We select and handle shoe brands from many around the world, and this time we were able to handle shoes that we can be proud of.

PETROSOLAUM currently has 3 types of series, but this time we will introduce the 03 (Zero Sun) type, which is the coolest.

Well, the price is going up even among brands, but in addition to this shoe making, its appearance.

There are various shoe brands in the world, from long-established imported brands to up-and-coming ones, but none of them have the same direction (vector).

Each person's likes and dislikes are subjective in how things look, so when it comes to choosing things, I'll leave that up to everyone, but I think everyone will like it if it looks okay. shoes.

work boots





price_¥135,000-(without tax)

Bespoke shoes are considered to be the pinnacle of the world of "men's shoes", and this series is filled with the most of that technology.

Bespoke may not be a familiar word, but it means so-called custom-made shoes.

Bespoke is the process of measuring a person's feet and manually making shoes that fit them.

It's a world where everyone aspires when it comes to the idea of ​​enjoying men's shoes.

It's just that the price is crazy.

Wasn't it 600,000 or something like John Lobb doing bespoke?

It will be about that amount.

What's more, it's a tough world for owners who order bespoke shoes, so even if you pay 600,000 yen or 700,000 yen once, it's said that you can't really be satisfied with the shoes.

First time subtle,

One step closer for the second time,

It seems that the third bespoke shoe is perfect.

In other words, even if you think about it below, it will cost 1.8 million yen.

Well, there are societies like that, but the world of "men's shoes" that has existed for a long time.

I love it too.

So, this 03 series is a shoe that is packed with things that are done in bespoke shoe making.

That's the best.

I often talk about it at the store, but when it comes to shoes, especially leather shoes, I think it's very difficult to judge "good" or "bad". Because the most important thing in making shoes is the invisible part.

Simply put, what is important is what is done between the upper (the part that wraps the instep) and the sole (midsole, outsole).

The level of the shoe is greatly influenced by the fishing method and technique, the material between the upper and the sole, and the sole sewing.

In general, it is extremely difficult to judge such items unless you are familiar with shoes.

If you have a discerning eye, you can understand it to some extent just by looking at it, but it's difficult if you don't see it.

Because it's something that can be deceived as it is when it's completed.

That's why famous shoe brands are so popular.

Under such circumstances, PETROSOLAUM started handling a few years ago, but the best model among the brands is 03 LAST.

Look at it from the outsole.

There's so much you can learn from just this photo.

First of all, you can see that it is a shoe with a wide toe with a good arch shape and a small heel.

This is for ultra Japanese people. Because they are Japanese shoes.

And although it is a McKay method, the hidden channel makes the stitches on the outsole invisible.

The middle abdomen that rises up with a jerk at the Weveld waist.

Polished outsole treatment on asymmetrical heels, and wooden nails (pace).

There are some parts that will disappear after a certain amount of time once you wear them as shoes, but I think that you can somehow feel that they have the beauty of form that is important in terms of enjoyment.

The stacked leather is also beautifully polished, and you can see the careful work.

There are many famous brands that are rattled in such places.

It is important to choose shoes with confidence.

The beauty of the edge finish is also here.

The front and heel of the shoe are mostly finished with a flat edge (with corners), while the areas with a waist shape are finished with a rounded edge.

This allows you to see a superb view when you look at the shoe from the side.

Do you understand Proper use of flat edge and round edge.

It's so beautiful this.

It may be a good idea to consider it as an ornament in your living room.

Well, well, if you could come to our store, I would like to talk about how to make shoes in detail, but if you can't do it because it's this time of the year, of course it's okay to call, but I want to tell you. That's not all.

this leather. Super special leather. cordovan bat.

Plus, it has a bright pink tint.

This leather is used only by PETROSOLAUM in the world.

It's a really crazy leather with a Japanese cordovan tannin suede side.

Therefore, you can enjoy a tremendous expression with just one pair.

