PETROSOLAUM's order event, which has been held for a week from the 22nd (holiday/Thursday) the other day, and is scheduled to last until the 29th (Thursday). As we announced on Instagram, we initially thought that customers would consider the belt within a week during the period, but we received requests for orders at a speed that exceeded our expectations. , reached the planned upper limit in the afternoon of the third day. Therefore, we stopped ordering belts early. For those who have ordered, we would like to deliver it around the middle to the end of September, so please look forward to it. However, we will continue to accept handwoven stoles (this one will be handed over in December) that we are also accepting at the same time, so please consider those who are ferocious. The belt samples are no longer displayed in the store, so this is a photo from the first day. So far, we have held two custom-made shoes events, and Mr. Ogino, the designer, was always there for us. This time, the brand exhibition was just around the corner, so Mr. Ogino's shoes were in the store instead of Mr. Ogino's. The period is until the 29th (Thursday) as we have told you. Also, Irenisa, COMOLI, amchi., A.PRESSE, ETS.MATERIAUX, etc. have started their new seasons, so I think you can see them. oh yeah. Also, The Inoue Brothers, which we carry in our store, will appear on a TV program on the 31st (Sat) at the end of this month. BS Asahi's "Baton Pass SDGs Beginning" A program called. SDGs, read as "Sdgs", are the goals set by the United Nations in 2015 by 2030. The SDGs consist of 17 major goals, and it seems that there are 169 specific things to achieve them. "1, Let's eliminate poverty" "2, Zero Hunger" "3, Health and well-being for all" "4, Quality education for everyone" "5, Let's achieve gender equality" "6, Safe water and toilets all over the world" "7, energy for everyone and clean" “8, Motivation to work and economic growth” "9, Let's create a foundation for industry and technological innovation" "10, Eliminate inequality between people and countries" 11.Creating a city where people can continue to live "12, Responsibility to make, Responsibility to use" "13, Concrete measures against climate change" "14, Let's protect the richness of the sea" "15, Let's protect the richness of the land" "16,Peace and Justice for All" "17, Let's achieve our goals with partnerships" This adoption can achieve the above goals. Those of you who visit our store regularly or know The Inoue Brothers know that Satoshi Inoue, Kiyoshi Inoue and other brands are featured in such TV programs. And I don't know if it will be used, or rather, it may be reflected for a moment, but our store has held two events with The Inoue Brothers in the past, and we have a few photos of both events. I was able to provide it. It's already 3 years and 2 years ago, but I'm glad I left it. Two years ago, Mr. Nishino from NEAT was with us. In this corona situation, I haven't met Satoshi and Kiyoshi, who live overseas, since the exhibition right after the event two years ago, so I can see the current situation on the program. Maybe you can. I think that what Inoue Brothers is working on is an opportunity to learn more. BS Asahi "I'm starting the baton pass SDGs" Date: July 31st (Sat) 18:00-18:55 Also, even if you can't see it at this time, you can watch it on the missed delivery of "TVer". TVer Asahi Well then, July is almost over, but we are waiting for you to visit us.
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