I asked Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM, who I had been talking with for a while, to make a wallet for me. PETROSOLAUM × CASANOVA&CO It's been about a year and a half since I started thinking about this wallet. Finally, it's time to show it off to everyone. This wallet is not available for immediate purchase. I'm making a sample, so I'd like to accept orders from those who like it. So it's an order-style wallet. However, it is not possible to prepare an infinite number of materials, and there is an upper limit to the number of raw materials that can be arranged, so that number will be the MAX. The order period is scheduled from May 7th (Sat) to May 15th (Sun). During that period, we will prepare samples in the store so that those who visit the store can consider while looking at them. Let me introduce that "wallet". PETROSOLAUM × CASANOVA&CO "MOUNTAIN FOLD WALLET" material _ CORDVAN BUTT color _ D.BROWN/BLACK , D.GREEN/BLACK This. First of all, the material is leather. I like this very much, I wear it almost every day with my shoes, and I used it when I had a belt made by PETROSOLAUM before. "Cord Van Bat". Starting to think about this leather base was my first, first, first trigger. "I need a cordovan bat purse," my mind said. So, I wanted to be honest with my heart, so I kept that thought inside me for a while, but before I knew it, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I told Mr. Ogino. "Please make a wallet out of cordovan bat." However, of course, I also intend to be a relatively decent adult, so it's not that my feelings for Mr. Ogino are leaking out. It should be a wallet", so I told Mr. Ogino about it. That was about a year and a half ago. Start from there. With the cordovan bat developed by PETROSOLAUM with Shinki Leather in Himeji, I thought that it would be possible to create a very high-level product not only for leather shoes, but also for wallets and hand-held items. . In today's world, it is generally said that the quality of leather is steadily declining compared to the past. But the cordovan bat used by PETROSOLAUM is not such a low-level story. I think that leather exists in an absolute position. Then, based on that, I told Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM what was in my head, and I believed that if Mr. Ogino could give shape to it, I would be able to create a wallet of transcendent quality. Because I think Mr. Ogino's sense is super dangerous. It's amazing. everytime. Yes, even with leather shoes. We don't just make classic dress shoes. I think that's something that only Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM can do. I. So, in terms of that, I could only ask Mr. Ogino. That was finally completed. this. A wallet that is compact, has ample capacity, has few decorations, and allows you to experience the leather quality of cordovan bat at its peak. I think so Well, the other day, I wrote in this blog, "What I want in my wallet", please think that it is all packed. The left is black on a dark brown base. Right is black on dark green base. these two colors. As for dark brown, I really like the color because it is also available in side gore boots. As for the dark green color, PETROSOLAUM, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is very important to the brand. The green symbolizes the new "budding" of the milestone "10". It's a new shade that appears in the brand's autumn/winter collection. this. It was such a timing, and I had never seen such a color with this level of leather quality, so it was developed in two colors, dark brown and dark green. First, let's talk about this leather. "Cordvan butt". I think it's the only one in the world right now. Materials used only by PETROSOLAUM. It has a very cool and easy-to-understand name like the King of Leather, but as the nickname suggests, it is said to be the highest peak among leather. Cordovan. Well, in general, if it's Cordovan, I don't think it's all the same. Just, but. The cordovan part of the PETROSOLAUM cordovan bat is first class. This fine texture and amazing luster. For those of you who read this blog, it's already known, so it's horse butt leather. I won't go into that kind of explanation. Look. This look that anyone can recognize at a glance as a special item. This is the quality that Japan's Shinki Leather and PETROSOLAUM have created. In the case of leather shoes, the best part of this cordovan is placed on the toe, which is the face of the shoe, and this wallet is also placed in the most prominent place. It's a compact tri-fold wallet, so it's the top part. And from there it becomes a gradation, gradually changing from cordovan to bat layer. Cordovan here. It switches in the middle zone of the tri-fold, and the cordovan bat comes to the bottom when the snap is fastened. Experience how the leather quality changes intricately, not monotonously, in a single wallet. However, it takes a lot of time to make the leather for this cordovan bat. When Mr. Ogino made a request to Shinki Leather Co., Ltd., he was told that the delivery time for cordovan bats would be six months to ten months. Because this cordovan bat. This is because the tanning process takes a lot of time. It's very important from here. Please read it properly. If you do that, I think you will understand what makes this cordovan bat leather so wonderful. "tanning". As I wrote in this blog the other day, there are two types of tanning: Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. yes. As you can guess, PETROSOLAUM is vegetable tanned. of course. It's petroleum-based, not chemical chromium. Chrome tanning is not generally bad. Now I want vegetable tanning. Moreover, "full vegetable tanning". Full = 100% In other words, it is a leather made entirely from natural tannin tanning. Nowadays, even if we say vegetable tannins, we hear that 10%, 20%, or 10% or 20% of chromium is added to the tanning process. think. Furthermore, if you take it one step further, there are two types of tannin tanning.