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PETROSOLAUM's Mountain Fold Wallet order event that was held until yesterday's Golden Week.

Even though I said it was until yesterday, I had already reached the production limit of the amount that I could make from the cordovan bat that I had arranged, so yesterday's last day was like an exhibition of the cordovan bat that was on display. .

Thank you to all the customers who ordered.

We expect to be able to deliver it around mid to late July, so please look forward to it.

And today, I would like to introduce Post Production shoes.

The other day, I introduced sandals from PETROSOLAUM, but today, I think it's good for those who don't wear sandals in the summer.

I think it's unique to Post Production.

There are 2 types.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 1

Post Production
Tear Pumps

material _ Lamb Suede


color_Summer Cognac


First, this.

This is the brand's first pump-style shoe.

Newly created by a brand that excels in making minimal shoes with slim, smart forms.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 2

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 3

Pumps that look good on bare feet.

The upper is suede.

However, in addition to this form, the material is wonderful.

The combination of shape and material is very high level.

"Entrefino" lamb suede.

Is it something with the shoes?

It has the characteristics of leather, and the size of the animal is small, and I have never seen it used in shoes.

However, this "Entrefino Lamb Suede" perfectly matches what we are aiming for in Post Production this time.

Even for domestic brands, if you use it for a leather jacket, I think it depends on the quality, but now, no matter how much you keep it down, it will exceed 200,000, and look at the leather used in this post production. However, the quality of the leather is perfect.

But the price is amazing.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 4

It is very finely textured and soft, and anyone who sees it will immediately feel that it is a very high-quality suede.

And, in addition, the color development unique to this leather.

The upper which the charm of the lamb suede cloth of the entrefino is condensed.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 5

However, the way the leather is used is very post-production.

It has a feminine lightness and is shaped with a delicate volume.

Also in pumps.

Piping-like leather switching at the opening, and a distinctive teardrop-shaped hollowed-out upper that is firmly reinforced with thread.

There is also that element, and I think it is very good for clothing in hot weather.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 6

The stitching is meticulous and meticulous, and even with this kind of tear-shaped cutout, there are no uneasiness factors.

The lining leather is also entrefino lamb, so I recommend wearing it barefoot anyway.

However, if you go barefoot every time, you will be worried about sweat marks, so you may need socks that often slip inside your shoes.

So, when you are here, try wearing them barefoot.

Not only is it comfortable under your feet, but it also looks pretty high-level.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 7

As mentioned above, the lining is the same fine leather entrefino as the upper.

Also, in terms of this shoe, the shoe making process is also comfortable to wear.

It is a method of applying the McKay method, but it is called "Bolognese method".

Normally, the upper and lining are hung in the order of insole → midsole → outsole.

But this is different.

There is an upper and a lining, but the lining is sewn all the way around and forms a "bag" that wraps around the foot.

Then you don't need one insole, and it doesn't exist in the front half of the shoe.

Therefore, the number of adhesions inside the shoe is reduced, and the flexion during walking becomes very soft and smooth.

On the other hand, the cushioning is not high, but the upper material is also there, so there is no need to "break in".

It's very soft and comfortable from the beginning, and it's a shoe that can be used immediately in the summer.

By the way, due to the nature of the manufacturing method, the insole does not sink after wearing, so there is also a feature that the size does not change much from when it was new.

Post Production Tear Pumps Suede Summer Cognac - 8

The outsole is covered with leather to hide the Mackay stitching.

Vibram rubber, which is a type of sponge and rubber blend, is attached to the heel.

In the men's shoe world, I don't see many shoes in the same genre as Tear Pumps, including materials and prices.

It seems that Mr. Kai of Post Production has a way of thinking that is unique to the production site where various shoe processes are carried out. This step.

I think that you can feel that I am thinking very carefully and devising.

Regarding the size, as mentioned above, even if you use it, there is almost no change from when it was new.

For those with size 4 and actual size 24cm, 4H is 24.5cm, 5 is 25cm, and 5H is 25.5cm.

Unfortunately, it doesn't suit people like me who have really wide feet, but I can only look at them.

I would appreciate it if you could see it as an option other than sandals for spring and summer.


Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 1

Post Production
Esth Re-lux

material_Baby Calf





A shoe called "Re-lux" that has been reigning as the face of the brand until now.

That New Ver.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 2

Look. look.

I think you have created something very beautiful.

Post Production is also a brand that has been making original loafers since the beginning.

Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my feet, but I'm very attracted to the high quality of the brand's loafers and I handle them.

Until now, the brand had never made a loafer with a bit attached, but Mr. Kai had been thinking about making a bit loafer since the start of Post Production.

However, the hurdle is very high.

When it comes to bit loafers, I don't think you'll ever see them unless they're a global brand.

Otherwise, a loafer with pre-existing bits attached.

Bit loafers have a very high hurdle to make the essential "bit".

I don't want to use ready-made bits for Post Production, and in the first place, ready-made bits don't match Re-lux, which is made with an original last.

So, this time, I overcame that hurdle and created an original bit, which I placed on the upper.

This bit itself is made of brass, and it seems that it is mirror-polished and clear-coated over it.

Therefore, the bit itself does not change color.

Of course, it's not plated, so it has a deep shine, and you don't have to worry about the gold peeling off as you continue to use it.

Also, when creating the original, the contrast with Re-lux and the form of the bits are well thought out.

A complex curve and a balance that is not excessive.

Post Production's original brass bit was created by pursuing this.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 3

So, the moment I first saw this brand's original bits, I was fascinated by the balance of the length, thickness, and curves of the lines.

That's why I want you to make these loafers with bits the moment you see them. I thought.

However, even if you attach it to Re-lux loafers, there are quite a few variations. What is Post Production?

It bothered me.

Try imagining black leather as a standard, or attach a bit sample to a model with a strong impression developed in the brand's collection. .

However, even if you try various things, this is it! I didn't think so.

Of course, all of them are passing scores.

However, I thought that it was not enough.

So the last thing I imagined and tried was this brown stroller.

At that moment, everything connected in my head.

This is it! and.

The baby calf that Post Production is proud of.

With vegetable tannins, the leather has a thickness and a sense of security that you wouldn't expect from baby calf leather, and the surface has an overwhelmingly fine texture and luster.

By combining gold brass there, I felt a unique "old mood" and a little gorgeousness.

I felt the appearance of an old-fashioned gentleman.

That's why I asked "this is it" on the spot.

Then, it was posted on the brand's Instagram, but it seems to be only at our store. This combination. smile

I thought that all stores would be like this, and I think that the perfection of the combination is high at the paradise level.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 4

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 5

Already, it's a super confident work. Confident work. Well, I didn't make it.

And above all, it's Re-lux, which is also the face of the brand, using a baby calf.

This base shoe is quite high level.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 6

Among men's shoes, the form that leans from the heel that is designed to be slightly higher to the front.

As for the overall volume, it's a loafer, so it's light and thin, but the solid leather sole literally supports it.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 7

The processing of the edge of the leather sole is also perfect.

Also, especially the back view is a sight to see.

An outline that gently snuggles up to the roundness of the heel.

From there, the beauty of the heel tapers sharply as it goes to the ground.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 8

Beautiful appearance.

There are loafers even in overseas brands that everyone knows, but I think this is not defeated by such things at all.

A beautiful form made of fabric, hand-wrapped on the brand's original last, and meticulously hand-crafted.

Even among shoes, the area is limited, and I think that it is a shoe that has been carefully thought out and completed without protruding from the authentic framework.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 9

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 10

The outsole is pasted with half rubber.

Post Production Esth RE-lux Baby Calf - 11

The outsole is also decorated with old-fashioned loafers and a heel rubber switch.

I think it's a very well designed shoe.

The last of these shoes is also a considerably shaved last, so there are restrictions on who can wear it, but if it fits perfectly, a spectacular view awaits.

Despite being a baby calf, the creases on the upper are deeply carved, and the gold bits.

This Esth Re-lux is very good for spring and summer from now on, and in terms of appearance, I think it is very good except for winter.

This size is handled from 3H (23.5 cm).

This 3H is a small size last made by a brand in the past.

3H is 23.5cm, 4 is 24cm, 4H is 24.5cm, 5 is 25cm, and so on.

Also check out the Post Production shoes.

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