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This project with CATHEDRAL, which has been announced since the other day. Thankfully, we have already received some inquiries, so let me introduce a little today. I haven't posted a photo of me wearing it until now, but I actually wore it in the photo of THE STANDARD DENIM with NEAT that was released the other day. It's an authentic style of gray cut-and-sew and jeans, but it's a combination of innovative things, so I don't think I've heard of such standards anymore, but I don't think it fits into the framework of normcore or that kind of genre. In the previous blog, I introduced a little about the fabric. Although it is a two-ply silk spun yarn, it is passed over a burner at an ultra-high speed before knitting, and the fluff that is present in the smooth silk spun yarn is burnt off, giving it an even better feel against the skin. After that, we apply a two-step process so that it is not only silk, but also a higher view inside. Today, I've had a lot of inquiries over the past day, so I'll talk about shapes. The items originally developed by CATHEDRAL are cut-and-sews, which are normally two-dimensional clothes, but are made three-dimensionally. Specifically around the shoulders. I really wanted to take advantage of that design. We followed the original base, but there were parts that were suitable for our shop and parts that were slightly different from the dimensions we wanted to propose, so we carefully patterned the products developed by CATHEDRAL. was recreated. To put it simply, I used the roundness of the shoulders, the opening of the neck, and the thinness of the sleeves. On the contrary, the big change was the width of the body. The width of the body was very wide, but it is narrowed. However, it became very difficult to change the width of the body while taking advantage of the roundness of the shoulders (a technique called shirring) and still leave a thin arm. Even if you just change a part of the pattern of the clothes, it will affect other parts, so it was difficult, and this time it was a large-scale construction. smile However, when you wear it, it fits well, and it's hard to feel anything unusual, but (in a good way, that's what I'm aiming for.) It's not a flat cut-and-sew, but a very three-dimensional finish. I think that you will be convinced when you get it in your hand, even if it is just the shape. this. Height 167 cm, weight 53 kg and S size. The arms are thin, so the fabric collects a little on the sleeves, but I don't think it's a bad way to collect. beside. I think that you can understand that the arm is thin compared to the width of the body. back. It looks decent. If you spread your arms like this, you can see the thinness of the arms compared to the width of the body. However, even though the arm circumference is thin, it's not too much of a stretch. Also, as a proof that the shoulders are shirred (rounded ones), when you raise your arms, you can see the floating fabric on the top of the shoulder line. This leads to a beautiful shoulder line when standing. It's not overt. Also, there are 3 sizes, S, M, and L, but if you are considering it, please refer to the size dimensions below. Shoulder width: 45.6cm Width: 50.5cm Length: 68.9cm Hem width: 53.5cm Sleeve length: 64cm Cuff width: 9.5cm Shoulder width: 46.2cm Width: 52cm Length: 69.9cm Hem width: 55.5cm Sleeve length: 65cm Cuff width: 10cm Shoulder width: 46.8cm Width: 53.5cm Length: 70.9cm Hem width: 57.5cm Sleeve length: 66cm Cuff width: 10.5cm Please refer to this. It's getting warmer for the season, and I don't think it's bad to look like this. Also, it is important to note that the "shape" of this wearing photo is this... This is the color of the cotton on the front. It's confusing, but I wonder if the tone will be a little brighter. Think clean gray. And the price is ¥19,000-(+tax). For those who have ordered, we are planning to give it to you around mid-may. Please understand that it takes time. We promise high quality for that amount. Also, as we announced, from the 13th (Sat), we will be accepting orders only at the store. From 13:00 on the 14th (Sunday), we will start accepting orders not only at the store, but also at our online store and CATHEDRAL's online store at the same time. However, when I write this, it feels like there are a lot of numbers, but that's not the case, so I'll end it as soon as I reach the planned limited number. Also, Mr. Sekine, who produces OPUS JAPAN for CATHEDRAL, will be at the store on the 13th (Sat). As always, we will be open for business in store while taking proper measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We apologize for the inconvenience, but let's all take care of ourselves. Please stay tuned.
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