It's been a long time since I made a special order for guanaco fabric with tilt The authentics.

Today is PETROSOLAUM's side gore.

I've written about it on this blog several times, and I'm sure there are customers who already have them, but this time I'm handling these boots because they're so well made.

Among shoes, "side gore boots" exist in a classic and authentic framework, but these boots really feel the uniqueness of PETROSOLAUM.

For me, many of the ready-made Japanese shoes go well with domestic brand clothes, but when it comes to shoes that don't, it's like most leather shoe brands that feel like they're losing out to the clothes. I feel it.

On the other hand, there are shoes from well-known overseas shoe brands that are too classic or are completely devoted to dresses.

Also, in the case of ready-made shoes, I can imagine the future before I put them on, and I feel that they only stay within the scope of that imagination.

I think shoes are very difficult. In many ways.

I think so, and I wrote about it in this blog before, but there was a mysterious blank period when we did not handle leather shoes for several years.

However, since I met PETROSOLAUM shoes, those problems have been solved.

Wearing, using, feeling of wearing, change, many impressive things.

Despite being "ready-made shoes" made for an unspecified number of people.

And among the brands, the one that I think stands out in that level is this boot called side gore.


side gore

upper material _ CORDVAN BUTT






In fact, some sizes are already missing because they have been lined up in stores for a while, but this time we also have a wide range of size variations.

As for whether the size is available or not, the product is posted on our online site, so I think you can check it there.

As for the size development, the size 39 is suitable for those with an actual size of 24 cm.

39.5 is the actual size of 24.5 cm.

40 is the actual size of 25 cm.

For example, 40.5 is for people with an actual size of 25.5 cm.

If you are unsure about which size to choose, and if you are thinking about carving a lot of wrinkles on the upper, I would recommend choosing the smallest size possible.

Side gore boots with a well-defined form that tightens firmly and inflates properly where it should be.

The leather for the upper is the leather that I feel is the best expression of PETROSOLAUM in the "cordovan bat". As much as I got

The finest cordovan bat leather is placed on the toe and front, which are the "face" of the shoe. What I'm going to do.

In the first place, cordovan leather is generally strictly prohibited from getting wet, and information is circulating that the owner is required to handle it appropriately due to its delicate leather quality, but most of it is Alden. I think you're talking about the American Horween Shell Cordovan you use.

That's why I don't think PETROSOLAUM's "cordovan bat leather" needs to be so delicate.

I think Horween's Shell Cordovan is finished with plenty of oil, so it's really glossy.

Of course, I think it's a very fine leather, but I think it's a level where you have to think about whether you can go to the public toilet or not, let alone the weather of the day, because it contains too much oil.

Because it contains a large amount of oil, it reacts with just a small amount of water.

Because water and oil never mix.

But that's the story of Horween's Shellcordovan.

PETROSOLAUM's cordovan bat was developed by the brand together with Shinki Leather in Japan. It is a completely original product made from 100% natural raw materials and soaked in a large bathtub called a pit tank for a long period of one month. leather.

I wear them even in the rain, and I really, really, take care of them from time to time, but they're totally momanthai.

Just wear it.

Anyway, by continuing to use these shoes, you can feel the high level of PETROSOLAUM overflowing.

We are confident that this will blow your mind. I.

This side gore when brand new has a big feature.

when it is viewed from the side.

Normally, side gore boots are molded by "heat treatment" from the toe to the opening, and the upper is made into a crescent shape, or rather, a curved curve that fits the instep.

However, as you can see from the side view, this boot has a straight instep.

This has a very strange shape.

Because the form is completely different from other side gore boots that exist in the world.

As a result, the leather on the upper will naturally curve to fit your foot as you walk or move, and along with this, the upper will have large, deep wrinkles.

Also, the rubber on the opening that is unique to side gore.

In theory, side gore boots have exposed rubber on both the inside and outside of the side.

However, this one has the upper Cordovan bat sewn over the rubber, hiding the rubber.