・Drum tanning ・Pit tanning These two. Drum tanning is a method of putting leather and tannin components into a large drum-like barrel that looks like a giant washing machine and turning it round and round to allow the tannin components to permeate. Drum tanning seems to be the most popular among vegetable tanning. It's like turning it in a drum and putting tannin ingredients into the skin. So, the skin becomes "leather" to some extent quickly and in a short period of time. Because it "takes in" nutrients. However, it seems to take a load on the leather. In contrast, "pit tanning". This is crazy. This method puts the tannin component in something like a large tub called a "pit tank". Soak the leather in the tannin water tank full of nutrients. By doing so, the skin will slowly absorb the nutrients, and the "leather" will slowly form. The pit tank is not just one, but there are several tanks with different tannin concentrations, and the tannins are immersed in different concentrations. The period is about one month to several months. By allowing the nutrients to permeate the leather slowly and carefully over time, a beautiful cordovan bat with even fibers is completed without putting a load on the leather. However, in Japan, only Shinki Leather and Tochigi Leather seem to have the equipment called the pit tank. And it seems that only a very small number of tanners have a pit tank even if they look around the world. This PETROSOLAUM cordovan bat. Of course, "full vegetable tanning" in the "pit tank". Perfect. Look. Look again. This ultra-class leather quality was completed in that way. This beauty, brilliance is too high level. I almost think of it as a mirror. Hand mirror, hand mirror. lol that's the surface. And then the interior. This is the inside. Both the outside and the inside were made as simple as possible. I didn't need a zipper. However, it was important that it functioned properly as a wallet. Coins, bills, cards, this fits without stress. Well, I think there are individual differences, but for the most part, I don't think there's a problem with this. Or rather, I believe. Only embossed thumbprint, not brand name. The exterior is a cordovan bat, but the inside is a cordovan bat silver surface. In other words, leather. This is also very finely textured and thick leather that you can rest assured. In the first place, cordovan is even lower than the surface of the leather called the silver surface. There is a layer called "cordovan layer" that exists deep in it. Scrape from the back of the leather and reach the cordovan layer. The cordovan layer is said to be about 2.5mm to 3mm thick. Normally, that would be too thick, so the cordovan layer is skimmed to make it thinner. This time, since it is not a shoe, Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM has created a new "wallet original thickness". On the other hand, this silver surface (outer leather). When using cordovan leather, the part is shaved off, but this wallet expresses "layers of leather". The cordovan bat on the outside is used by shaving the silver surface. For the inner silver surface, the cordovan bat is shaved and only the silver surface is used. In other words, this kind of thing. Placing the wallet in this orientation equates to a "layer of leather". On the outside, the cordovan bat's leather texture changes in gradation, and on the inside and outside, it represents the layers of leather. A purse representing the layers of a horse's butt. smile D.GREEN/BLACK. D.BROWN/BLACK. Both do not use "pigments" to put color on top for coloring. Both use only "dyes" that are properly dyed. This is because you can feel the leather directly. Both dark green and dark brown are dyed in their respective shades. And from above, dye it with black. By doing so, it becomes a color that makes the most of the color of the base. The dark brown one is the old-fashioned "brown core" state. For the green, I dyed the black lighter than the dark brown so as not to erase the green color. That's why I think that both of them are not "monotonous black", but have a look that emits deep colors. And look at this. Edge processing is also perfect. Because this is so important. Each Koba allows the penetration of the base shade and black dye to be visible without having to paint over it. So, if you look closely at the edge, you can see that it contains black dye. Green is not as clear as dark brown because the black dye is diluted. Cordovan is on the left. In the middle, cordovan and bat mix. The right side is the suede batt layer. Can you tell from the picture? In this way, the leather texture will be gradated in the middle part. If you order, there are individual differences. Because it is a product of nature. I would be happy if you could look forward to what you can do. suede bat. And there are 4 places where you can put cards inside. It's hard to get in at first, but I put a total of 8 cards in and they all fit in. It's leather, so it will stretch depending on how many you put in. And the part to put coins in. Normally, compact wallets don't have a gusset, so you end up not being able to put any change in it, or even putting in a little change can quickly swell up. But don't worry about this. The gusset is provided because it is a premise that you will properly put in coins and use it. So use it without hesitation. The back of this leather is also a proof of quality. The back of the leather cannot be deceived. I don't like the lining of my wallet, so I keep it unlined. That way, you can have fun behind the scenes. Another feature of this wallet is that it is similar to the PETROSOLAUM cordovan bat shoes. Still, there will be no unkempt and leather scraps. It's a specification that can't be established if it's not this level of leather. There is