Today, let me introduce two types of PETROSOLAUM shoes. PETROSOLAUM tylolean material _ transparent cow × horse reverse process_ norvegese press color_natural × bleck size _ 40 (around 25cm), 41 (around 26cm), 42 (around 27cm) *41 and 42 are sold out First of all, this. These Tyrolean shoes are made with plenty of ultra material "transparent cowhide" for the upper, which we also offer as a special frame. These shoes are composed of the natural sheerness of "transparent cowhide" and the lining of horse leather, which is jet black but slightly fuzzy. The combination of these two materials had never been done before, but since Mr. Ogino was making it for this collection, I ordered it without hesitation. Looking at it like this, not only the contrast of the leather, but also the contrast of the stitching is very effective. Well, the manufacturing method is the manufacturing method. I've never heard of the "Norvegiese Press" set-up. As you can see, this Tyrolean shoe is very characterized by the fact that the leather of the upper does not get caught inside, and is finished to expose the outside and cover the sole. Only PETROSOLAUM can come up with this. If the designer is obsessed with authentic shoes, I don't think he will ever arrive at this shoe. The thick thread at the bottom of this shoe is sewn with a large pitch to hold down the leather on the upper that protrudes outward, which is the "Norvegiese manufacturing method". That's one round. Horse leather is taped to the opening of the shoe and has the finest stitches in this shoe. Horse leather for lining. It is very detailed and feels great on your feet. This is the lining and insole. The part that hits both feet is a hose. The insole has cup insole cushioning, so I think it's a little different from the feeling of wearing PETROSOLAUM shoes so far. The outsole is also not a leather sole. Shoelaces are cotton flat laces. And anyway, this. "Transparent cowhide". It's a material that I've introduced many times on this blog, but it's super dangerous leather. Leather is a transcendent mystery material that does not undergo the essential "tanning" process. Only one Dutch tanner company can make this leather, no, this "skin" in the world. Because that material is used with all one's might for the front, Amazingly, the socks are see-through. This is what happens. To be exact, it's translucent, but it doesn't look exactly the same. And the moccasin stitching that connects with the horse reverse leather is hand-sewn. That's why these shoes have different stitch pitches depending on the location. For those who have never had this transparent cow in their hands, I think it's a wet Bunin Bunin texture that they haven't experienced before. By combining the horse leather with fine fuzz and luster from the back, the contrast between the two leathers is very effective. When the horse leather is turned over, the finely textured surface reveals a beautiful surface. You can instantly understand the high quality when you see the leather texture of this leather. The sole is a Vibram specification that has never been handled by PETROSOLAUM in our store. I hope you can feel the lightness. The sole has a lot of midsole, so it's thick as it is. Our store is a development of New Zone PETROSOLAUM, so there are only a few pairs, but I think that those who like it will definitely be able to experience the only one. PETROSOLAUM side gore material_cordvan butt process_mckay color_d.brown/black size_39(24cm), 39.5(24.5cm), 40.5(25.5cm), 41(26cm) *Sold out And this. Side gore boots that I think will become a new representative shoe model of PETROSOLAUM in the future. In fact, it has already been available in stores for a while, so there are only 39 minimum sizes remaining, but let me introduce this one as well. I think that this is the birth of something that can be called a "immovable masterpiece". Well, it's the first pair of shoes I've ever made. Cordovan bat on the entire upper. Very fine cordovan on the toe. These shoes gradually change to a suede layer in a gradation as you go to the heel. With just one pair of cordovan bats, you can experience completely different expressions of leather depending on where you look. This is a material that we have always dealt with since we started handling PETROSOLAUM, but this time it is absolutely different. that is, No shoelaces. in short, There is nothing to prevent the change of leather. That's why the wrinkles of vulgar cordovan are carved, carved. The toe features the highest quality cordovan bats. I think this leather quality is competing for the top at the world level. Leather development is with Shinki Leather in Himeji, the largest producer of cordovan leather in Japan. I think everyone can be satisfied with the fineness of the texture. This side gore boot has several features, one of which is the angle at which the leather on the toe rises toward the opening. In the case of normal side gore