The other day, I introduced the 03 that uses PETROSOLAUM's specialty last, but today I will introduce something different.

GARMENT DYE In other words, product dyeing.

I've seen it before with GUIDI, but I've never seen it in a Japanese brand.

After the shoes are completed, you can dye them or wash them.

Well, if you think about it carefully, the shape will deform and unevenness will appear, and there are various mistakes. as usual.

However, there is a state that can only be reached there, and the air emitted from shoes changes greatly.

There are very few Japanese shoe designers who create such shoes, but Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM is very good at drawing out the texture of the material to the fullest. .

whole cut mid


material _ garment dye baby calf



price_¥82,000-(without tax)

this. Product dyed black boots.

I'm using a different last than the 03 I mentioned earlier.

02 last close to the square toe that we handle for the first time in our store.

Dyed while rotating at low speed in the drum. Certainly.

As a result, the upper and sole of the entire shoe are dyed with slight color unevenness.

However, unlike usual, it is dyed after completion, so the upper and sole are dyed in the same tone.

And there are parts of the stitching on the upper that are dyed and parts that are not.

A unique texture appears when rubbed.

Well, in the first place, the material of this is baby calf.

The best cowhide is called calf.

The quality level of leather is determined by how long it lives after birth, but in general, the calf is considered to be the finest and smoothest when it is less than 6 months old.

But this went even further.

Within 3 months after birth. baby calf.

It's a position where you can't expect more detail than this.

And product dyeing that erases the leather quality.

There are accidental wrinkles here and there, and the leather fibers are tightly packed.

However, from the wrinkles that are forcibly engraved, an extraordinary sheen that is unique to a baby calf appears.

I think that you can feel it when you look at each pair.

And the withered black that appears only because of this dyeing.

It is completely different from the 03 model black of the other day.

The appearance of this black, which has passed through the endless years and has an old atmosphere.

As the name suggests, these boots are made of a single piece of leather.

For those who know, I think you can understand, but since the leather is shrinking, it stretches well.

Or rather, it is overwhelmingly familiar.

This is partly because it is a baby calf, but in combination with the Mackay manufacturing method, I think you can experience a soft touch that is contrary to its appearance.

Inside is a hole-cutting joint and another leather part.

In other words, the upper is made up of only two pieces of leather.

But it's not a flat, linear shoe at all.

PETROSOLAUM specializes in the whole cut technique of a single piece of leather, and the three-dimensional effect of the curve is so sharp.

Well, I don't know if it's brand new because it's product dyed.

At first, the boots are full of textures, but enjoy the world from here on out.

First of all, the tightly packed fiber clings to your feet and doesn't let go. That is the first matching that starts the relationship with shoes.

From there, the wrinkles that exist everywhere are stretched out, and you can temporarily see the expression as if you have an elegant look, but when you go beyond that, you can see the true value.

In other words, it's a boot with ultra stretch.

Of course, the outsole is also leather.

However, rubber is not attached for this model.

If you wish, you can put it on, but if you use rubber from the production stage, leather will shrink but rubber will not shrink, so it's funny, so currently no rubber.

The rainy season is over, so it's okay to use it as an all-leather sole.

However, it is slippery, so if you can be careful about that point, you can rest assured.

Please contact us if you would like to attach the rubber before wearing.

Of course, this boot also has an excellent making process.

Most of the shoes in this genre emphasize only the atmosphere, but I think you can rest assured that the shoes will be made to last.

It's not just the appearance, but it's a brand that's perfect for the high level of technology that has been carefully worked on even where you can't see it.

Anyway, I would be happy if you could wear it and feel it. And enjoy the world of appearance that can only be experienced by continuing to wear it.

oh yeah.

As for these boots, they are washed, so there is no half size.

That's why it's available in 3 sizes, 40, 41, and 42.

Roughly, 40 is 24.5-25.5cm, 41 is 25.5-26.5cm, 42 is 26.5-27.5cm.

At first, it's small because it's shrinking lol

I would be happy if you could take a look at this too.

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