a pocket with capacity on the back of the coin purse. Two cards is a win-win here from the start. Also, as you can see from the photos, there are some scratches on the leather and uneven dyeing. Of course, this will be different one by one when it is made for the person who ordered it, but the brand thinks that animals are "living proof" very much. I want to make the most of the individuality of such products. It's not like it's full of scratches, but I'd like to order from someone who can take that kind of thing positively. I love that kind of food, so I asked for this project with the feeling of "I definitely want it." Look. This uneven dyeing is also seen in the wallet. Depending on the fiber quality of the leather, there are areas where the color is dark and areas where it is not. Awesome. By the way, there is no partition in the wallet, and it is a single sheet specification. This uneven dyeing. I'm so pissed off. These characteristics are also the original characteristics of leather. I really want you to experience this too. Vegetable tanning makes the leather very good, and the cordovan bat leather quality gradation, scratches and unevenness. I wanted to have and create a single wallet that was not homogenized and could show various expressions. When I think about it, it was PETROSOLAUM. That's why I wanted to make the most of that, so I didn't use unnecessary parts. Only two snaps are used to open and close the main body and the coin purse. Mr. Ogino chose snaps that didn't include any text. A highly durable snap that can withstand numerous openings and closings. This is the first time I've seen this type of snap button, but Mr. Ogino said it was made in Japan. There is a radial pattern here. This snap with few decorations leaves a very good impression. And there is more. Actually, there are many places I want to introduce, but it will be too long, so let me say this at the end. It's a part that no one is conscious of, but stitching. This is also well done. Most wallets that are handmade are sewn with extremely thick thread, but this wallet didn't need an obvious "manly scent". That's why the stitching is thinner than a typical wallet. Furthermore, the thickness of the thread is changed on the front and back. Normally, the front and back, in other words, the thickness of the upper thread and the lower thread are the same. Therefore, this is also a stitch with a very considered thread count. No distortion, straight lines, even curves. The pitch of the needle movement is also very fine. This is very important. It took me a year and a half from conception to thinking about such things. It's a very simple wallet. I think I've been able to do something that has been sharpened by that much. Also, yes. It contains ten 500 yen coins to make it easier to imagine. This is all I can afford. closed in that state. Even if you put 10 500 yen coins in, there is a gusset that is set at the beginning, so it's nothing. Of course, closing it doesn't change anything. It's a compact wallet, but bills can be inserted straight when stored without folding like this. This is a driver's license, but the size fits the card properly. So this. It's what I've been using since February. Green side. I use the brown color for my shoes and belts, so I know it's 500 million points out of 100, but I didn't know about this green, so I chose green because I wanted to experience it. Then I really like it. As for the specifications of the wallet, a sample was finally completed, and after using it, we talked about changing the things that bothered me, but there was nothing to change. Perfect. Everything is fine for me. A total of 8 cards. I put coins and bills in it, but I never felt inconvenient. I usually carry a bag, so I don't usually put it in my clothes pocket, but when I put it in my pocket, it fits easily in every pocket. About 8 cm high, about 10 cm wide, and about 2.8 cm thick. It's a great design. this. New sample on the left. The one on the right is what I use everyday. It doesn't change size at all. smile As I used it, the swelling of the feeling leather increased. And, of course, PETROSOLAUM's cordovan butt's cordovan part is extremely dangerous. Generally speaking, Horween's Shell Cordovan is said to be the best, but Non Non Non. Please see this and tell me. So, you don't need to take care of it. use it every day. That's all. The left is a new sample. The one on the right is what I use. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I think the depth of the leather has come out. It is a wallet that assumes continued use, not just the initial specs. Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM made what I had in mind wonderful. Regarding orders, the first day, the 7th (Sat), will be available only at the store, and the next day, the 8th (Sun), from around 18:00, it will be posted on the online store for those who find it difficult to come to the store, so that they can place orders. I will. As I mentioned at the beginning, the period is scheduled to be until the 15th (Sun), but due to the cordovan bat, there is an upper limit to the number that can be produced. When I had the belt made before, I set a similar period, but I don't remember if it was 2 days or 3 days, but the original planned quantity was reached in a few days, so it was terminated early. became. I don't know what will happen this time, but I would be very happy if you could consider it. Also, for those who have ordered, we are planning to give it to you in 2 months.

This time, in making something like this, I aimed to make the wallet feel that the quality of the wallet itself, including the leather quality and details, greatly exceeds the price. I think Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM made it very well. If you like it, I would appreciate it if you could consider it.

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