat is L and XL.

I think the undyed double face yak can show off its extraordinary quality and overwhelming seya.

Price is price, so it's not something that everyone can afford, but there's a great view out there, so it might be a great choice for a special coat.

If you like this kind of thing, there is a possibility that you can't escape, but I would be happy if you could see it.

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