Let me introduce PETROSOLAUM today. These are the boots I've been wearing for the past year, 3 or 4 days a week, or more. side gore I've introduced it on this blog before, but I like it too much, so I'll do it again this time. Well, in the first place, I wear these side gore boots even in the summer. I thought about the specifications of the outsole in my own way so that the shoes themselves would breathe naturally, but it wasn't until I came across OLDE HOMESTEADER socks. In particular, the socks of "Suvin Special Spinning" that have been on sale since the other day. Since I started wearing it, even summer shoes have changed a lot. That's why I wear boots even in August. After all, I like boots. In particular, I wear Araki Yuu's knickerbockers absurdly often, and that style is great for work, and there are no negative elements to worry about. Lately, I've been wearing OLDE HOMESTEADER trunks (I had them delivered to me for the first time in a while) or Re:Maglieria silk-spun silk boxers (sold at the store) as underwear, and I'm wearing Araki Yuu's knickerbockers over them. OLDE HOMESTEADER's SUVIN special spinning socks, PETROSOLAUM's side gore boots introduced today. This is my favorite so far in many ways. Well, I don't care. And these are the boots that support your feet the most. PETROSOLAUM side gore material_Cordvan Butt process_Mckay color _ Dark Brown x Black size_39,39.5,40,40.5,41,41.5,42 this. Available in a staggering 7 sizes in this Price Zone shoe. I don't even know how many pairs of PETROSOLAUM shoes I own, and my wallet and belt are both PETROSOLAUM. And most of them are made of leather called "cordovan bat". Well, I've written a lot about cordovan bats on this blog so far, and it's the same type of leather as the wallet I sold in April, so it would be nice if you could see what I've done so far. The brand is an original leather developed with Shinki Leather in Himeji, so I don't think there is the same leather anywhere in the world. But I don't want to tell you that this leather is simply "rare", but that leather will take you to a world that can only be experienced at "PETROSOLAUM", which is very wonderful. I think so first. here. Tu. The charm of Cordovan shoes is still here, isn't it? A fine "cordovan" is coming to Tu. And if you keep wearing it, the undulating wrinkles will be carved from the toe to the upper. This side gore boot, as it looks, has no shoelaces on the upper, and there is nothing to get in the way of this wrinkle. this. Speaking of cordovan, if you search on the internet, I think that almost all of them come up with American Horween Shell Cordovan. But hey, I'm not good at it. Of course, I think it's a very nice leather. For me, it's too glossy and I can't really like it. Also, you have to be careful about light rain, and even public toilets are unreasonable. For example, I think it goes well with an American suit style, or if you're over 50, you should wear a casual jacket with faded jeans and a shell cordovan feel. That's what I think. Well, Horween's cordovan is said to be the worst enemy of water, and that cordovan doesn't want to get wet, but that's only natural. I put a lot of oil in it to give it a glossy finish. It's the relationship between water and oil. Just thinking about it, if you drop water droplets into oil, they will never intersect. That's why it looks like a conspicuous stain. But this PETROSOLAUM cordovan vat doesn't have that much oil or polish. For example, it retains the wildness that Cordovan has. Tanning is also "full vegetable tanning" in "pit tank". This is probably the most time consuming method of tanning. Leather production time in one month unit. In general, even in the case of full vegetable tanning, most of them seem to be "drum tanning". It's a super-analog supernatural cordovan. Well, let's actively get wet. I've been hit by heavy rain many times, but if I wipe off the water as soon as possible, I'll be fine. The more you wear it, the more wrinkles it will have, and the wilder the leather's potential will be brought out more and more. And Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM is using cordovan bats brilliantly. Cordovan is used for the toe and upper, which are the faces of the shoes. It switches to the butt layer in a gradation toward the heel. It is a shoe that shows a super multifaceted appearance in one pair. That's not easy, is it? And the switching of the parts of the upper is all bleed specification. Due to the nature of the leather, cordovan leather can be used as it is after being cut. That's why Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM takes advantage of its toughness and doesn't fold it back or treat the edge of the leather. In addition, this side gore boot is dyed brown on the base and lightly dyed black on top. Its "brown core" condition can be seen from the bleed. The heel where the butt layer appears most. While snuggling up to the roundness of the heel peculiar to boots, the curve that narrows toward the ankle is also considerable. Also, yes. See that little hole in the heel? ? this. A small hole in the middle. This is the trace of the process of "fishing" that is done when forming the upper leather according to the shape of the foot. Fishing is a very important process in the shoe making process, but I think there are quite a few shoes with this "hole" in the heel these days. There are two types of fishing, "machine fishing" and "hand fishing", but most shoes in the world today are "machine fishing". Leather shoes, in particular, have a very high need to fit the foot perfectly, so the upper that covers the entire foot has a three-dimensional shape. In order to realize this shape, there is a "last", but the old-fashioned high-quality shoes that took a long time to make are made by manually adding leather to the "last". . At that time, the leather is pulled by hand and hammered with nails to form the leather. There is even an old saying, "Shoes are made by beating them." In the first step, nail the heel to fix the last and upper leather. Traces of the manufacturing stage remain in the "small hole" in the heel. I wonder if this "hand fishing" work takes about 30 minutes for even an experienced shoe craftsman. Will it cost more? Something that takes so long. On the other hand, in the "machine fishing", it seems that the leather can be molded in an instant with the power of the air jet. That time, only 30 seconds. So, I think that the big difference between these two will be decisive when you wear them. that is, How to enter "wrinkles". A craftsman who has hands, "hand fishing" molded without applying extra load to the leather. and, "Machine fishing" that makes leather fit your feet in an instant. I can definitely feel the difference in form even when it's brand new. But when you wear it, the "machine-loaded" one puts a lot of stress on the leather, so it gets wrinkled unnaturally. In addition to that, the shoes lose weight