“Transparent” PETROSOLAUM

Today, I would like to introduce you to the shoes that I have been wondering whether or not to handle them for a long time, but I couldn't help myself, so I finally decided to handle them, or rather, have them made.


Among the brands, there is another leather that I really like, Cordovan Batt.

So I had it made.

“Transparent cowhide”.


Transparent shoes.


whole cut


material_transparent cow

process _ Mckay

color _ Natural

size _ 39.5,40


I love this leather so much that in the past I've had shoes and belts made using it, and now it's available in shoes.

The brand is also developing a collection, but it looks a bit like an art piece, so I was thinking ``someday, someday.''

It's not a special order at all, but I added a few elements to something that already existed in the collection and had it made.

Only two sizes, 39.5 and 40, one pair of each.

Since it is a brand that is also carried in stores overseas, the shoes ended up being called ``World Limited 2 Piece.'' this.

I've written about the "transparent cowhide" upper several times on my blog, but I'd like to introduce it a little bit again.

This leather in the first place.

It's transparent, but strictly speaking, it's semi-transparent.

Is it physically possible? A transcendental material that is unparalleled.

In the first place, there are two types of leather, written in kanji: ``hide'' and ``leather''.

The original raw material for leather is called ``genpi'', so it is written as ``skin''.

However, if you leave it in its ``skin'' state, it will rot, so in order to prevent this and make it possible to continue using it, we perform a process called ``tanning.''

From "skin" to "leather".

It changes through tanning.

Therefore, there are two types of kanji for leather.

Leather starts out as skin, so before it's tanned, it's just skin.

After going through the tanning process, it transforms into "leather".

Why does the notation method change like that?

In the first place, what kind of things is the kanji for "leather" used in Japanese?





What all of these have in common is that

``A change to something different from what it was before after a certain thing happens or after a certain thing''

A word that represents

Therefore, when a ``revolution'' occurs in the world, it creates a new social trend, and the society becomes different from what it was before the revolution.

In other words, leather also undergoes a process called ``tanning,'' which transforms it into a ``leather'' that is different from the ``skin'' it used to have.

That's why all the leather products you see in stores are actually made of leather.

Except for these shoes that I'm going to introduce today.

This "transparent leather" is "not tanned".

It's not something that can be produced anywhere in the world, but Mr. Ogino says it's made by a tanner in the Netherlands, and it's made using a secret recipe.

Therefore, it seems that the details of the leather cannot be communicated to the brand side.

It's absolutely confidential.

Previously, it had been used by a large, well-known overseas corporate brand in its collection, but it seems that this Dutch tanner has changed considerably, and it has become one of only a few, very limited brands in the world. It seems that only this leather is available.

This leather has unknown information.

What we know clearly is as follows.

・100% eco-leather (completely chemical-free)



・The whitishness varies slightly depending on the production lot.

That's what it means.

Mysterious leather.

However, I am very fascinated by the way PETOROSOLAUM uses this leather, and I continue to be fascinated by it.

That's why I wanted to introduce to everyone "shoes," something I've never done before.

It's not even white.

It's not even beige.

It feels very mysterious and has an appearance that only exists here.

Due to the characteristics of leather, it tends to be soft in the hot summer and a little hard in the winter, so the best time to wear it is from now on.

Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM seems to be wearing these shoes that he made in the past in the summer, and when I saw Mr. Ogino's personal belongings from the back of the atelier, my heart couldn't stop pounding.

What makes these shoes different from the shoes that originally existed under the brand?

It's inside the heel.

When you look at your heel, you can see something brown inside, right?

Originally, the brand had the heel and toe lined with the same transparent leather as the main body.

That's fine, of course, but I wanted to take advantage of the translucent nature of the leather to clearly see the structure of the shoe.

In addition, since the interior is made of different leather, the heel grip has been slightly improved.

The transparent leather has a "bubbly" texture, so it doesn't have the overwhelming smoothness of walking or holding power of PETROSOLAUM's 03 LAST, but the heel is well rounded and hugs your feet. I think you can feel the feeling of wearing it.

Also, the area of ​​the leather used as the core material on the inside and outside of the shoe is different.

The photo above is the outside.

This photo is inside.

There is an arch on the inside, so the core material is placed to support that point.

Normally, there would be a core material in the toe, but for this shoe, the toe core material is made of transparent leather similar to the upper.

oh yeah.

This model is PETROSOLAUM's "02 LAST".

It is characterized by a square toe.

The leather upper of these shoes is what catches your eye, but the quality of the manufacturing is also decent.

The fine and careful stitching of the upper as usual.

There is no distortion at all, and it is sewn very neatly.

The sewing of the upper is a careful job that Mr. Ogino does himself.

The edges of the leather sole are also neatly processed.

PETROSOLAUM's 01 LAST series and 02 LAST series have a finish that takes advantage of the quality of the leather without applying a final coating to the edges (sides) of the leather sole.

That's why the leather of this sole will naturally get burnt as you wear it, as the sun will be getting stronger from now on.

The outsole is also all leather.

No pasting of half rubber etc.

The outsole stitching made using the Mackay method and the brand's signature wooden nails (pace) are still intact.

The outsole finish and heel leather stacking also have a beautiful finish that takes advantage of the mood of the materials.

You can see the McKay stitching on the insole side.

The heel has been finished to fit the roundness.

Do you understand?

The opening is asymmetrical.

A three-dimensional form that matches the shape of a human foot, molded by hand.

The collar is designed with a curve to match the height of the outer and inner ankles of the foot.

No matter what angle you look at it, I think it has a beautiful curved form.

Well, no matter where I look, my attention is drawn to the transparent leather. lol

In my imagination, I think it would be better if people could wear these shoes with a feeling more like sandals.

It feels like a lightweight summer shoe.

In fact, it's also very comfortable to wear.

Because the upper leather is unique, it feels a little different from Cordovan batt or other leathers in that it feels familiar to your feet.

Of course, that doesn't mean I won't fit in.

Compared to shoes such as the brand Side Gore, they are not very suitable for long distance walking.

However, even in the summer, when you walk a lot, you don't actively wear sandals.

On days when I expect to walk long distances, I think I'll wear the shoes I have the most comfort with.

Therefore, it would be best if you could replace these shoes when you usually go out wearing sandals.

Also, as for daily care, there is no need to be particularly nervous about it, especially now that it's freshly made, but it does get stiff in the cold in winter, so keep that in mind.

Regarding leather maintenance, I think it is sufficient to apply something that only contains oil at the end of the season, or apply it next year, rather than using shoe cream that contains wax.

Well, since these are special shoes that don't exist anywhere else in the world, the way you use them is not according to the general theory of shoes, but I hope you can think of that as something unique to these shoes.

Sizes are 39.5 and 40 only.

Up until now, we have recommended that those considering PETROSOLAUM shoes go for the smallest possible size, but with these shoes, things are a little different.

If you are wearing other PETROSOLAUM shoes and are 39 (actual size 24cm) or 39.5 (actual size 24.5cm), then size 39.5.

If you are 39.5 or 40 (actual size 25cm), please choose size 40.

If 39.5 is the perfect size for PETROSOLAUM shoes, you can choose either, so please feel free to consult with us about fitting your shoes.

These are shoes that will instantly transport you to this world once you put them on, so if you are considering them, please take a look.

I think these shoes have a very unique aura.

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