As we announced the other day, we will be holding an order event for PETROSOLAUM for 9 days from 19th (Sat) to 27th (Sun) tomorrow.

During the period, please order shoes only for those who order from many lineups.

I would be happy if you could choose not only the shoe model, but also the material, coloring, and manufacturing method to make it a special piece.

In terms of leather, there are quite a few variations, such as the Cordvan Butt that we've announced before, the limited edition GL Kip, the overwhelmingly destructive Crocodile, and the soft Baby Calf.

If you can order during this period, it will be delivered around February.

Also, this time, as I explained a little, we will take an advance payment system.

Please let me keep a part of it as a deposit.

We have 3 stages of width, but each of ¥ 10,000-, 30%, 50% + tax.

We will ask for a part of the amount and it will take some time to complete, but we promise that we will be able to produce a specialty product for that amount, so please look forward to it.

Also, from today, we are setting up with PETROSOLAUM's designer Ogino brothers, and the designer will be at the store on the first day, tomorrow, the 19th and 20th.

This is the second time for Sotaro, the older brother, and the first time for Ryo, the younger brother.

It's a unique opportunity for them.

Under these circumstances, we will hold the event after taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.

During the period, the store is specially designed, so please take a look.

We have been in contact with many people who come to our store on a regular basis, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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