As we announced the other day, we will be holding a limited-time event for the shoe brand PETROSOLAUM for 9 days from this 19th (Sat).

As we have informed you, if you place an order during this period, we will deliver it around February.

We have prepared a lot of lineups that we would like you to see this time, but they are available for both men and women.

Normally, it is only available for men, but I would be happy if women could also see it on this occasion.

The lineup includes low shoes and boots for men, and pumps, heels, and boots for women.

Also, for this personal order format, we will take a deposit system.

It's just that you can choose 3 stages in advance.

¥10,000-, 30%, 50% stage.

Regarding this, I would appreciate it if you could choose the one that is convenient for you.

In the first place, there are many brands of leather shoes at various prices, but it is very difficult to judge whether they are good or bad.

Clothing may be easier to judge.

This kind of thing is because the part that can't be seen suddenly becomes very important.

However, well, I don't think there is any problem with these PETROSOLAUM shoes.

There are several series, but some of them are overwhelming existence like diamonds, shoes with absolute value.

Today, let me introduce a little bit about the 03 series, which is the highest level of the PETROSOLAUM shoes lineup this time.

I wrote about world class in my previous blog, but this series boasts the highest level of shoemaking in the world.

PETROSOLAUM has 01, 02, and 03 series, but the wooden pattern used for each is different.

Also, the making process is the same for 01 and 02, but 03 is transcendental and superhuman.

It can be said that it is the gift of the technique of the shoe craftsman who represents Japan.


03 LAST oxford

Oxford shoes with a very three-dimensional form.

For this, we use GL kip, which has a fine texture and a fresh leather look.

Outer feather style inner feather shoes.

This area is also designed to destroy the concept of PETROSOLAUM-like shoes.

A smooth curve to the limit of the asymmetrical opening.

Are the heels smaller than imported shoes brands?

It is designed so that the heel of the Japanese is tightly wrapped and stable.

And a 3 cm leather heel that falls small from there.

There is a small hole in the heel opening.

This is a very important fishing process for making shoes.

It is a proof of "hand fishing".

During production, when the insole process is completed, it is necessary to form the upper.

The flat leather is joined with the insole, and the process of fitting is performed so that it conforms to the instep of the foot in three dimensions.

There are two main types of fishing.

A pattern that can be caught in a moment by a machine and made into a shape, and a pattern that is not.

It is said that mechanical fishing is completed in 30 seconds.

In contrast, these shoes are made by hand.

Just as there is an old-fashioned saying, "Shoes are made by hammering," tezurikomi uses a number of nails and hammers them over and over again.

That work is very important.

This heel hole is a nail hole for fixing the last and leather during the hand-tightening.

I think it's easy to imagine the effort, time and skill required.

It goes without saying that the upper leather is not stressed more than necessary, and this creates a fine and beautiful shoe form.

The wrinkles in the upper after wearing them for many years are completely different.

Of course, doing hand fishing means that it is a suitable quality.

Therefore, after many years of wearing, the shoes will grow to softly envelop your feet.

The treatment of the edge of the side is also beautifully finished. This 03.

01 and 02 have a unique finish, so there is no similarity in Japan.

03, which has a particularly careful finish, and 01 and 02, which bring out the full potential of the material.

For the edge of this 03LAST, a flat edge (with sharp corners) and a round edge (round finish) are used together. A round edge is used in the area where the arch of the foot rises toward the heel.

This is an important point when it comes to shoes.

It's hard to tell once you put them on, but when you look at them from the side, the angle is completely different. Just a superb view.

The roundness draws the eye as if drawn into the interior, and gives a sense of depth.

I think that shoe lovers will be able to feel it at once, but it's a shoe that has gone through the process up to this point.

It is not only worn, but has been sublimated into a gem that has a function as an object.

03 outsole.

The heel is asymmetrical.

The oxford used in the photo is mckay, but the stitching is hidden and you can't see it.

Normally, the Mackay manufacturing method has the same stitches on the insole and outsole, but this is a "hidden channel".

In general, grooves are dug and stitches are added, but in this case, a cut is made in the leather from the edge side, and the inside of the cut is sewn up.

After sewing and attaching the bottom, the technique is to hide the stitches by turning the slits down again.

This will help reduce stitch breakage.

The hidden channel is clearly not a specification found in general men's shoes, but a specification sometimes seen in high-end men's shoes, so the level of this shoe is obvious.

And polished to reflect light.

It is the reason why it is completed through an extremely complicated process, but what is produced in such a way is exceptional. It is beautiful and has an extraordinary sense of luxury. It's like a jewel that instantly steps up even with worn-out pants. this is.


03 LAST work boots

And this is the last series of the same.

Natural cordovan bat leather with a vivid pink hue.

Same shoemaking process as before.

Cordovan bat has a unique leather quality.

And it is combined with a work boot that is the opposite of the precise specification.

And this is my personal property.

It turns into a brown mass, and as the name suggests, I use it as it is as a work boot.

However, I liked it because it was a tremendous level of footing, and by the time I noticed it, it was like this.

The wrinkles peculiar to cordovan are carved, but it's been hit by the rain, sunburned, and worked hard for a little over a year.

Well, the pace of wearing is hyper-high compared to normal people, so the transformation is fast.

On the second day I wore them, I encountered heavy rain in Tokyo.

Cordovan's peculiar luster and the suede surface of the butt layer.

This leather is currently only used by PETROSOLAUM in the world, so little information has been leaked.

Only available to the owner.

I will talk about the details at the store, but it's not amazing. It's a super-spec domestic cordovan.

This difference.

After all, I think that it is a way of wearing that is allowed because it is a shoe that has gone through this process.

Because it's not okay if things change.

However, in the field of fashion, people often refer to things as "tasteful" or "changed over time," but there is a clear difference.

Because it is always important how it is made.

This shoe is terrifying.

As for the 03 LAST, we also have some ghillie, whole cut, and mid-cut styles.

There are various kinds of leather such as crocodile, kip, cordovan, etc. In addition to Mackay, you can even go to Norvegiese depending on the model.

It's an amazing series.

The price will be over 100,000 yen, but with this level of craftsmanship, the price will be destroyed.

Please take a look.

I will also introduce another series.

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