Thank you very much for coming from all over the country especially on the first day of the project with Yamauchi that has been held since the other day. There were more people than expected to see the show on the first day, partly because it was held in a slightly separated area of ​​our shop, so I was very sorry that some people just had to watch it. At the moment, the Hakomura short pants are only A, which is the big favorite, and there was originally a lot of them, so if it's SM size, you can compare it, but there are only E and H (hybrid cotton ver.). The quality is far beyond shorts, so I would be happy if you could see it one by one. Well, I think it's more difficult in many ways to find short pants that are at this level. Today, I will introduce sandals. PETROSOLAUM This spring/summer season, we only have two types of PETROSOLAUM sandals to introduce today. Somehow, the variation of sandals has decreased this year. Well, at PETROSOLAUM, most of the years, we have only dealt with sandals known as "transparent beach sandals", so this year is different, so I think it's good for those who prefer not to be see-through. PETROSOLAUM T-SANDAL material_LIGHT COWHIDE process_PRESS color_BLACK womens size _ 38,39 mens size_40,41,42,43 First of all. As for this, the women's size is limited to 2 sizes, but we handle it. This sandal does not have a half size, so it is incremented by one size. Sandals made entirely of black (except for the nails). The standard of these sandals is the same as the "transparent beach sandals" that we have handled several times. Until now, the tongs have been set to "bifurcated" so that the base of the thumb and forefinger, which are common in sandals like this, do not hurt unreasonably, but this time T-SANDAL is the same. So, this T-SANDAL is super light. It's not about making things up. The feeling of wearing it. First, the part of the tong that hits the instep of the foot. This is cowhide. But it's not the leather of an adult cow, and it's soft, but it's not unreliable because it's devised during the skiving and tanning stages. Also, isn't it a major premise to wear them barefoot in the summer? So, depending on the type, there are many things that become sticky or slimy when you sweat, but this is less likely to happen. There is also a grain on the surface of the leather, and it is not sticky and keeps it away moderately. And if you look at the picture above, you can see that there is a seam on the inside. The "T" in this T-SANDAL is the "T" in "TUBE". Everything is designed so that your feet won't hurt when you wear them, and that they are lightweight and soft to wear. Therefore, the cowhide of the tongs is made in a "tube". By making it "tubular", the leather of the tongs naturally becomes thicker and cushioning can be formed in the leather. And since the seams are not exposed, they do not interfere with the bare skin. It's an excellent design. Tubular cowhide tongs with 5mm thick cushioning. So, if you look at the real thing, you'll understand, but there's a bulge that hides the internals. As a result, the sense of security around the foot improves, and the leather stretches to prevent it from sagging. When you look at these types of sandals, there are quite a few people who imagine pain in their feet when wearing them, but this is Mormantai. No matter how you look at it, I think you'll instantly feel that it's super safe. And the insole that the sole of the foot hits directly. This part is horse leather. Horse leather is sometimes used for the lining of shoes even by brands. I think the leather is strong, supple, and very comfortable on your feet. At the base of the tongs, a nail for "bee-sand type sandals" that Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM made as a special order at a town factory in Osaka is driven. When we first dealt with "see-through flip flops" at our shop, it wasn't this nail when we had them made. In order to improve the quality of his sandals, Mr. Ogino was presented with a fierce lot from a town factory that makes nails. These nails are resistant to rust and can be firmly attached to the tongs by hammering them. side. It's a beach sandal type, but I think it's quite suitable for walking. This T-SANDAL. The flip-flops that I have handled in the past had rubber insoles attached to leather insoles, but this time there is a sole layer. First of all, the insole part where the foot directly rests is made of horse leather, as mentioned above, and the core material and cushioning material are wrapped in the horse leather. The insole has a 2.5mm thick core material and a 1.5mm cushion material on top. I wrap it in horse leather. And the rubber is wrapped around it. Do you understand? like the heel part. Including the rubber edge, it has a three-layer structure. When viewed from the side, the sole consists of rubber, EVA sole, and outsole from the top. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there are 4mm fillings in the place where you put your feet, but in addition to that, an EVA sole is installed as a midsole. So I think it's pretty comfortable. this. And the outsole is a birk sole, which is said to be the most suitable for sandals. I think it is a well-known outsole because it is used in Birkenstock, but it has a high level of slip resistance, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance. It's shaped like a beach sandal, but even though it's a beach sandal, it's equipped with specifications that pursue comfort. The processing of the edge is also polite and neat. And next is this. PETROSOLAUM B-SANDAL material_CROCODILE process_PRESS color_NATURAL size_40,41,42,43 Main house appeared. B-SANDAL. Commonly known as "B Sun". That's right. It's PETROSOLAUM's quality flip flops, so it's a beach flip flop that opens a hole in the flip flops industry. For the past few seasons, I've been asked to make tongs using "transparent cowhide" leather, which is extremely rare in the world, but this time it's not transparent. Moreover, the leather of the tongs "Crocodile". Last summer, we sold two pairs of crocodile beach sandals, which were tanned using a combination of tanning and chrome tanning. But this time, "full vegetable tanning". And it is in a tanned leather state that has not been dyed at all. In other words, it is a crocodile made only with 100% natural ingredients. The pattern on the crocodile's leather is called "fu", and the large and small husks are used so that they are roughly evenly distributed on the left and right sides. Originally, it is said that the best crocodile is the large entrails in the center of the stomach, but if you use only that, you will inevitably end up with a price tag of "Who will buy it?" Mr. Ogino is watching the balance. However, when it comes to crocodile, it is overwhelming. persuasive. Well, I won't say it, but the power of this leather is on a different scale. Beach sandals are the easiest genre of sandals, aren't they? So, I wanted to use natural tanned undyed crocodile like leather diamonds. As for the insole, we use benz leather, which takes months to tan to make the fiber ultra-dense. This Benz leather is also Nume leather. And around it, "wooden nails" used for Japanese fittings are hammered. At the base of the leather tongs, I use the specialty nails mentioned earlier to make them stronger. The tongs that fix the thumb and index finger of this B-SANDAL are also forked. As a result, the fit will change dramatically, so you don't have to worry about the pain between your fingers, which often happens with beach sandals or leather sandals of this genre. The skin on my feet never peels off. It's a premise that you can wear it barefoot in the summer, so it's well thought out. And this. B-SANDAL outsole. The rubber sole is a blend of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber has the advantage of being resistant to friction and less likely to wear out. However, it has the disadvantage of being weak against heat. Synthetic rubber compensates for this. Synthetic rubber is not as abrasion resistant as natural rubber, but it is said to be heat resistant. Therefore, by mixing the two, it is designed to be durable and safe to wear even on hot asphalt in the summer. What's more, the hybrid rubber contains jute fibers, which play an anti-slip role. That's why Shiromono can be worn on wet ground or scorching asphalt without worry. "Crocodile" with such a sense of security in the sole for wearing. Well, it's a beach sandal with an easy base shape. I think this is good because it feels like using a crocodile roughly for text. Even so, it has an undeniable power that cannot be achieved with other types of leather, so any style of clothing will work. Last summer, due to the crocodile leather, we only had 2 pairs of brown shoes, which inevitably limited the size to only 2 sizes. I have prepared However, since this is crocodile leather, I thought about the mindset of those who own it, so I decided to keep almost no stock this time. That's why I would be happy if you could feel the special feeling when you hold it in your hand. The T-SANDAL and B-SANDAL of this time's sandals have very different characteristics, but this is also the width in Mr. Ogino's head from PETROSOLAUM, so if you like either, please take a look. please give me.
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