The PETROSOLAUM PERSONAL ORDER EXHIBITION that has been announced from the other day

It will be held for 9 days from the 19th (Sat) to the 27th (Sun), and the other day I talked a little about the 03 LAST series.

Today, let me introduce a little about 01 LAST.

As I wrote a little about it in my previous blog, brands classify shoes by lasts 01, 02, and 03.

01 is the 01 model, 02 is the 02 model, 03 is the 03 model, and so on.

There are variations in the types of leather that can be used and manufacturing methods that are suitable for each type, but during this period, the variations are even wider than when it was held a year and a half ago, so please look forward to it.

So, in the previous blog, I introduced a little bit of the 03 LAST that was overflowing with specifications that put the bespoke to shame, so today I'm going to show you the 01 LAST.

However, I don't have any sample shoes to display in the store during the period, so I'll just use the one I'm wearing.


1 piece half balmoral

leather: cordvan butt

It's a personal item that I've been wearing for a little over two years.

This is the first thing I ordered when I handled PETROSOLAUM for the first time.

At that time, there weren't exactly the same samples in the atelier with this color, this model, this leather, so I looked at the samples of different models and imagined this one and this one, and this was definitely the one. I was convinced that I could make something good, so I ordered it.

Then, the best and strongest thing was created.

As the name of 1 piece half balmoral suggests, the upper is formed with a single piece of leather in a whole cut pattern.

I really like it. cordovan bat.

Moreover, the leather is very suitable for this model, and Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM also thinks it as a CASANOVA&Co.-like model.

No ~, I also wore Shikotama. I still wear them today.

If you wear OLDE HOMESTEADER socks, you can wear them even in the middle of August, regardless of the season.

It's been worn for about 25 months, but I think the average person wears it for about 8 years.

As work boots of course.

I wear them both at work and privately.

However, for me personally, 39.5 is just the right size, but this is 40.

The reason is that when I ordered it, it was the fall/winter season, and in the winter my hands and feet get extremely cold and my fingers quickly go numb, so Inoue Brothers alpaca socks are a must.

That's why I consulted Mr. Ogino and went up a half size so that I could wear it even if I wore it. That's why, except for winter, my feet feel comfortable, so when I wear these boots outside of winter, I often wear thick socks from OLDE HOMESTEADER.

Since it is a one-piece whole cut, it looks like a single piece of leather when viewed from the outside.

Since it is a cordovan bat specification, the toe part has a dense cordovan layer of leather fibers.

As a result, wrinkles peculiar to cordovan that raise the swell.

The intense shadows of luster and wrinkles make you feel the vivid beauty.

However, if it's just that part, you can enjoy it with simple cordovan shoes.

I think that's the biggest appeal of cordovan shoes, and I think that many people who enjoy men's shoes have been fascinated by the texture of their uppers.

What we want to create in the world is not only what we know, but what we can see a different world that goes beyond it.

So I think this cordovan bat is a wonderful leather.

A new world that can only be found here, with a gradation that gradually changes from the toe to the heel.

Not just the cordovan layer of the horse's butt, but the different layers of leather around it.

Instead of cutting only the cordovan part, the hole is cut in a different place than usual.

However, the most delicious part of cordovan leather is the important front.

From there, change to a gradation.

No two pairs are exactly the same, and it is difficult to achieve uniformity that does not cause even the slightest error that is required in the world of mass-produced products, but it has been created to be an absolute masterpiece.

You don't have to be overly sensitive like you would with regular cordovan shoes.

Mirror-finished cordovan shoes are said to be considered even in public restrooms.

And above all, in this day and age where hand-washing is enforced, if stains are judged to be negative without hesitation, don't you carelessly touch water?

The alcohol disinfectant spray installed at the entrance of the shop is too scary to use.

Cordovan bats can have a sparkling luster like normal cordovan shoes, and since the leather is somewhat matte at first, it is very suitable for enjoying the unique wildness that appears every time you wear it. .

Anyway, by wearing it, I think that you can feel the high potential that only this leather can have.

Be stunned.

1 piece half balmoral with inner blade on the inside and whole cut on the outside.

These boots have not been available in stores for a while, but since they are so good, I would like everyone to see them as an option.

As for this boot, there are two types of leather other than cordovan bat, my personal one is Mackay, but there are Handsorn and Norvegiese as options.

Even with the same boots as the base, it's a very wide range of models ranging from 74,000 yen to 131,000 yen.


double monks

leather: GL kip

Same 01 LAST double monk shoes as the previous boots.

Staff Noguchi's personal belongings.

I've only been wearing them for a little over two months, but I wear them almost every day.

Gutchan seems to only be wearing peteroolaum and an old ALDEN from about 40 years ago.

I like things.

Large wrinkles carved into the soft, fresh leather and fine wrinkles attached to the surroundings.

It is a product unique to fine leather like this.

Also, regarding this leather, as I introduced it in my previous blog, it is a leather that will not be available in brands from the next season. actually.

Rather than saying that there is no development, it would be more correct to say that leather is no longer produced in the world.

The leather is tanned with 100% vegetable tannin, but the quality of the leather does not look like that at all.

This is a very rare look.

Tannin tanning tends to give a very hard finish, but this finish is achieved by adding a lot of oil while maintaining the goodness of tannin.

At this event, only a few will be able to choose GL kip leather on a first-come, first-served basis.

Also, as another option, there are leathers unique to the brand, so please worry about it.

And this double monk is also a peculiar structure. The height is different on the left and right, and the step is left as it is on the three-dimensional opening.

You can't see it in the picture, but of course there are holes due to fishing by hand. Hand-stitched reinforcement and double-stitched.

The heel is set higher on the monk strap side (outside).

The outer leather has a higher seam than the inner (arch side) leather.

However, the inner leather is set at the top of the instep.

Do you understand.

The part that covers the instep of the upper slips under the heel.

A double monk with a construction that tells the visual discomfort and complexity of the structure.

01 LAST and 02 LAST shoes have unpainted outsole and midsole leather.

I touched on this unique finishing method briefly in the previous blog.

The edges are neatly arranged and piled up, but this process maximizes the texture of the material.

In Japan, it's about PETROSOLAUM shoes. This finish.

It is shaped to gently support your feet, but the inside is a rounded and slimy form.

Adjuster outside.

The number of parts for the inside is very large, and the inside and outside of the shoe are completely different.

No matter which model of which last, PETROSOLAUM is a shoe whose material and making technique stand out the more you wear it.

Well, let me talk about the details at the store during the period.

Also, once again, I promise to get rid of the anxiety of those who come.

The store is always ventilated, staff wear masks, and frequently wash their hands and disinfect their fingers.

We will install alcohol disinfectant at the entrance of the store, so please disinfect your fingers when entering and leaving the store.

Please wear a mask too.

Also, please refrain from coming to the store if you have symptoms such as fever or cough.

We are all aware of this in these times, but if you can cooperate with the above, we will be able to live with peace of mind on both sides.

Well then, if you can come, please look forward to the day.

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