Post Production Leather Gloves

Desertic is currently having a limited time event, but there are a lot of things in the regular lineup, so I'd like to introduce some good ones today as well.

As a major premise...

This is not a "product for Christmas gifts".

But first, ladies, I think the leather gloves from the Post Production brand that I'm introducing today would be great candidates for Christmas presents.

Not only for Christmas, but when it comes to gifts, I would be happy if the person who gave them used them, and the person who received them also wants to use them.

From that perspective, I think it's perfect. Today's.

As long as your budget is within range.

I think men will definitely be happy with this quality and workmanship.

I've seen a lot of things, and even if I tried to find gloves of this quality elsewhere, I don't think they exist anywhere else.

It may become something more expensive.

The quality of the actual leather, the suitability of the leather, the pattern and specifications of the gloves, and what happens when you actually use them are all very well thought out.

Also, the packaging.

And if women really want to choose it as a gift for their male partners, we can wrap it for both in-store purchases and online orders, if you wish. I'll take it.

We train ourselves rigorously in wrapping. lol

We will gift wrap it properly.

And, men, if you receive these Post Production gloves, I think you will be very impressed.

I don't think you can find gloves of this quality very often.

Well, even if it's not a present, I think you'll want it for yourself.

It's doing really well.

By the way, I also think that The Inoue Brothers' alpaca muffler is a cost-effective candidate for a Christmas gift at our store, and we also have alpaca knit hats and alpaca gloves.

We also have a variety of other items available at the store depending on the price.

For maniac men, BODHI's clothes brush (¥11,000-) might be a good option.

Well, this blog is not about Christmas gifts, so returning to today's Post Production...

If you usually walk around in the cold winter with your hands in your pockets without wearing gloves, start using this from this year.

Walking around with your hands in your pockets makes you look unseemly, even if you're wearing nice clothes.

Being a gentleman, your behavior is very important.

Post Production's latest leather gloves show the high level of the brand's Mr. Kai as a "product designer" who creates leather products.

Something like that.

Let me introduce you.

Post Production


face material _ Finnish Deer × Spanish Lamb

lining material_Cashmere 100%




These gloves are said to have their roots in military work gloves.

Two types of leather materials are used.

The main product is Finnish deerskin.

And the suede side is Spanish Entrefino lamb leather.

It is said that the best type of lamb and sheep leather is Entrefino, but is that really true?

Regardless of whether it is the best or not, there is no doubt that it is fine-grained and high-quality leather.

First, these gloves.

The fact that Finlandia is used is of great significance.

You sometimes see deer leather and deerskin, right?

But that doesn't mean all deer leather is the same.

Especially this time, it's called "gloves".

Holding something in your hand always requires a good grip.

The brand considered this important and searched for deer leather all over the world, and the best deer leather they found was this leather from Finland.

There are many kinds of products that are normally distributed, but it seems that the high-quality products that the brand aims for are not so easy to find.

Many deer leathers have a strong "grain" on the leather surface, but most of them are "embossed" and are fake patterns.

First, it did not meet the standards set by the brand at that point.

It seems that the other candidates were Italian and British.

However, although the quality of the leather is good, the surface is slippery, and when I actually used it as gloves, it slipped and was no good.

Also, the Finnish ones have a good grip, and compared to the ones from other countries, they don't require any maintenance such as adding oil as you use them.

Just use it. That's possible.

In addition, even after many years of use, deer leather does not harden easily.

Mr. Kai from the brand says that the deerskin ones you find in museums are still soft.

In that sense, you can just use it without any maintenance.

That's why we use Finnish gloves, which are the best.

It's not just about leather, I think this is where Post Production's power as a "product designer" is demonstrated.

That's the structure. In other words, "pattern".

In any case, he seems to have researched patterns in order to aim for the ideal shape.

I was shown the military work gloves that this story is based on.

It's a really bad shape. lol

It's super rustic.

I don't think anyone would want to use this. It looks like that.

Even though he was wearing nice clothes, the shape of his hands looked like ski gloves.

That's why they sought to create a device that looks sharp when worn on the hand, that also allows the hand to move optimally, and that doesn't cause tension when the fingers move.

The best balance that brings out the thinness of each finger.

Because this is amazing.

It's very well made.


When you put it on.

Much of what is visible from the outside is made up of finely textured suede made of Entrefino lamb leather.

And the contrast with Finlandia.

And here.

base of the thumb.

This part is an original structure that was created after extensive research by Post Production.

It's sharp and has an ultra-designed design that feels natural even when you move your fingers, and you won't feel any discomfort or discomfort at all.

And the palm of your hand.

Natural leather quality.

The brand says that these types of gloves that are touchscreen compatible simply have a coating on the surface.

So it seems like it will peel off easily.


So, when you touch the touch panel, be respectful and remove your gloves.

Also, oh yeah.

In order to take advantage of the quality of the leather, these leather gloves may have scratches from when the deer was alive, depending on the individual.

There's nothing terrible about them, but I'd be happy if you could think of them as each with their own individuality.

I thought the one with scratches was cooler though.

As you use it, it will get wrinkled to match your hand, and if it has scratches or features, it will look even more moody.

Well, think of it as an encounter.

There is an adjuster on the wrist.

Please adjust as you like.

I have fairly small hands, but I have a little room in my fingertips.

However, I feel that there is no problem at all.

Mr. Kai of the brand is over 180cm tall, but even he can wear it perfectly.

Therefore, all men's sizes are OK.

I think the size balance is also excellent.

And inside.

Classic inner tag and lining.

This is cashmere. Undyed.

Fully lined with cashmere.

Apparently there is cashmere fabric for gloves.

It's not intended for clothing, so it's extremely durable.

And of course it feels good.

It also adjusts the inside of the glove for comfort.

It's no longer just for keeping out the cold, but you might find yourself using it and not wanting to take it off.

There are no complaints about the quality of the leather or the structure.

This is the first time I've been excited about gloves. I.

Honttt, I think it's quite complete.

I think it would be better for everyone to use it this winter.

And this is the package.

It's working fine so far.

Therefore, even if you give it as a gift, you can enjoy it until the moment you open the package.

I think this is a brand that really cares about the people who buy it.

Post Production gloves are priced at ¥28,600 (tax included).

Gloves aren't something you'll need to buy often, so if you use these, you'll feel at ease.

I would be happy if both men and women would consider this.

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