Wallet with PETROSOLAUM from tomorrow

As we have already announced, the Mountain Fold Wallet made by PETROSOLAUM will start tomorrow, Saturday, April 29th.

We will accept orders from those who want this.

As previously announced, we plan to start accepting orders only in stores on the 29th (Sat) and online from 12:00 on the 30th (Sun).

If you live far away and find it difficult to come to our store, we would appreciate it if you could consider using our online store.

Also, customers who can place orders at the online store are kindly requested to pay by credit card or bank transfer.

If you place an order by bank transfer, please confirm the order for the wallet after receiving the transfer.

In addition, we have received questions from several people, but for Mountain Fold Wallet, can you order from the online store?



Please only use the above two colors.

This is because RED BROWN and CAMEL are colors that do not exist in the collection, and there are quite a few variations in color depending on the individual.

I think it's good, but along with that, I will exhibit the cordovan bat leather before cutting the wallet at the store.

The items on display at the store are RED BROWN and CAMEL cordovan bats that are handed over to customers who actually place an order.

Therefore, we would like to place an order for the two colors, RED BROWN and CAMEL, after seeing the actual product at the store.

PETROSOLAUM Mountain Fold Wallet

You have three samples of the Mountain Fold Wallet in store.

D.GREEN/BLACK for right-handers.

BLACK right-handed and left-handed.

And the cord van bat itself that will be a wallet from now on.

If you can see the actual cordovan bat leather, you will know the amazing facts about this Mountain Fold Wallet. smile

At the same time, PETROSOLAUM sandals also appeared.

Like the Mountain Fold Wallet, it is a back belt type sandal using cordovan bat.

Like the wallet, this is D.GREEN/BLACK and last year's wallet coloring, D.BROWN/BLACK.

Cordovan bat upper, cordovan bat back belt, and cordovan bat insole. I think it feels good.

Also, since it will be Golden Week from tomorrow, the storefront has changed in many ways.

It's a golden week special.

We are looking forward to your visit and use from tomorrow.

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