PETROSOLAUM from tomorrow

As we have announced, we will finally be holding a PETROSOLAUM shoe order event starting tomorrow, August 26th (Saturday).

As I mentioned earlier, this is the first time in three years that this event has been held at our store.

I personally like them so much that I've had them make belts and wallets from scratch, but Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM responded to my requests with the width and depth of his drawers.

And from tomorrow, it will be the true essence of the brand.

It's a shoe brand.

We will be holding a shoe order event.

As I have introduced briefly so far, this is a period where customers can choose the best one from among the many shoe variations available from various brands.

PETROSOLAUM shoes have a complicated structure, so we won't be able to deliver them to those who order until around February next year, so it will take some time, but we are taking advantage of this opportunity. That's why.

Please refer to our shoe samples, which include over 70 pairs of men's and women's shoes, when making your selection.

There are many variations of the wooden pattern, such as 01 LAST, 02 LAST, 03 LAST, O LAST, 05 LAST, etc.

From there, there are many variations when it comes to choosing the model, upper material, coloring, and even manufacturing method.

We have a 9-day period, so I think it would be a good idea to consider it throughout the period.

Also, about important payments.

This time, we will basically use a "partial advance payment system".

For those who have requested an order,

・¥10,000- (+tax)

・30% of the price (+tax)

・50% of the price (+tax)

We would like you to choose the most convenient option from the three options and make the payment on the spot.

We would appreciate it if you could pay the remaining amount when we hand it over to you.

Of course, you can pay the full amount first, and since this is a great opportunity, please make your choice without regrets.






There are more variations of PETROSOLAUM shoes lined up in the store than in the photo.

As previously reported, the Ogino brothers from PETROSOLAUM will be at the store tomorrow, August 26th (Saturday), one day after opening, and on the second day, August 27th (Sunday), until the evening. If your schedule allows, we would be happy if you could come and look forward to it.

We will be stocking PETROSOLAUM shoes and looking forward to your visit for 9 days from tomorrow until Sunday, September 3rd.

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