transparent leather

Recently, I've been wanting to wear something that's something that exists in general, but it's clearly different from what's normally available.

The same can be said about the materials. From the beginning of 2020, Yamauchi's silk ox fabric shirt is pink silk, which is currently impossible to produce, and Nobuyuki Matsui's white tanned leather, which was released at the beginning of April, is However, it was clearly a wonderful leather that disregarded production efficiency.

Speaking of leather, I think there are many people who like it, especially men, and although it is similar to fabrics that use fibers, I think they enjoy the change in a different way.

And this time, we were able to prepare something special again.

As the title says, "transparent leather".

"Transparent Leather"

As the name suggests, it is "transparent leather".

PETROSOLAUM, which protects my feet most days throughout the year, provided and shaped it.

A Japanese shoe brand with almost no information exposed.

In the field of shoes, which originated in Europe and the United States, it is a brand that is making shoes at a high quality level that is clearly on another level with Japanese brothers taking on bold challenges.

This leather is originally called "transparent leather", but the original leather is cowhide.

However, I don't think anyone has seen this.

The reason is that it is not widely distributed to say the least.

I wondered if it was possible for the leather to be transparent.

when we first met.

As for leather, the original raw material is called genpi, so it is written as "skin".

However, if you leave it in its “skin” state, it will rot.

From "hide" to "leather".

It changes by going through tanning.

Therefore, there are two types of kanji for leather notation.

There are many things that are labeled as "skin", but if that's true, the product can be kept for about a week.

So it's completely wrong.

Let's write leather.

Leather is also like skin at first, before it is tanned.

As an aside, what is the kanji character for "leather" used for in Japanese?




And so on.

What all of them have in common is a word that expresses "a certain thing happens or goes through a certain thing and changes into something different from what happened before".

Therefore, if a revolution occurs in the world, it will lead to a new flow of society, and the society will be different from before the revolution.

In other words, leather also undergoes a process called "tanning," which transforms it into a "leather" that is different from the "skin" that preceded it.

It's amazing.

The power of tanning.

And this transparent leather.

Earlier, I was talking about tanning.

this is,

Oh my God

It doesn't appear to be tanned.

But don't worry, it won't rot.

what is it like

Mr. Ogino, the designer, taught me various things.

This was created by a Dutch tanner (tanning is called tanning).

And the number of distribution is so small that it's annoying.

Well, that's right. Because it's a leather that can only be made there.

Also, he doesn't tell Mr. Ogino everything about his style because he doesn't want other tanners to imitate him. smile

The reason is that they do not use any chemicals, do not tan, and use only 100% natural materials.

Completely eco-leather and a complete trade secret.

The transparent leather that completes it.

But here's the important part.

If you can see the first picture, I think you can understand what it is.

beach sun.

Actually, I myself buy a lot of brands throughout the season, and I look at a lot of different things.

Turn your head all the way.

When it comes to clothes, I have absolute confidence in delivering them to everyone, but up until now, there was only one thing that I had a problem with.

That is the handling of sandals.

As for shoes other than sandals, I have been collecting them from all over the world in the same way as I do with clothes.

That's why the shoe revolution happened at CASANOVA&Co.

Just sandals.

I thought that I had not been able to prepare something that would overwhelm everyone until now.

Rather, it was hard to come across a new brand that I could get my hands on and that I was deeply attracted to Bing Bing.

Until the 2020SS season.

That includes releasing things that no one has ever seen, and things that can only be prepared at our store.

So it was a challenge every season.

Then came the 20SS season.

At this time, I was tense.

Let's go beyond what we've been up to now, and let the people who support us enjoy it from the bottom of their hearts.

So, first of all, I started with beach sandals, which are the lightest underfoot.

The reason is because I thought it was beach sun now.

Well, actually, PETROSOLAUM once made beach sandals.

I remember wanting it.

I remembered it, so I tried talking to Mr. Ogino, who I always rely on.

Then it seems that it was not developed in the collection now.

Was the thong part black in the past releases? I've seen it before.

It's not developed now, so there wasn't even a sample.

Moreover, a story suddenly thrown at the atelier from here.

In the end, I thought it was no good.

I wanted it.

It's just that a miracle happens from there. Miracle, miracle.

I have it. Thinking about it now.

I don't have a sample, Mr. Ogino. Say you have beach sandals you made for yourself.

From the back of the atelier, he brought me a pair of flip-flops that I had already worn a lot.

It was a bee sun that I had never seen before in my life.

This dazzling sensation that shines in my head sometimes happens when I'm immersed in buying.

A near-miraculous encounter that can never be aimed at, but only occurs when you are desperately seeking it.

Blood circulates all over the body at breakneck speed, you can feel the sudden rise in body temperature, all your nerves are concentrated there, and time seems to have stopped.

"This is it"

i got you.

The upper part (thong) is transparent.

Moreover, the contrast with the tanned leather color of the insole is wonderful.

It's not the kind of chemical, cheap, beach sandal you've seen so far that you can get change for 1,500 yen.

Of course, the quality is also PETROSOLAUM.

Ogino-san and I are pretty close in physique, so our feet are almost the same size.

Mr. Ogino let me wear the transparent flip-flops I wanted for myself.

Then it's amazing.

It's coming to my feet.

This is it, this is it.

So, just keep begging.

However, I would be happy if you could take this positively, but at that time, Mr. Ogino showed me the flip flops that were made of “transparent pigskin”.

This time, we will release "transparent cowhide".

The reason is that it was recently discontinued. "Transparent pigskin".

As a new upgrade Ver., Cowhide type appeared.

The sense of sheerness is less than that of pig leather, or rather, it is a little more translucent, but the touch of the leather is improved.

It's got soft leather.

Pigskin was dangerous, so it was hard.

In the history of beach sun, no, in the history of leather, everyone encounters the unknown.



I think it's great. in the summer.

All over the world, limited only in our store.

I wanted designer Mr. Ogino, so I made it for myself.

And that's what I wanted, so I made it happen.

I hope to see you all soon.

Regarding this release, we are thinking of adopting a different sales form than before.

Please let me introduce the detailed price, detailed specifications, and sales method later.

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