I wonder how many seasons this season will be. PETROSOLAUM.

This time there are not only shoes, but also pretty beach sandals.

The beach sandals are still being made, so I'll start with the shoes.

This shoe will be available in 3 types. It's crazy, it's crazy, it's really crazy.

These 3 types. It's a big deal, so I'm going to introduce it today because it's really dangerous. Well, it's exactly what the first picture is. gray shoes.

hidden derby low

material_cordvan butt



size_39.5, 40.5


Derby with cordovan bat gray.

Well, I'm sure some of you who have visited the store and already know about Cordovan bats. King of leather cordovan (at the horse's buttocks). Leather that reflects PETROSOLAUM's idea, which is used together with the cordovan and the bat around it.

Cordovan is used on the instep of the foot that wrinkles when worn. And from there, the placement of the leather changes to suede in a gradation toward the heel.

With just one pair, you can enjoy the different facial expressions due to the difference in leather quality.

Well, this leather is a combination of cordovan leather and bat leather, and it's extraordinary when it comes to its high potential.

Cordovan's characteristic large undulating wrinkles will appear, and the luster will gradually come out from the back.

This cordovan bat is a leather that I have always handled in the past seasons, but this is the first time I have used gray.

As for this model, the manufacturing method is hand-sewn, and the finish is a special series, so the price is also a price.

So, at first, I was thinking about handling it in black, but I had an idea. It came down. advent.

God said "gray" in a whisper voice.

At that moment, a stimulus flowed through my head, and I thought, this is it. That's why it's a grey-scale development.

Well, I said it in a rather joking way, but that's what it means in a very simple way.

This shoe is full of cordovan butt textures, hand-sewn and bespoke tailoring. You can experience an amazing fit from the beginning, but the more you wear it, the more you will be impressed by how wonderful it fits your feet and how your appearance changes.

However, it is the most expensive shoe that we have dealt with in our store recently. Handsorn. I really do what I do. Ultra transcendence item.

But for those who like this kind of thing, I think that shoes that can't be avoided because there aren't many other things that can be replaced.

Let me assure you that these shoes are worth it.

Also, by the way, the name is hidden derby, but there is no stitch on the opening. It's normal, though. surely.

But the inner lining has stitches. The hidden stitching that would otherwise be exposed is also a feature of this shoe.

It's just one stitch, but it looks completely different if it's not on the front. Let me tell you how we are doing with this. at the store.

The inside of the outer blade comes with a suede batt layer. The shoes are already standing three-dimensionally.

And I think that you can feel the exquisite fitting from the heel and arch to the bottom of the foot and the feeling of liberation of the toes and the width of the instep, which are not found in imported shoes.

By the way, the upper part may look a little uneven, but please understand that we are using 100% animal leather.

There are only two sizes, 39.5 (24.5cm) and 40.5 (25.5cm), but I think 40.5 is fine unless you have really big feet.

We had an opportunity to order PETROSOLAUM shoes at our shop last April, and the data showed that most people were actually between 39.5 and 40.5. The sizes are small, but surprisingly, most people misunderstand that their feet are large. As for leather shoes. Also, since the price is the price, please let me develop it in only two limited sizes.

This is the first handsorn to be handled at our store. At PETROSOLAUM, we use a technique called hand-sewn 90% tailoring. Only the stitching on the edge is machine sewn. All other bottoming processes are hand sewn.

In other words, the parts you can't see are hand sewn. By wearing it, you will be able to feel the fit that gently wraps your feet from the soles.

Continuing from Araki Yuu's shirt the other day, the invisible parts are hand-stitched.

I think it's very important to make things that you can't see, even when it comes to comfort and shoes. I think it's going to be something like this.

oh yeah. As an aside, 2 Araki Yuu coats and Sea Island cotton motorcycle jackets arrived late. This is amazing too. Let me introduce you again.

Well, the derby shoes I introduced today are very beautiful just by looking at the real thing.

But you do wear shoes.

In particular, cordovan bats are leather that changes completely depending on how you wear them, so please wear them all the time. I think it will look great after a few years.

I will introduce two more models later.

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