This is also a high point.

because they look completely different.

And the rubber is extremely tough rubber from a German company called Jaeger.

Of course, in the unlikely event that the rubber on the side stretches due to repeated use, it is possible to replace the rubber, but I am proud to wear this boot most of all people, but the rubber It's not growing, so it's super safe.

I've taken these boots off countless times at exhibitions, and I've traveled a distance that makes me wonder how many times the earth has gone around, so I think you can rest assured that the rubber will not flinch. I will.

Well, sometimes I'm just sitting on an airplane or Shinkansen.

However, I have traveled a considerable distance with this side gore.

Also, I don't remember what Mr. Ogino from PETROSOLAUM said, but it seems that the height of the rubber on the opening seems to have been devised from various aspects.

A distinctive shoe opening.

When new, the opening is designed to be small anyway, so it may be difficult to put on and take off at first, but gradually the wearer will get used to the best size.

If it is smooth from the beginning, it will become loose in the future.

It is a specification that has been considered very well for many years of use.

Also, the cordovan bat has a different direction of fibers than other leathers, and the strength of the leather makes it cut everywhere.

This leather has a dark brown base and is dyed black from above, so the cross section of the leather is very eye-catching.

Commonly known as a "brown core" state, and on top of that, it's black with a reddish tint compared to normal black leather, so I think it creates a pretty handsome mood.

This is also a factor that can be expected to change the appearance as you use it.

"03 LAST", which uses the brand's original wooden pattern, is a shoe with a super three-dimensional shape.

A beautiful line that stretches to the arch of the foot is still alive.

Of course, the shape of the upper puts less stress on the leather, so you can expect a natural and natural change.

After all, shoes that are all done by machine fitting can speedily form the upper form in terms of production, but the finished shape is somewhat unnatural, and there are noticeable negative wrinkles.

That's why I think that "hand fishing" is more essential for proper shoes.

Of course, I think it also depends on what kind of mind you choose shoes.

The finish on the edge of the sole is also beautifully polished.

The leather is neatly piled up, polished and finished.

The heel and toe are finished with a "flat edge".

The rounded arch is finished with a "round edge" that draws you in.

Boots that can be fully enjoyed even when not worn.

Well, the finish of the edge is also carefully done, so you can definitely feel the quality when you touch it with your fingertips, not just your feet and eyes.

A shoe that can impress even your fingertips when you touch it with your hands.

and outsole.

This specification is the same as usual at our store, and it is my favorite specification, but only the heel is pasted with Vibram rubber.

I feel that this is enough to prevent slipping, and if you add half rubber, you won't be able to feel the "breathing of the shoe" on the leather sole.

With the Mackay manufacturing method's "hidden channel" finish and the double leather sole, I don't think you need to worry about a few concerns even on wet roads.

Also, I would like anyone who owns this shoe to see the beautiful finish of the sole.

The finish of the beautiful outsole that makes you feel as if you can cut your hands.

An outsole with sharp corners and a finish that makes you feel as if there is tension in the air.

Yaba Yaba Yaba.

Among PETROSOLAUM, the 03 LAST model comes with a leather insole.

At first, it is best to choose a size that is so small that you don't need to use this insole, but gradually the upper stretches and the insole sinks, and if there is a margin, you can use it. I think it's good too.

And this.

These side gore boots have been worn for over 2 years with unbelievable ultra-super heavy use.

Defying gravity, the shoe maintains its shape, and the wrinkles are deeply carved into the upper.

Well, I've been walking quite a bit, so I need to replace all soles soon.

The suede layer of the heel has also exposed the brown core of the base, and along with the "tanning" that is added to it, the color has changed to a deeper and darker color, and I think it has a much stronger mood than when it was new.

These boots are made with great care, so I'll just continue to wear them.

That's important.

When you start wearing new shoes, you don't need to worry about anything in particular, and you don't need to care for them.

Then, I think that you can really feel the high level of these boots.

If you are interested, I would appreciate it if you could consider it.

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