It was also released in the fall/winter season, and I was so impressed with its quality that I decided to carry it again this time. PETROSOLAUM boots. 5 feet total? In the present circumstances. Among the PETROSOLAUM shoes that I own, I consider these boots to have the overwhelming No. 1 quality, considering various aspects. In terms of brand series, 03 LAST. PETOSOLAUM shoes are roughly divided into three types: 01 LAST, 02 LAST, and 03 LAST. The lasts used for these three shoes are different, so of course the forms are different, but the finish of the shoes and the vectors are also slightly different. The 03 LAST this time is a shoe that takes the most time and effort out of PETROSOLAUM, and combines beauty and strength at a tremendously high level, and outstanding quality. Among them, side gore boots made in the form of so-called new works in the previous autumn / winter season. When I saw it, I had a tremendous sense of what lies beyond the boots, so I liked them and wore them, but they were just too much. I wanted to convey this to the people of the world and let them experience it. So, this time we will handle the same model with different sizes. PETROSOLAUM side gore material_Cordvanbutt process_Mckay color_D.BROWN/BLACK size_40,41,41.5,42 *40 and 41 are sold out this. The size expansion this time starts from 40 and is handled in larger sizes than ever before. The reason is because last time I was dealing with only small sizes. That's why I made it possible for people who couldn't get it at that time to see it. It stands on its own and stands three-dimensionally in a brand new state. The leather used is PETROSOLAUM's unique cordovan bat leather. Fine cordovan leather is used on the toe, which is the most important part of the shoe. Then, as you move toward the heel, the leather gradually changes into a gradation of suede layers. This is the leather that continues to thrill me the most since I met PETROSOLAUM. Developed with Shinki Leather Co., Ltd. in Himeji, the material allows you to feel the depth of expression in one pair of shoes. This is crazy. No matter who sees it, the toe has a cordovan that is very finely textured. And the texture of the leather changes little by little. The heel is completely suede. And there is also a nail hole in the heel part, which is a proof of hand fishing. When it comes to shoes of this class, it is inevitable that they will be hand-tightened, but the effect on the leather of the upper is very different. Of course, when you wear it for a long time, even when it's new, it will get wrinkles due to a slight load if it is machine-trimmed. The more so if it is a three-dimensional wooden mold that fits perfectly on the human foot. Even professionals in the field who have worked on thousands or tens of thousands of pairs of shoes cannot easily do it. In the case of machine fishing, the process can be completed in about 30 seconds using the powerful power of the jet, but when the shoes are completed, there are some details, but it will be a completely different thing. This is a brand that places particular importance on the process, even among the hand-finished products. The hard and strong cordovan bat leather is molded along with the transcendent three-dimensional 03 LAST without applying a load. After all, shoes made with hands and time are wonderful. And this side gore boot is finished with the edges of all leather exposed on the front cut off. This is a specification unique to cordovan bats, but cordovan leather, which is a horse's butt, differs from cowhide in the structure of the fibers that make up the leather. While the fibers of cowhide leather are horizontal, the cordovan fibers are vertical, and the density is extremely high. That's why the wrinkles of the upper that are deeply carved like undulating when worn many times are created, but we cut them off by using this property. Furthermore, in order to retain its wild side, the edge of the leather is not treated. Also, as you can see from the photo, the base of this leather is dark brown. On the other hand, it is dyed black. It is a cordovan bat that intentionally creates the state of "brown core" with the old mood of about 100 years ago. The same goes for Taiga Takahashi's leather jackets that are currently available in stores, but the old black leather products often did not dye the inside even if the leather was dyed black because the dyeing technology was underdeveloped. However, it leads to tremendous depth over the years. Because it is a dark brown base, it has a slightly reddish black nuance. Please experience the change in the color of the new product. Well, brown doesn't come out so easily. This side gore boot has a lot of unique specifications, but first of all, the leather warps from the toe to the opening. Normally, side gores are designed to curve from the top of the foot to the ankle. At that time, the leather is forced to curve by applying heat. But this is different. Only a little bit of curve formation with that heat is performed, and it is almost straight. It's like a trial and error design with a brand over and over again. This is a great boon for owners. Deep wrinkles are carved into the leather of the upper part of the single-piece structure that does not have any shoe laces due to wearing. As you continue to wear it, this part, which was straight when new, develops wrinkles due to the movement of the owner's foot, and along with it, draws a round curve. I think everyone likes this. Everyone. And the side rubber attached to the side gore. To put it in a cool way, it's elastic. Usually, the side gore has this rubber exposed on the front, right? However, this is covered with cordovan bat leather over the rubber so that it cannot be seen. In addition, the durability of the rubber is significantly improved. The stitching is as detailed as a dress shirt to cover the rubber. At a glance, is it a shirt? I think When judging only by the stitch, the needle movement is so strong that you can't help but try to pass through the sleeve. By the way, all the sewing of the upper is done by Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM in his atelier. The stitch work that attacks the edges with this perfect pitch is a masterpiece. Also, as Mr. Ogino said before, it seems that the strength will be increased by