Specifically, cordovan is placed on the toe part.

From there, the leather gradually changes to suede as it goes to the heel.

I'm no longer an idiot.

Because it's amazing when you wear it.

In terms of leather shoes, Cordovan shoes are still admired, aren't they? Also known as the King of Leather.

However, after all, the benefit is the undulating wrinkles of the toe that appear when you wear it. Speaking roughly.

That's why the wrinkles that are engraved on the toe are born to overflow.

Also, you can expect endless changes from the color of this leather.

At first, it has an extraordinary potential that only the natural-colored cordovan bat has. Burns, wrinkles, gloss.

At first, this leather, which is baby pink, will change to hard adult leather.

In short, it will be browned and wrinkled.

From the very beginning, the leather has a different expression, so I hope you enjoy that aspect as well.

The stitch pitch on the front is also fine.

Dress shirt level. the actual thing.

The hole in the heel is a proof of manual fishing.

As for these shoes, the name is work boots, so it would be best if you could wear them as work boots.

If you do that, I think it will become a shoe with an extraordinary atmosphere.

So, this model, actually, I have handled only two pairs a year ago.

One was purchased before they were displayed in the store, and the other was worn by me.

Super favourite.

Wear these, walk around, ride a bike, get caught in the rain, get sunburned, and work. Exactly one year to wear as work shoes.

Well, what I was aiming for was a "brown mass".

However, I wonder if it will be allowed because the structure is superb.

Anyway, I wanted to wear it and turn it into a brown burnt mass.

Isn't it good? That's what it's like to be the best.

That's why I wear it all the time. Also today.

Well, the deep wrinkles on the toe as a cordovan shoe are still alive.

After that, it was burnt anyway. both upper and sole.

However, the potential of this leather is very felt.

However, I consider it to be under development.

Everyone has their own way of looking at this, but with shoes of this level, this experience can only be done at PETROSOLAUM, so it's a specialty.

Well, I would like to change it with something a little cheaper, but that's because what I'm doing is different.

It may be good for those who like this kind of thing.

And one more thing.



material_GL kip

color_BLACK size_39.5(24cm〜24.5cm),40.5(26cm〜26.5cm)

price_¥107,000-(without tax)

Straight tip type 03 shoes with a single letter switch on the toe.

This one is more dressy. as it looks.

I would be happy if you could wear it as a special standard for those who own it.

Straight tips are the most formal genre of shoes, so they are OK for work.

Glossy Kip is a shoe full of fresh luster.

These shoes are of the highest quality, no matter who sees them.

The last is the same as the previous work boots, but because it is a short shoe, the three-dimensional effect of the form is exceptional.

A heel that falls smoothly on the beautiful curve of the back.

It might be good as a figurine in a conspicuous place next to the TV. It's so curvaceous.

Curved line of the opening of the right and left asymmetry.

It's not excessive, but it's a quiet, yet strong presence.

It's just not that simple.

Outer blade style inner blade specification.

It is a front that you can feel a unique sense of incongruity for those who like it.

The strong and smooth luster so far, and the leather with an unusually fine texture.

The foot familiarity is no longer special.

And, strangely enough, the shoes that use this 03 last have a transcendent three-dimensional shape that hugs the foot from the beginning to the bottom of the foot.

That's why we will deliver you a fitting that will make you faint in agony.

The leather and insole of the upper that fits in every time you wear it.

And the careful processing and precise construction that time was generously spent.

This experience is a world that only PETROSOLAUM owners can get.

Also, I forgot to mention that this 03 model comes with a leather insole.

It can be used for more precise fitting adjustments.

The only difference from custom-made bespoke shoes is that the feet are not measured.

Speaking roughly.

However, I think it is a shoe that understands Japanese feet and has a clear reason for creating new value and reasons in a world full of things, not just shoes and clothes.

Well, the price is also a price, but if you get it, you will be satisfied.

No way.

If you like it, please take a look.

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