What kind of "wallet" are you looking for?

The wallet with PETROSOLAUM that I announced yesterday.

There is still a little more time until the start of the order period, but thank you to those who have been able to contact us immediately.

Last year, I unveiled the wallet a year ago, but as I told you yesterday, it was the wallet that I wanted.

Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM has an outstanding sense.

They've made our requests into reality, and they've created products that have very high expectations for future users.

In the first place, since last year, our store has almost no normal handling of "wallets" at present.

That's why I had it made.

In my case, rather than "making it myself",

It is very important to have someone other than yourself who you can trust take shape.

So what was I looking for?

・Leather texture



I haven't been able to find a balance between these three that I'm completely satisfied with.

First of all, about "leather texture".

This is because I am a genuine old man, so it was important for me to have "leather that changes naturally as I use it".

After all, it's something you use almost every day, but it's sad that nothing changes even after using it.

Of course, I think that the wallets released by the world's famous brands are also good.

Especially European brands that everyone knows.

Even if you look at the real thing, it still costs money ~. I think, it's very well-proportioned and full of luxury. A wallet like that.

However, I think that such brand wallets do not match my style.

Considering how I feel when I wear clothes on a daily basis, I think that there is no affinity and I feel too floating.

Somehow, when I was in middle school, even though I was a boy, I felt like I was carrying a high-brand pachi wallet.

On the other hand, we respect tradition and make it with unchanging leather and using unchanging manufacturing methods. I'm not at all interested in wallets made by manufacturers like that, and I can easily imagine where they'll be used if they're made by a domestic brand that's normally distributed.

So, first of all, leather tanning is not chrome, not compound tanning, but inevitably "vegetable tanning".

natural raw materials.

However, PETROSOLAUM cordovan bats are "100%" vegetable tannins and "full vegetable tanned".

Furthermore, not only that, there are two methods for full vegetable tanned leather.

・Drum tanning

・Pit tanning

These two.

It seems that most of them are "drum tanned" worldwide.

Drum tanning is, as the name suggests, a feeling of spinning a large drum and tanning in it.

It feels like hitting the tanning ingredients into the raw leather. It seems that the tannin tanning will be completed in a short time.

On the other hand, "pit tanning".

This is like a large bathtub called a "pit tank" that only PETROSOLAUM develops cordovan bats, Shinki Leather Co., Ltd., and another company in the world. Day after day, how to change the concentration and pickle it.

This is a method that takes a long time, but does not put a strain on the leather, allows the tanning ingredients to penetrate slowly, and makes the fibers very dense.

Of course, PETROSOLAUM's cordovan bat is this.

It is "full vegetable tanning" by "pit tank".

But it's not just leather.

Leather called "cordovan bat".

It is not cowhide that is generally distributed, nor is it a so-called cordovan leather.

The only leather in the world.

It is an original leather developed by Mr. Ogino and Mr. Shinki Leather of PETROSOLAUM.

In that case, it is a completely unexperienced leather.

I have a lot of confidence in the quality.

The fine texture of cordovan leather and the appearance of a gradual gradation of suede surface.

The leather has a luxurious feel to it, and it's not monotonous at all.

This leather is really amazing.

The look and feel, the natural and effortless changes.

I wanted this kind of leather for my wallet.

However, with leather alone, we only specialized in one.

So I don't think it's a good thing.

Important "form".

In other words, it's the shape.

Since I often carry a bag with me on a daily basis, I also put my wallet in my bag, but of course there are times when I am empty-handed.

When that happens, always put your wallet in a pocket somewhere in your clothes.

Normally, in the theory of clothes, the width of the pocket opening is about 15 cm.

Since the thickness of the wallet is added to the width, ideally the width of the wallet should be 10 cm or less.

However, cards must fit properly inside the wallet, so the width of a typical card is 8.5cm.

A margin of a few millimeters is required to allow smooth insertion and removal of a card with a width of 8.5 cm.

Considering that multiple cards can be put in one card pocket, we have to add a few more millimeters.

About 5mm. in total.

In other words, 8.5 cm + 5 mm = 9 cm.

If you want to put it in your clothes pocket, it is less than 10cm.

I have to find the best balance while looking at the overall image of the wallet.

It is important that cards, bills, coins, etc. are compact yet can be stored properly, and that they do not lose their shape.

Compact wallets tend to be compact, but empty wallets displayed in stores have a beautiful shape and look good.

But you have to be careful with that.

If the width of the gusset is not set, an unfortunate phenomenon will frequently occur the moment the contents are put in.

I think there are a lot of such unfortunate wallets.

That's why you can put things in properly, and even if you do, the form will not change from the good impression you had when you saw the new product, yet it's compact enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand or in your pocket.

I think this is very important.

However, such things are not something that can be found unexpectedly.

And finally, as a "use".

I think of clothes as well as wallets as "tools".

Everything you wear and use is a "tool".

"Tools" must be beautiful.

This is a folk art word.

When I say "beautiful tools," I mean not only the raw materials used, but also the form I mentioned earlier.

And who is thinking about it and how much is being considered.

In addition, we must not forget about the toughness for continued use.

When I thought about it, I didn't find a wallet that I could trust 100% because of its appearance.

This is what I would like to introduce to our customers.

I was always worried about even the smallest of things.

Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM spent more than a year thinking and thinking about creating this Mountain Fold Wallet with our store.

And I myself used it before last year's order event and verified it until the very end.

But hey, it was perfect.

very well done

I feel that very much myself.

So, even if I buy a new wallet in the future, I'll probably use the same wallet again.

It is a wallet that seems so.

"Leather texture", "Form", and "Usage" I think that these three are combined at a tremendously high level.


Mountain Fold Wallet

We will soon have the opportunity to see you all again.

I will introduce you later.

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