slightly lowering the height of the rubber on the side. Certainly. perhaps. That's what he said. I feel like And the most important thing is rubber. It uses rubber made by Jaeger in Germany. I had Mr. Ogino show me a comparison before, but for some reason, I had the impression that the accessories made in NIPPON would be of high quality. However, Mr. Ogino also tried various things, such as durability tests, and ended up with this German-made rubber. Certainly, compared to domestically produced rubber, the grain of Jaeger's rubber is noticeably finer, and the difference was clear when I pulled it. When you wear side gore boots for a long time, you can't allow the rubber to stretch out. Even if I like it and buy it, I always worry about the rubber, and I end up wearing it less often. But hey, this is safe. I can assure you. It doesn't stretch out at all. A very reliable rubber. On top of that, of course, even if, hypothetically, hypothetically, after long years of use, the rubber stretches and becomes brittle, it can be replaced properly. rest assured. Jaeger's rubber boasts a level of fineness that goes far beyond dress shirt level stitching. Amazing outsole finish on 03 LAST shoes. The outsole is replaceable by the Mackay manufacturing method, but normally the Mackay stitches exposed on the bottom are not visible. This is a classic hidden channel specification, and the outsole leather is thinly peeled and the bottom is attached in that state. After that, the peeled leather is turned over and polished. It's a world where shoes with classic manufacturing methods have long been considered good. Such details are also one of the elements that tell the quality of these boots. As for the side gore boots, the brand made a rather irregular order, but only the heel was covered with Vibram rubber. The reason is that only the heel is attached to prevent slipping and wear of the heel, and the half rubber on the front can be attached, but the leather outsole still "breathes". For Han people who wear boots even in spring and summer, the breathing of the soles is also essential. This is a point that cannot be experienced with rubber sole sneakers. I also wear boots even in the middle of summer in combination with OLDE HOMESTEADER socks, so this kind of thing is important. Very beautiful sole finish. Depending on the angle, it shines like a mirror, so when new, it functions not only as a shoe, but also as a mirror. smile The polished edge of the sole is also a very beautiful finish. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the 03 LAST shoes have a double leather outsole. Leather is doubled. However, this would make the toes wear out faster and make walking harder, so the double leather sole changes to a single leather sole as you go to the toes. Slightly, slightly, slightly, can you see that the thickness of the sole is thinner at the tip of the toe? Even the outsole is visibly designed to be very thin. The edges of the toe and the outsole of the entire shoe are flat, but only the arch of the arch is rounded. This is one of the tastes of this class of shoes, but it also includes the aspect of pursuing beauty of form. The heel is also asymmetrical, but when you look at the boots from the side, you can see the depth of the arch that rises above the ground. Slightly tapered heel. The heel is perfectly stacked leather. Leather shoes, unlike clothes, have a very difficult aspect of quality. In general, I have the impression that many people choose shoes with a sense of security from the brand name. However, when it comes to the precision of the finer points of overseas shoes, there are a lot of things that I tend to think of as overly generous. What I can see at a glance is that the leather piled up on the heel is misaligned. When it comes to leather shoes, the details are very important. Also, as I said earlier, there is also fishing, and the quality is greatly influenced by what kind of process has been followed up to that point. I kind of think that the most important part of determining the quality of a leather shoe is the "invisible part" when it's finished. That's why we don't currently handle this kind of overseas-produced leather shoes. Look. Look at the outline of this leather sole. Beautiful boots everywhere you look. And this side gore boot comes with a horse leather insole. Even after wearing this, please adjust the fitting to the owner's preference. Assuming I won't be using this, I'm wearing the size down to the limit. Fine horse leather that matches the toe of the upper. I also feel that it is sturdy with a solid core. And this. These are the side gore boots that I've been wearing for the past six months. Already, I wear them as work shoes. The actual size of the left leg is 24.6cm and the right leg is 24cm, so the size is 39. I wear it down a size anyway, and I squat down a lot, so the upper is wrinkled. The largest size we carry this time is 42, but even if you are about 190cm in our shop, PETROSOLAUM shoes have never been larger than size 42, so we decided to use it as the largest size. It is deployed as And here. The ankle part that is curved with your own foot toward the opening. Wrinkles peculiar to cordovan are abundantly undulating from the upper. I'm riding a bicycle with this, and I've been running hard in Tokyo alone, so there are scratches, but I'm hoping that the tea core will appear in the near future. Of course, the rubber does not stretch at all. The fit to the ankle is quite strong, so it's a very reliable rubber. Even when viewed from above, the depth of the wrinkles is unique to cordovan bats. It's not the same size, but here's a comparison photo. At first, the opening is very narrow, but it is designed for repeated wear. Shoes that are smooth to put on from the beginning will become loose as time goes by. Just pick the one that's tight. side view. As a whole, I think that strength has emerged. The contrast between the sides of the cut-off leather on the upper and the outer leather has become clearer. When completed, the invisible process and the fine details are the boots that are made with hand techniques and time. In order to maximize its potential, wear it repeatedly anyway. These boots will do just that. If you like it, please take a look.
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