For the 20SS season, we would like to offer two types of sandals to everyone.

Both are pretty pieces.


The other is FEIT's sandals, which I can tell you about later.

Regarding this FEIT, the direction of things and prices will be completely different, but I would be very happy if you could enjoy each of them.

And the PETROSOLAUM see-through cowhide flip flops that we announced the other day will be released as a limited piece only for our shop.

It's going to be a different format than ever, but the quantity at our store is also limited, and we can't give it to you right now. I would like to ask for your understanding in this regard.

However, keep your neck long. I'm going to ask the brand to produce it. It's a format called pre-order sales for things that will be in stock at a later date. Orders can be placed online as well as in-store.

However, we are also proud that we have prepared something special, so we would like to explain as much as possible from here, and we would like you to order after you are satisfied.

Therefore, we will be live streaming on Instagram on either the 13th (Wednesday) or 14th (Thursday) of this week. If you have a story about the product or a question from everyone in the live broadcast, I would like to talk about the content as well.

We will inform you about the specific date and time on our Instagram, but for one week from the live broadcast, we will accept orders on a first-come, first-served basis. It will be done at the store and online at the same time, and the actual delivery will be from early to mid-July.

I would like you to start dating when the rainy season is over and summer is in full swing.

Beach sandals of "transparent leather" that are shaped by a unique manufacturing method that is impossible other than this leather.

As a result, when you wear it, you can achieve a look that is impossible except for this leather.

At a glance, barefoot.

The finest leather, the finest beach sandals, the ultimate play.

However, the quality is also first class.

The super-analog manufacturing method of nailing is completely different from other mass-produced sandal making, and the upper and sole are joined together.

The insole is plain leather, so please enjoy the change there.

Contrast between transparent leather and tanned leather that is natural yet surpasses even that. Originally, it would be finished with a strong atmosphere, but the shape of beach sun has disappeared.

I think that you can feel a clean mood somewhere when you come this far.

The outsole is a rubber sole.

It is non-slippery and I think it is thicker than the usual ones of this kind. The contact area between the instep itself and the tongs is small, but when walking, the sole comes with a lot.

I think you can feel the suppleness of leather and rubber while being strong. It's a well-balanced sole with no shortage and no excess.

However, it is not suitable for long-distance walking, and it is not cushioning like walking on clouds, so don't ask for it.

Size expansion is from 40 size to 44 size.

There are no half sizes, 5 sizes of 40, 41, 42, 43, 44.

Compared to leather shoes, the tolerance is wide. Feeling worn.

As a point of size selection, if you usually wear leather shoes and are 40, keep the 40 size. People with 40.5 usually get 41, people with 42.5 usually get 43, and so on.

By the way, the part of the thong is forked. The common big toe and index finger pain is greatly reduced.

I think there are some individual differences, but I didn't feel that pain much even in the first stage.

This is a brand that boasts excellent fitting with leather shoes, so even if it's a simple pair of flip-flops, the fitting in the important areas is of a higher quality than other shoes.

Combining it with pants made of great materials and tailoring will take you to the ultimate world.

Especially, the combination with pants that makes you feel the strength of the fabric is really good.

If you like this kind of very biased thing, I think you will like this flip flop that creates a special look that you can't experience in the world of mass fashion.

The price is ¥ 22,000- (excluding tax).

PETROSOLAUM b-sandal Please look forward to it.

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