and sag. On the other hand, if it's "hand-made", if you choose the right size, you'll get natural wrinkles that match the person's feet. The difference between the two is clear. That's why even leather shoes that look similar can have very different prices. One element of the difference is also in this "fishing" stage. If you're going to wear leather shoes anyway, you want to be able to enjoy the changes in the way you use them, and you should choose them with a longer perspective than sneakers. In that case, I think that shoes that have been "hand-tightened" will be more beneficial in the future. And as you can see, this side gore boot has no shoe laces, and the upper is straighter toward the ankle than other side gore boots. Normally, heat treatment is used to add curves, but Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM rarely does that. Very straight at first. However, when you wear it, it will wrinkle according to your walking and movement, and along with the large wrinkles, the owner's own curve will be completed. This is also very special. In particular, this side gore boot is a model with the highest level of shoe manufacturing, "03 LAST", among the brands, so it is extremely comfortable to wear. Sometimes leather shoes are said to be "training" at first. But this "03 LAST" is a divine skill. Amazing three-dimensional effect and suction to your feet. I think this "03 LAST" and this side gore are the best among brands and shoes I've worn so far. This is true when considering various aspects such as comfort and change. "Why are you dealing with PETROSOLAUM?" It leads to that. There are many shoe brands in Japan and around the world. Still, I think this brand is the best. There are shoe brands that are said to be prestigious around the world, and there are also domestic brands that have become a hot topic in recent years. But to me, all of that makes me think, "I can't see the future." From the new state, I think you can easily imagine the "future" of using it. I don't just want to "encounter the unknown", but shoes in the dress genre are like that, and the genre that is being hyped up now can't be more or less than that. Casually priced shoes are out of the question. However, PETROSOLAUM shoes do not belong to such a multitude of zones, and despite their amazing level of construction, there are always "unexpected positive encounters" after years of use. A change to a road that no one has traveled is emitted from shoes. I think there's a reason to own it and a reason to wear it. I don't think that's possible. Also, I forgot the most important thing, but the rubber opening that is unique to the side gore is not exposed. this. Is it a dress shirt? The stitches are so finely pitched that I think, the leather is sewn and the rubber is covered. By the way, Mr. Ogino sews the uppers of PETROSOLAUM shoes by himself. I'm so good at it. And the rubber is built inside. It's a common occurrence, but side gore boots inevitably put a load on the rubber, so the rubber gradually stretches and becomes a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of But don't worry about this. Rubber made by Jaeger in Germany, suitable for side gore boots. It is denser and stronger than Japanese rubber, which is said to be of high quality. I had Mr. Ogino show me Jaeger's rubber and domestic rubber before, and compared them, but they were completely different. It's extremely dense and extremely durable. Surprise for this. And well, even if it stretches out completely, it's okay to replace the rubber. Super safe. The finish on the outsole is also beautiful. After thinking about various things, we have made it with the Mackay manufacturing method, but the outsole has a "hidden channel" finish that hides the Mackay seams. Asymmetrical heel. It is a mysterious original design of our store where only the heel is equipped with Vibram rubber. As I wrote at the beginning, this is my intention. Leather shoes "breathe" as a whole, from the upper to the outsole. So, rather than sticking a half rubber and hindering its breathing, even if the outsole is scraped off, you can replace the all sole, and even if it gets wet in the rain and the outsole dries out, you can take care of the sole. I wish I could. I always want my feet to breathe, and I want to pursue even greater comfort, so I ask Ogino-san to make it a rare item that he doesn't usually do. This sparked me and I love it. Of course, the outsole is also very beautiful when the treatment of the edge of the side is at this level. The pile of leather on the heel is also beautiful. The edge of the leather sole has a flat edge and a round edge. This is also a method of pursuing shoes as a form. Attached horse leather insole. So, this is the side gore I wear insanely often. Wrinkles that undulate. This is, after all, unique to Cordovan. I think that the redness of the "brown core" has become stronger as I use it. The contrast between the cordovan leather and the suede leather of the butt layer is clear. Well, for me it's work boots. Sudden heavy rains are not uncommon these days. There aren't many days when it doesn't rain. It's not just Okayama prefecture, is it? The other day, I was hit by such a heavy rain. One night, on my way home, the chain came off, so when I was trying to fix the chain on the side of the road, I heard a sound coming from the other side. At first I didn't know what it was, and when I felt the sound of fear, it was a shower from the sky. The labor of a day's work. It felt good. But my whole body was soaking wet. I can't even enter a convenience store with this. I'm so soaked. I was still wearing these boots. So when I got home, I wiped it off with a tissue. That's it. smile This time, I took a picture of myself wearing it for the first time in a long time, but I haven't done any maintenance for a while. Is it maintenance that I wiped with a tissue? Well, it's best to use them anyway. It's a boot that makes you want to wear it because it's so comfortable when you wear it, and I think it's a boot that responds to that act. Of course there is also a change in appearance. Also, regarding the size 39→24cm 39.5→24.5cm 40→25cm 40.5→25.5cm 41→26cm 41.5→26.5cm 42→27cm That's what it feels like. My actual feet are 24.0cm and 24.4cm, but I'm 39. And it's very wide. When it comes to side gore boots, it's best to choose the smallest size possible. I'm extremely wide, so I used to wear a 39.5, but I took the plunge and dropped half a size to get a 39. Then the correct answer. Therefore, if you are unsure about your actual foot size, we recommend that you choose a smaller size. For PETROSOLAUM shoes, even if you think your feet are 26cm or 27cm, they often end up with size 39 or 39.5. That's all it's a three-dimensional shape that fits your feet. Go down a size and experience the amazing fit. So use it anyway. Then a wonderful world awaits. Take a look.
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