Last 2 days.

There are only two days left for the PETROSOLAUM order event that started on the 19th (Sat).

It's been a few years since we started handling shoes at our store, but I'm very happy that everyone is getting to know this wonderful shoe brand little by little.

When it comes to shoes, long-established overseas brands and manufacturers with well-incorporated branding tend to be favored, but at our shop, we want to place the most importance on what you feel when you face a pair of shoes.

We recognize that it is our greatest mission and role to feel and communicate the technology and ideas that go into each pair of shoes without being influenced by the name of the brand. From everyday.

Of course, high quality is a matter of course, and it's something that looks better after being used than when it's brand new. This is also incredibly important.

I think that leather shoes should be selected based on how they will be used.

That's why there's no problem in entrusting me with your absolute trust. PETROSOLAUM.

During the PERSONAL ORDER EXHIBITION this time, I was able to introduce some of them through this blog, but the people who visited the store were not able to see the richness, depth, and depth of the variations. Is not it.

Crocodile, a shoe that boasts an absolute presence.

Three types of crocodile leather shoes are available.

And on the right side of it stands a very rare exotic leather, oast leg. I can't see it.

Garment dye (product dye) and Transparent (transparent leather).

Shoes handwoven in the atelier by the younger brother of the brother designer.

The line-up also includes a ladies' model that has never been available before.

The 03 LAST series, which boasts the highest peak of shoemaking, makes you feel its depth and weight just by looking at it.

There is also a series with JAN JAN VAN ESSCHE, PETROSOLAUM's only collaboration.

Since it is a collaboration with Yan Yang, the material used is a combination of the drawers of both, and the texture is very rich.

I think the combination with Norvegiese also creates a very good atmosphere.

Framed shoes unique to this period also symbolize PETROSOLAUM.

When I go on business trips, I often go to the atelier of the brand, and there are shoes displayed like this. I prepared it because I wanted to.

So, there are only two days left, but if you can come, please take a look.

It will be two days tomorrow, the 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun), but it seems unlikely that there will be so many exciting shoes lined up.

Although it is in this day and age, I am sure that people who like it will feel something when they see it.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you for the remaining two days.

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