As we announced the other day, we will be holding a PETROSOLAUM shoe order event for nine days, from Saturday the 26th to Sunday, September 3rd.

It's been about three years since we've held this event at our store, so we were really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

I have only held shoe ordering events twice in the past, the first time was 5 years ago and the next (last time) was 3 years ago.

Since then, we have received many inquiries from customers asking if there will be another one, and we apologize for the long wait.

As a brand, the variety of shoe collections has increased compared to the last time we held the event at our store, so this time we plan to have more than 70 pairs of shoes on display during the event.

I think this is a considerable amount. lol

I think the store is relatively large, but if it still doesn't fit around 70 pairs, I'll think about it then. lol

Of course, we have both men's and women's clothing.

And today, before the event, I've written about PETROSOLAUM shoes on my blog for many years, but I'd like to review them a little.

In the first place, brands have several types of base wooden lasts, and each wooden type branches out the construction of the upper and the structure of the sole.

Among the last ones, 01, 02, and 03 can be broadly divided.



"01 LAST"

This is the last shoe of 01.

There is a little margin at the tip of the toe, and the last part has a little volume at the toe.



"02 LAST"

And this is the last one of 02.

Compared to the previous 01LAST, it features a square toe.

Along with this, the size of the tip of the toe has also become smaller.

Also, the last one also suppresses the volume of the toe.



"03 LAST"

And this is the last one of 03.

My uniform, the side gore boots, is also from 03LAST.

The 03 last has a rather almond-shaped toe shape.

The discard size is smaller than the 01 last.

The big difference between the 01 last and the 02 last is the great leap forward in the finishing touches of the shoes.

Of course, 01 and 02 are of sufficient quality, but 03 Last is a first-class product compared to any manufacturer worldwide.

In the world of shoes, I think people inevitably tend to compare them with bespoke shoes, but I don't think bespoke shoes are suitable for daily use, and if you use a lot of really high-quality shoes, I think this "03LAST" model is the strongest.

That's why these "03 LAST" PETROSOLAUM shoes are my uniform, and I will continue to wear them myself.

Really, I want everyone to experience this level and quality.

It's enough to make you think you've been fooled and get it.

Because you won't be fooled at all.

I think this shoe will prove that over the years.


"01 LAST"


"02 LAST"


"03 LAST"

Do you understand?

This difference.

Leather shoes are created by creating the three-dimensional shape of the shoe by fitting the leather of the upper onto the last of the shoe.

Of course, everything introduced is a production process that involves "hand fishing".

That's why we spend time creating the shapes by hand, and the leather itself that forms the form naturally becomes the finished shape as designed.

Even when they are brand new, the quality of the shoes is different from that of shoes that have been "mechanized", and it also has a big impact on how wrinkles appear when worn.

I think there are many different kinds of leather shoes, but when they are new, there is not a big difference.

However, as time passes after using it, the "differences" and "differences" become more and more obvious.

Also, the ``originality'' of the shoes, which is multiplied by the quality, is also very important.

Even if the leather shoes are simply of high quality, if you pair them with your everyday clothes, your feet may become the sole item for a ceremonial occasion.

But with PETROSOLAUM, you can feel safe in every aspect.

A number of shoes have been carefully thought out from various aspects.

A super moving piece of trust.


side view.

"01 Last".

A little volume is given to the toe.


"02 LAST".

Regarding this 02 last, it looks like it has a super flat toe in the photo, but if you order it with regular leather, it won't be this flat. lol

I took the photo with a Transparent model made of "untanned" transparent cowhide.

These transparent shoes have the same transparent leather as the uppers in the toe core instead of a regular shoe core, so they just look flat. lol

Just think of it as an image. With an image.


And "03 LAST".

The volume of the toe is suppressed compared to the 01 last, giving the impression that it looks a little sharper.

Also, the soles for 01 and 02 are "single leather soles".

03 Last is a "double leather sole" that becomes a "single leather sole at the tip of the toe."

It's extremely complicated.

Regarding the treatment of the edge of the sole, 01 and 02 are in a state of "unpolished" leather.

This will gradually become more polished as you wear it, creating a strong mood.

Regarding 03, the edges of the leather sole are "scraped," "polished," and "painted," the most elaborate finish.


The 03 last shoes also have a special finish on the sole made of piled up leather.

A combination of "flat koba" and "maru koba".

The toe and heel have a flat edge finish with sharp edges, but the shape of the arch changes to a round edge.

This draws the eye in when looking at the shoes themselves, and also creates a sharp, curvaceous beauty when worn.

The beauty of shoes made with 03LAST is astounding.

Well, it's best to choose whatever you like, not limited to 03.


This is the common edge finish of 01 last and 02 last.

It has been painted, but as mentioned earlier, it has not been polished and is in a natural state.


Outsole finish.

"01 LAST".

This is an outsole made using the Mackay method.

The outsoles of 01 LAST and 02 LAST have basically the same specifications.

Rubber is arranged in a U-shape only on the heel.

The black outsole is the most important step in making shoes, ``fishing'', and represents the condition of the shoes before they are attached to the bottom.

Once the leather shoes are completed, there are two processes that go by: ``fishing'' and ``bottoming.''

This design is unique to a brand that places great importance on this process.

Also, wooden nails (peices) are hammered into it.


"03 LAST" outsole.

Polished sole treatment.

The shoes in the photo are side gore, which we carry at our store.

It's made using the same Mackay manufacturing method as the last 01 shoes.

McKay's unique "stitching thread exposed on the sole" is not visible.

This method involves thinly slicing the leather on the sole of the shoe where the McKay stitches will be placed, raising the stitches there, then returning the raised leather to its original position and laying it down.

This is one of the best techniques for attaching soles, also known as "lay down stitching".

This is a specification that has great benefits for the wearer, and is a specification that is rarely seen in off-the-shelf shoes, but all 03 LAST shoes are equipped with this "hidden channel" (hidden seam).

This is one of the elements that makes you feel the high level of the brand.

PETROSOLAUM side gore - 1

PETROSOLAUM side gore - 2

Side gore that I introduced the other day.

Although these shoes do not have laces, they have a sharp shape with areas that gently wrap around the foot and areas that provide a strong fit.

PETROSOLAUM shoes have excellent construction and overwhelming future potential.

I own 5 pairs of PETROSOLAUM shoes, but I still want to wear them all the time and I want them, and even after experiencing various models myself, this brand's shoes are of a very high standard. I feel it's expensive.

That's why, as a store that carries it, I would like to introduce it to everyone as much as possible.

In terms of ``walking'', which is a necessary condition for shoes, you can walk in them anyway, and I think that with continued use over many years, these shoes will far exceed the owner's imagination.

During the period, there are many variations, but please choose the best shoes from them.

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