PETROSOLAUM “side gore”

Today, I would like to introduce PETROSOLAUM.

Side gore again this time.

Last time, the entire amount was sold out in a few days around August.


I also wear these boots once every two days, and I personally really like them, so I hope you can see them this time as well.

Last time, we had a total of 7 sizes, and we also handled multiple pairs of each size,

This time, how

in 3 sizes

Handling of each one point.

That's a total of 3 feet. smile

Numbing limited number. smile


side gore (heel rubber)

material _ CORDVAN BUTT




*Sold out

this. These are very well made boots.

Sizes are 3 sizes from the smallest 39 to 0.5 pitch.

39 if the actual size of the foot is less than 24.5 cm.

39.5 if the actual size is not 25 cm.

40 if the actual size is less than 25.5.

It would be nice if you could choose like that.

Anyway, I think it's best to have them choose the smaller size.

The leather on the upper is my favorite cordovan bat.

Mackay bottoming.

If necessary, all sole exchange is also possible.

Well, it's a double leather sole, and I don't think it's necessary to wear all soles unless you wear them for many years.

A distinctive feature is the upper that rises almost straight from the toe toward the opening.

With normal side gore boots, this part is thermoformed and curved, but PETROSOLAUM almost never does that.

As a result, as you wear it, the ridged upper wrinkles peculiar to Cordovan shoes will be carved.

And another feature is

shoe opening.

In the normal case, the side elastic is exposed on the front, but in PETROSOLAUM, a cordovan bat is placed on the rubber to create a bellows shape.

Mr. Ogino carefully sews the stitches with a sewing machine in his atelier.

And the most important rubber is the rubber made by Jaeger of Germany, which Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM searched for and researched repeatedly, and has strong durability.

Jaeger has a higher density than domestic rubber and is less likely to stretch.

It will be ruined if the rubber stretches to the side gore. No worries about that.

Fine cordovan leather on the front, which is the face of the boots.

As it goes to the heel, it gradually switches to a suede layer in a gradation pattern.

I love this leather that PETROSOLAUM has been using for so long that I've had belts and wallets made from the same leather, but the real value comes when it comes to shoes.

The thickness of the leather that Mr. Ogino pursued and derived is thicker than belts and wallets.

Still, the leather is a cordovan bat with "full vegetable tanning" that takes several months in Japan and soaks the leather step by step in a "pit tank" to complete it.

Normally, even though full vegetable tanning is used, most of it seems to be "drum tanning" which is completed in a short time. completely different.

This is exceptional.

Cordovan bat tanned over time.

The upper does not come with shoe laces, so it does not get in the way of wrinkles from wearing.

Chop generously.

As mentioned above, the heel gradually switches to a suede layer.

oh yeah.

Cordovan leather is tougher than cowhide and has a thick design, so there are cuts everywhere.

And the leather coloring also comes alive with cut-off specifications.

I had the belt and wallet made in the same way, but it was a cordovan bat with a “brown core structure” dyed thinly in black on top of dark brown leather.

That's why it's somewhat reddish black, but you can see the layers from the edge of the leather.

These boots will give you a deep look in your pair.

You can hardly see it in the photo, but there is a nail hole in the heel that is proof of "hand-tightening".

The last of the original theory, in which the technology of the brand "03 LAST" is generously poured, is carefully hand-finished with leather.

I think that the more you wear them, the more you will feel the difference from machine-made shoes, which are completed in a few seconds.

And this time, only the heel is pasted with Vibram rubber.

I do the same thing, but after thinking about it myself, I think this is the best way to experience the quality of PETROSOLAUM's 03 LAST.

Of course, it would be nice to have rubber on the front as well, but since the heels in particular have asymmetrical shapes, I ask the brand to put the rubber on the heels from the beginning.

On the front side, the Mackay stitches are invisible with the hidden channel, and the rubber is not stretched, so I think it will breathe naturally, so I made it like this.

Also, I want you to see the careful processing of the outsole.

Stunning polishing in splendid.

And wooden nails, which is one of the characteristics of the brand.

The polishing of the edge of the sole is also a bit polite.

It is also very beautiful to change from a flat edge to a round edge at the arch of the foot.

As mentioned above, the outsole is a double leather sole, but considering walking, the leather of the outsole disappears naturally at the toe as it goes to the toe.

If you walk, your toes will wear off.

The movement of the foot is also a smooth thoughtful specification.

It's a very walkable boot.

And this.

I wonder if it's about 2 years?

These are my boots that I wear once every two days or continuously.

When I go on business trips, I wear these boots every day, and I also walk a lot overseas.

I think that the total distance traveled wearing this is several times around the earth.

Well, even when I'm just on an airplane or Shinkansen.

Anyway, I wear this all the time without thinking about anything.

Especially since I walk a lot, it's perfect for walking. this boot.

It is beaten by the rain, blown by the wind, and in winter it encounters snow.

Okayama is said to be the land of sunshine, so the weather is perfect for leather shoes, but it rains a lot on business trips.

But I don't care. Just wear it.

In this way, the unique wildness of cordovan bats is maximized.

A heel that has become more brownish.

The top black has been scraped away, revealing the tea core.

And deep wrinkles on the upper.

It's undulating.

This wrinkle is important to choose a small size first.

If it's too big, you'll get extra fine wrinkles.

At this timing, the number of orders is small, so I think it will be quite limited, but if you can get it, please wear it anyway.

In addition to the familiarity and change of leather, I think that you can experience the high quality of PETROSOLAUM, especially the level of 03 LAST that is not overwhelming.

If you like it, please take a look.

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