boots, the leather is warped with heat and rounded, and designed in a curved state. However, Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM seems to have designed it almost without the thermoforming curve. So you can see that the leather on the upper goes straight up to the ankle when it's brand new. This is a great benefit to the owner when worn. The shoe model called Side Gore is also NEW, but this cordovan bat is also NEW STYLE. I dyed it black over the dark brown cordovan bat. This leather is the same as the leather that we asked Mr. Ogino of the brand to make a custom-made belt for our store in July. It's up to the owner how to deal with this cordovan bat, but I think you can expect a "brown core" to appear like old-style leather garments and boots. One of the characteristics of cordovan bats is that the fiber has different properties from other leathers, and the leather is very dense, so it can be used even if it is cut. this leather. That's why you can see the cross section of the cut leather everywhere, and the dark brown base is already visible. In addition to that, the base color has a positive effect on the front, so it is also characterized by a reddish black. It's a very deep construction. this boot. Suede surface on the back. There is also a nail mark on the heel, which is also a proof of hand fishing. A narrow back view from the small heel to the ankle. And another big feature is this elastic part. Normal side gore boots have exposed rubber. However, PETROSOLAUM's developed one is covered with a cordovan butt without rubber. Accordion-designed leather and stitching with outer stitching to secure the rubber. This greatly increases the durability of the rubber. It is a specification that combines the appearance and benefits of side gore that is not overt. Also, according to Mr. Ogino, it seems to be important that the height of the shoe and the rubber is different. The important rubber is not just a thing. It seems that they use rubber made by Jaeger in Germany. I actually compared it with domestically produced rubber, and found that Jaeger's rubber was visibly stronger. The fineness of the structure of the rubber is remarkably different, and it is easy to imagine that no matter how you wear it, it will not stretch out at all and become sticky. What's more, it comes with a safe point that you can replace the rubber if it gets stretched out after wearing it for many years. You can leave your legs to your heart's content. this. The 03 LAST model has the highest level of finish among the brands, so not only does it fit your feet, but the sole is also perfect. A flat edge and a round edge are used for a beautiful finish that draws the eye. The manufacturing method is excellent in bending, and it is made with Mackay, which looks smart, but has a hidden channel finish that does not show stitches on the outsole. So, this time, I ordered only the rare heel with a rubber attached type. After all, I wanted to experience the breathing of shoes that are unique to leather soles, and I wanted everyone to experience it, so I asked them to have an irregular finish. Since it is 03 LAST, it comes with a leather insole. I like this. this. These are my side gore boots that I've been wearing for a long time. It's not a lace-up, so there's nothing to interfere with the undulating wrinkles that are typical of cordovan leather. There are plenty of wrinkles from the toe to the opening. This is the greatest benefit. The leather of the upper, which was straight with little warping when new, now wrinkles and becomes rounded. Until now, we have mainly developed shoes with a single piece of leather that is whole cut, but this kind of structured shoes is not bad. Mine is 39, and it's exactly the same as what's available in stores now, but it looks completely different. Currently, only 39 items can be prepared at our shop immediately, but if you wish, there may be something we can do. Also, in the spring/summer season, we plan to release large sizes, so depending on the size, it might be nice to have them see it at that time. Also, yes. On the next weekend, October 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun), we are planning to participate in an event in Ushimado, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, where our shop will have a women's event. It's my first event, but it's a project called "BPM83" at Ushimado TEPEMOK. Ohno will be there on the 2nd and 3rd to sell the Baserange Winter Collection. The other staff are as usual, so the store is open as usual. There are vendors from various industries in Okayama Prefecture, but this is the first time for our store to participate in an external event. For details, please see the women's version of our Instagram. I am sure you will enjoy the event. Well, I think all the people reading this blog are men, so please recommend it to your girlfriend or wife.
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