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Please let me know today.

One year ago, right around this time, Mr. Ogino from PETROSOLAUM made me a wallet based on my ideals.


Mountain Fold Wallet

something like.

My ideal would be a wallet made of cordovan butt, which is my favorite type of leather. That's what I was looking for myself, so I had it come true.

Since our store operates in the style of a select shop, I always think that it is an absolute requirement to handle properly selected products.

Until then last year, and even now, there are almost no wallets that are handled as a normal development.

That's because I haven't come across anything that I can handle with 100% satisfaction.

As mentioned earlier, 100% satisfaction means not only the leather quality of the wallet itself, but also the appearance, size, capacity, etc.

Also, of course, the simple colors are the same, the direction we are aiming for, and who is making it and how.

I couldn't find anything that I could be satisfied with, so inevitably, the number of wallets I deal with decreased.

And then I stopped looking for it.

One day, more precisely, a few years from now.

When I was working in the office, it suddenly flew down from heaven.

"Petrosolaum, please make a wallet." smile

By the way, the reason why I started handling PETROSOLAUM was that one morning, without any warning, I woke up and thought, "Let's handle PETROSOLAUM shoes." smile

It was about 5, 6, or 7 years ago now, but at that time, it had only been a few years since I started working at CASANOVA&CO. I made a presentation to the staff and then suddenly contacted PETROSOLAUM in the morning.

Well, I don't care about that kind of thing.

And the wallet that was completed a year ago was a wallet that Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM took a year and a half from conception and made into a wonderful shape, including my request.

That is the Mountain Fold Wallet.

The front is a cordovan bat that changes in a gradation.

The interior is a fin surface on the back of the cordovan layer.

It can hold a lot of coins, and the wallet itself is big enough to fit in your pocket without stress.

I still use it in Everyday, and it's been over a year since I started using it, and I still love it.

Regarding the wallet, we have decided to accept your request in an order format instead of the usual handling.

Since we had decided the limit of the quantity that we could produce, we planned to set a period of 9 days, but we reached the upper limit in 2 days.


After that, we received quite a lot of inquiries from customers who wanted to order and about reproduction.

At that time, I didn't have any plans to reproduce it, but I'm very thankful that I received it even after months and even half a year.

That's why the wallet order period ended early in the extremely short time of 2 days, so this time it will be held for a limited time, although the number will be the same as last time.

However, although it is almost the same as last time, there are some things I think are important, so I added some things that are slightly different.



Mountain Fold Wallet

Comes again for a limited time.

I'll introduce you later.

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