PETROSOLAUM “Mountain Fold Wallet”

The wallet I was talking about the other day.


Mountain Fold Wallet

We will accept orders in the order format of those who wish to do so.

The period is scheduled from April 29th (Sat) to May 7th (Sun).

Original leather used only by PETROSOLAUM.

This is a “cord van bat” wallet.

We plan to accept orders within the nine days listed above, but this time there is a limit to the quantity that can be produced.

As I mentioned the other day, PETROSOLAUM's cordovan batt requires a period of 6 to 10 months for leather production due to the nature of producing leather by performing ``full vegetable tanning'' in a ``pit tank.''

Leather is not easy to make.

In addition, it is not a simple Cordovan leather, but a “Cordovan bat”.

This leather must have a cordovan layer and a suede layer.

Actually, this leather.

In that sense, it is a rarer leather than Cordovan.

This is because it is necessary to determine the extent of the Cordovan layer on each horse's butt, one by one, and each piece of hide.

Cordovan cannot be used if its area is too large or too small.

Cordovan batt is a leather that is extracted from the inside by scraping the surface of normal leather called the ``Ginmen''.

Therefore, unless you carve out the surface, you won't know to what extent "cordovan" and "suede" coexist.

Furthermore, both of them cannot be used as a ``Code Van Bat'' unless they have a proper gradation pattern, as PETROSOLAUM is aiming for.

There are high hurdles to such production, and we have already had the brand arrange Cordovan bats.

Therefore, there is an upper limit to the quantity that can be produced.

For that reason, we are planning a period of 9 days, but depending on the situation, if the maximum quantity is reached, the period may end within the period, so if you are considering it, please let us know. I would appreciate it if you could keep this in mind.

Mountain Fold Wallet


Mountain Fold Wallet


This time, D.GREEN and BLACK.

We have prepared two samples of these.

In addition to the two colors above, we have two more colors available this time.



Both D.GREEN/BLACK and BLACK have a limited quantity, so they are produced in limited quantities, but the above two.


These two colors will also be available for you to choose from.

RED BROWN and CAMEL have uncut cordovan batts in store so you can actually see the leather.

These two colors are leathers that do not exist even in the color variations of brand shoes, and only actual leather is available for each color, so the number is even smaller.

For now, we will only be accepting orders for those who wish to do so in-store.

So, at the store, you can see the actual shape of a horse's butt and the true appearance of a cordovan butt.

Also, as mentioned above, the order period starts on the 29th (Saturday), but on the first day it will only be available in stores.

From 12 noon on the next day, the 30th (Sunday), we will be accepting orders at our online store for those who live far away and have difficulty coming to our store.

After receiving your order, we will be able to deliver it to you two months later, so it may take some time, but we hope you can look forward to it.

There are four color variations listed above.

And this.

This is what the interior of the wallet looks like.

This time, in addition to the lineup of 4 colors, we have added a little variation to the one we held a year ago.

it is,

“All wallets are made for right-handed people.”

Because I learned that.

I was talking about various things with Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM and thinking about designing a wallet again.

During his interactions with wallet craftsmen, Mr. Ogino learned that all of the ready-made wallets in the world are designed for right-handed people.

If you ask me, there are overwhelmingly more people who are right-handed.

However, there are also left-handed people, although the population may be small compared to right-handed people.

And everyone uses a wallet.

So this time,



We have prepared two.

By the way, the wallet released a year ago is ``right-handed'', which means it is oriented in the same direction as regular wallets.

That's why, as I wrote in my last blog, "a wallet is a tool."

Considering the aspect of it as a "tool" as important, this time we created a "left-handed" model with a different orientation from the previous right-handed model.

Therefore, I think left-handed people will be able to use their wallets more smoothly and smartly than ever before.

This is for left-handed people.

If you are left-handed, imagine this.

With an image. image.


The left one is for left-handed people.

The one on the right is for right-handed people.

This is a wallet that puts even more emphasis on "use".

Well, if you are right-handed, there is no problem as long as you choose the straight right-handed one.


This color is a coloring in which a cordovan batt is dyed dark green and then dyed with a thin layer of black.

Therefore, instead of being completely black, the dark green base is peeking out.

Also, the edge of the side has a clear finish, so you can see a slight gradation between the dark green dyed layer and the black dyed layer.

And the new black.

It's still tight.

I thought it would be a little more monotonous, but since the cordovan bat has depth, I think it makes for a wonderfully deep black wallet.

On the left is D.GREEN/BLACK.

The one on the right is BLACK.

The most beautiful and fine-grained part of Cordovan is found in the flap area.

Even though it's compact, I think it gives you a sense of luxury.

That's why I think it's not bad for people who often wear suits at work.

It has the luster of cordovan.

Cordovan is applied to the most “face” area.

From there, the leather quality gradually changes into a gradation.

It switches like this in the middle part.

However, there are individual differences in where in the middle the switch occurs.

This is the suede side.

And about the interior.

The interior leather is also horse leather.

Strictly speaking, it is the "back side" of the cordovan bat.

In other words, the leather called Cordovan bat is actually on the back, so the interior is made of leather.

Also, the photo shows D.GREEN/BLACK, but the front surface is dyed black from the top, but the interior surface, which is the inside, is not dyed black.

In addition, as you can see if you look closely at the photo, the part of the horse's butt that is closer to the epidermis than the cordovan is used as the interior material.

Therefore, each piece has scratches and unevenness.

This is a unique characteristic of leather, and it is also a scratch that was created during life, so we leave it as is.

There are individual differences in the scratches and unevenness of this interior, so I would be happy if you could take a good look at it.

This is BLACK.

A coin purse in the middle.

There are card pockets on each side and a card pocket under the coin purse.

Probably about 8 to 9 pieces.

Initially, it would be perfect for just one card, but in order to make the most of the leather quality, this wallet also eliminates the lining.

As a result, the leather has a little stretch, and each card pocket can hold two cards.

This is actually a wallet that I've been using for over a year, and I put two cards in each card slot, for a total of eight cards.

However, there is still some space in the card pocket under the coin purse, so I think I can fit another card in there.

I think the dimensional structure of each card is very well made considering the width of the card.

Coin purse.

Nowadays, cashless payments are becoming more common, and some people may not have that much change, but the gusset width is set from the beginning, so even if you insert 10 500 yen coins, there will be no problem at all. .

I still have plenty of room to fit in.

There's plenty of room for banknotes as well.

I think some compact wallets like this one require you to fold the bills one by one before putting them in, but I think that process is very time-consuming, so it's best to just put them straight in when storing them. We focus on what we can do.

I think it's best if the bills are folded together when you fold your wallet.

I don't really like having a lining inside my wallet, so this wallet doesn't have a lining.

As a result, uneven staining occurs inside.

This is due to the difference in fiber quality of the leather, which causes uneven coloring.

However, I like this kind of uneven color.

So, I would be happy if you could see this as one of the unique characteristics of the wallet.


The characteristic luster of cordovan.

This wallet uses Cordovan batt on the front and the minced surface on the back to make the most of the characteristics of the leather.

There is no lining and only the brand's thumbprint is included.

There are no markings on the snap buttons used for the careful, fine-pitched movement of the hands.

Although it has a very simple structure, there is no fooling around with it, which is why I think Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM has created this wallet with a high level of quality.

No maintenance required, just use it every day.

This is a wallet that you can use anyway.

As we have announced, we will be accepting orders for those who wish to do so from Saturday the 29th.

The price is ¥47,000-+TAX (¥51,700-).

I would appreciate it if you could consider it.

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