Information PETROSOLAUM Order Event

This is a shoe brand that is indispensable in our store.


Until now, I have mainly been handling "side gore" boots, which is also my own uniform, at the store, but this time it will be held.

It's been about 3 years.

We will finally hold this opportunity for several years to warm up.



It will be held for a total of 9 days from August 26th (Sat) to September 3rd (Sun).

I usually pick up from the brand's shoe lineup and handle it at the store.

However, during this period, we will have the opportunity to select and order the most suitable shoes for our customers from among the numerous variations of the brand's shoes.

A few months ago, I had a wallet made from cordovan bat leather called Mountain Fold Wallet, and about two years ago, I had a belt made from cordovan bat leather.

However, this time, the true value of the brand.

Demonstrate your ability.

This is a shoe order event.

During the period, PETROSOLAUM shoe samples will be available in the center space of the store in a considerable variety.

Please choose from among them.

Shoe model, leather, color, manufacturing method, and of course size.

PETROSOLAUM is a brand run by brothers, but on the first day of the period, the 26th (Sat), the Ogino brothers will be there all day, and the next day, the 27th (Sun), from the opening to the evening.

We will be in our store.

It's one of the coolest brands we carry.

Already, it's really cool.

That's Mr. Ogino's brother.

Because it's this kind of person, I can do this many shoes. I think everyone will agree. seriously.

For the time being, we plan to deliver the shoes to those who have placed an order in February or March 2024.

It takes about half a year for the production period, but it is a shoe that takes time and effort, is complicated and finely made, and is meticulous to every corner.

For that reason, I would appreciate it if you could choose to your heart's content because it is a precious opportunity.

I'll let you know more details.

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