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The other day, CATHEDRAL's initiative with OPUS JAPAN. I think many people know CATHEDRAL, but the selection of the shop is also sharp, and it is clear that it has a considerable bias when it comes to producing clothes in-house. And Mr. Sekine is in charge of the production of OPUS JAPAN. We produce clothes for a brand in Italy, and we are making full use of that know-how in Japan. Mr. Sekine can do anything from leather jackets to underwear. It was a few years ago that I met Mr. Sekine for the first time. Since then, we have been in contact with each other on a number of occasions, and there have been many twists and turns, such as making various proposals, being rejected, and receiving proposals. silk. this. Among fibers, for example, cotton can be likened to "shiny and smooth like silk", but cotton has the characteristics of cotton, and silk has the characteristics of silk. If you look at it like this, you can see the fineness and brilliance of each fiber, and it looks very smooth to the eye, giving you a premonition of an outstanding texture. What's more, it's "silk spun" silk, so it's special. I think that sharp people can understand, but this is a knitted fabric. However, MOTHER HAND artisan's silk spun 100 knit, which we announced earlier, was entirely made of silk. This silk spun two-ply yarn (it is strong because it is two-ply yarn). Knitted silk. placed in the best position. here. yes. back. Silk lining. In other words, the part that touches the skin is all silk. By the way, table. The table is all cotton. yes. Those who know CATHEDRAL may know. this. Double face long T in silk and cotton. this. I really wanted to handle it. I wanted to deliver it to everyone. In addition, autumn and winter are sweaters. For me, who used to wear shirts only in spring and summer, I needed something other than shirts. That's why I wanted to wear it. For this spring/summer season, I had MOTHER HAND artisan's silk spun knit (sold out), but other than that, I need clothes that look ordinary at first glance, but have originality and high-level specifications. was. So this. another thing, I think everyone bought them last summer. Uniqlo front cotton, back AIRism T-shirt. That's amazing. At first glance, the shape looks fine. All the customers who came to the store said they bought it, so I thought I should try it on if everyone was saying so. last summer. It's partly because I don't wear anything made of synthetic fibers on a daily basis, but the moment I put it on, I felt a chemical coldness. Also, the sensation of forcing my skin to cool down was amazing. It made me feel really uncomfortable, and when I washed it, it was THE END. It's not that I can't wear it, but I didn't feel the affinity of the sewing part with the fabric at all, and I recognized it as "clothing" rather than "clothes". However, I thought that the direction they were looking at was very good, and an employee of a clothing store in Okayama Prefecture became interested in a world-wide mega-company. That's why I was subconsciously looking for something like this. When you wear it, it looks like a cotton heather gray long T-cut and sew. However, the surface that touches the skin is all silk. Such that. OPUS JAPAN Partnership with CASANOVA&Co. SILK / COTTON DOUBLE FACE LONG T-SHIRTS size_S,M,L *This is a sample, so the gray tone will be a little brighter. CATHEDRAL has sold this long T-shirt several times. As I said earlier, when I first saw the fabric, I knew I wanted to handle it. A long-sleeved gray cut-and-sew that doesn't look anything out of the ordinary. However, the wearer is overflowing with merits that are unbearable. I think it's easy to imagine, but it's a super spec that realizes an unbelievable feeling on the skin and always natural, gentle, and optimal conditions (best balance of temperature and humidity) according to the time. When you go out in the morning, you can pick it up without thinking about anything, and when you wear it, it will always support your day with a paradise feel and comfort. It's made with this kind of material, so after all, when you wear it, it's completely different from other gray long T-shirts. *Produced in this color. So, This Ron T, It was this color of this fabric that was first sold at CATHEDRAL. Strongest fabric, no color complaints. However, I wanted to change the form a little for CASANOVA&Co. When I think about the customers I talk to on a daily basis, this form is not the same, it's going to be a pretty detailed story, but there was a part I wanted to change. That's why, while keeping the same fabric and color, I changed the pattern and details, and added another process to the finish of the fabric. Originally, it's unusual for a cut-and-sew, and the shoulders are set to be very rounded. Therefore, I think that the outline of the arm from the shoulder will stand out very much, which is rare in this type of cut sew. So, this time, while following such a CATHEDRAL pattern, I reassembled the shape in three dimensions. To be more specific, I asked Mr. Sekine to specify each dimension in detail between 5 mm and 5 cm while drawing a picture. That's why I think it's become quite excellent as a form of clothes. Three-dimensional modeling that cannot be imagined from the surface of the authentic gray melange. Sekine-san has published a blog on CATHEDRAL's online page about silk thread shops, knitting, and sewing, so if you look at it, I think you'll understand a lot. Also, as I announced in my previous blog, this long T-shirt is currently in the process of making the fabric. So I can't give it to you right away, so I'm going to take an order format. We are planning two days, starting on the 13th (Sat) at the store, and starting on the 14th (Sun) at the store and online store at the same time. However, as I said earlier, we are still in the process of making fabrics, so we have decided on the number of garments we can produce this time. We are planning to do it over two days, but please understand that on the 14th it may end as soon as it reaches the limited due to the fabrics we have prepared. Also, we are planning to be able to give it to those who have ordered it around the middle of may. It will take some time, but I think you will be able to use it as soon as it arrives. Oh yeah, this cut-and-sew can be washed at home. Mr. Sekine said that it is safe to put it in the laundry net, and that it is recommended to wash it with the front side as far as possible without turning it inside out. That's why I've washed it about 20 times, no, more than that, and I haven't had any problems with its durability, and I haven't noticed any shrinkage (it seems that the length can shrink by about 1cm). I think you will find it very useful. this. Well, there are many long gray T-shirts that exist in the world, but I think it's very meaningful to be able to deliver such clothes to everyone through "shops". One of several accounts of Kathedral on Instagram, Mr. Utsumi, who works at a shop in Ginza, gave it to us at cathedral_online, but when the circle of shops facing the same direction like this expands, the landscape of the "world of clothes" will change. I think it might be. Japan is the world's largest fashion market. However, "shops" who are in the position of dealing with clothes, and even more inside the industry, even "distributors" who wholesale to the retailers are subject to the question of whether they will sell or not. I often do it alone. Of course there are many people who don't. Unfortunately, the situation of select shops is bad now. clothes criteria. There are so many people who doubt that they can no longer be called clothing professionals. That's why most people in the industry don't have clear judgment criteria for clothes, so whether the clothes will sell or not will become the number one priority. ” will not be born. Most do now. I think the best way to think about what a dress should be is whether you want people to buy it or wear it. Sales and profits are necessary, but they are not the top priority. Originally, work should be done "to be useful to someone" and "to be useful to society". It's obvious. The order is reversed in Japan, the world's largest fashion market. That's why we want to continue doing it as people who don't, as a clothing store. I really think so. Working with CATHEDRAL this time is also one of the opportunities to give shape to what I'm always thinking about. Well, I wrote a lot, but please look forward to this Ron T. I'll let you know again.
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