Today, I would like to introduce PETROSOLAUM sandals.

Until now, I have been making crocodile flip flops and transparent cowhide flip flops, so I handled them, but this time I have something new.

A type of sandal with a belt on the heel.

After all, compared to leather shoes, sandals cannot hold your feet on the entire surface, so you can't get rid of the "stuck feeling" when walking, but the addition of a back belt has changed it completely. can walk

Also, the amount and area of ​​the leather that covers the instep of the upper, and the length of the belt are well thought out.

That's why I think we've created sandals that can be used not only this season, but also next year and the year after that.


BB sandals

material_CORD VAN BUTT



size _ 3 (around 24.5cm), 4 (around 26cm), 5 (around 27cm)


BB sandals

material_CORD VAN BUTT



size _ 3 (around 24.5cm), 4 (around 26cm), 5 (around 27cm)


Sandals using the same cordovan bat as the Mountain Fold Wallet currently being held.

These sandals use cordovan butt for the upper, back belt, and insole.

For the Mountain Fold Wallet, the cordovan bat is cut to the most appropriate thickness for the brand due to the nature of the wallet.

However, the upper that covers the instep of this sandal uses the original thickness of cordovan bat.

The thickness of the leather is what kind of thing to make, and the brand pursues the thickness and uses the leather with the thickness that is most suitable for it. .

There is no lining made of a different material, fine cordovan butt leather, and careful processing of the back.


If you use the original thickness of the cordovan bat as it is, it still has a solid thickness.

I think that you will feel that when you wear it, but you will feel the solid leather upper and a sense of security.

Sandals are likely to be worn barefoot, so how strong is the leather? So it's very important.

If you're fluent, you'll soon become a stretchy beronberon, and you'll be ruined in no time.

Besides, the temperature rises seasonally, doesn't it?

The season when the leather itself is easy to grow.

So how much leather is the most stressful upper?

In other words, it is a part that cannot be avoided when looking at sandals.

But PETROSOLAUM has no complaints at all.

"Full vegetable tanning" in a "pit tank" is the most time-consuming method in the leather production process, and because of that, the leather is soaked in natural ingredients every month. of fibres, clogged with clogs.

Depending on the owner's foot, the leather will stretch as much as necessary, and the potential of the cordovan bat will appear in a blink of an eye.

What's more, the leather is tanned with only natural ingredients, so it's not sticky even when you sweat.

A direct cordovan bat that feels on your feet.

You can wear it with peace of mind, and even if you wear it barefoot, your feet won't be as uncomfortable as any other leather sandal.

In the case of chrome tanning, if it gets wet with sweat or water, it will become sticky.

Surprisingly, I think there are quite a few sandals that become sticky when used in the summer.


This cordovan bat is available in two colors.

D.GREEN/BLACK is dyed dark green with black dye.

D.BROWN/BLACK is dyed dark brown with black dye.

These two colors.

The edges of the leather are finished with a clear finish so that you can see the cross section of the leather when each part of the leather is cut off.

That's why the color of the base leather and the black contrast work well.

I think that you can feel the depth of sandals not only from the surface but also from the side of the leather.



As mentioned above, not only the upper, but also the insole, which is the sole of the foot, is cordovan bat.

Strictly speaking, the upper is almost cordovan.

It feels like the suede surface of the bat layer is coming to the insole part.



Well, if you look at the opening, you may have a vague image, but the leather upper that covers the instep feels tight at first.

Those with wide feet or extremely high insteps may find it difficult to put on new shoes.

The reason is that even if you wear a lot, the leather upper will fit your feet properly.

With this type of sandal, I can't really recommend leather sandals that will fit your feet completely from the beginning.

With use, the leather of the upper will always stretch.

So, if you put your feet in Spospo from the beginning, it will become loose as you use it.

In that case, it can't be helped if it's hard to walk.

Besides, sandals are seasonal.

I think it's hard to think of buying sandals every year, so not only this season, but also the next season and the season after that.

With that in mind, the leather quality and dimensional balance of this upper is a design that has been thoroughly researched so that it can be used continuously.

As for the size, it is available in 3 sizes, 3, 4, and 5.

Size 3 is around 24.5cm, but when considering other PETROSOLAUM shoes, sizes 39 and 39.5 are more appropriate.

It is a size for men with small feet.

Size 4 is around 26cm.

I think most people will be size 4, but when considering PETROSOLAUM shoes, size 40 and 40.5 are more appropriate.

Size 5 is around 27cm.

This is a good size for those with larger feet.

In terms of PETROSOLAUM shoes, 41 and 41.5 are the right size for those who are just right.

3 sizes above.

I think this applies to almost everyone.


The manufacturing method is called stitch down.

It is sewn tightly with thick ivory linen thread.

As the leather itself is a dark tone, the stitching of this color stands out.

The stitch-down manufacturing method is a method in which the upper leather is folded outward at the surface that touches the insole and sewn to the sole.

In that respect, I think that the bending of the sole is quite good.

It also comes with a back belt and the sole has a good turn, so it will follow your feet firmly.

PETROSOLAUM BB Sandals Cordvanbutt - 10

The sole has a three-layer structure.

Cordovan bat leather insole that touches the foot directly.

Midsole with thick benz leather.

And the outsole is a blend of natural and synthetic rubber.


As for the outsole, I use something that is very suitable for sandals.

As I mentioned earlier, it's a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber, which makes a lot of sense.

The advantage of natural rubber is that it is resistant to friction.

The disadvantage is that it is weak against heat.

The advantage of synthetic rubber is that it is resistant to heat.

The disadvantage is that it is weak against friction.


This blend is an outsole that complements the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Summer is the season when sandals are worn the most.

In summer, the road itself gets hot.

That's why being heat resistant is so important.

In addition, jute fibers are blended in it.

This jute has a non-slip function.

Furthermore, in addition, the outsole itself has a wavy shape.

Outsole with a fairly high level of grip.

In the summer, the road surface is often wet due to sudden rain, so I think you can rest assured that this sole will not slip easily.



When it's brand new, the leather on the upper is flat, but when you wear it, it changes completely.

A cordovan bat of the original thickness, without a carefully treated back and lining.

If you choose the right size, the cordovan's ridge-like wrinkles will be carved and the power will increase more and more.

However, the insole is also the same color as the upper, so it is difficult for sweat marks to stick to your feet.

In addition, the feeling when you touch the ground is more direct compared to leather shoes, but the volume of the sole is suppressed, so you can continue wearing sandals with a beautiful impression.

I think there are various types of sandals, but I think that the quality of the leather and the appearance change with continued use, and the form of the sandals themselves are well-balanced.

If you wear sandals in summer, please take a look.

And although there are only a few left, the Mountain Fold Wallet is also holding an order event until the 7th (Sun).

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