The DAN TOMIMATSU ORDER EXHIBITION that we have been announcing the other day. Today is a continuation of yesterday. Also, let me introduce you. Today, I would like to introduce you to the ones you order, rather than the ones you can buy right away. And yesterday, we talked mainly about "UNBOUND" and "ENLINK", but today we're talking about "DISSOLVE". "DISSOLVE" "Things standing on the boundary between humans and nature" "Crafts" beyond jewelry. This jewelry collection is made using the unique technique "DISSOLVE" developed by DAN TOMIMATSU. "DISSOLVE" = "dissolve" A long time ago, at that time, an ornament thought to be made of pure gold. If it is buried in the ground for a long, long time, thousands of years, which is unimaginable in a human lifetime, other substances contained in minute amounts will "melt out" and eventually "disappear". It seems that the phenomenon is happening. As a result of this phenomenon of "melting out and disappearing", unique undulations and complex cavities are created not only on the surface of gold but also on the inside. The texture of this "gold", which is created over a long period of time by the power of nature, which is far beyond human power, is gold that was once "processed" by human hands as an ornament. However, it also has an "organic" texture that gold had when it was still a natural product. Mr. Dan Tomimatsu of DAN TOMIMATSU, who focused on such a phenomenon, developed the world's only "craft technique" with the world-class craftsmen who are proud of Japan. "DISSOLVE" produced. The quintessence of DAN TOMIMATSU, with the unique texture and shape of ancient ornaments excavated over thousands of years, by "intentionally" creating an environment where the phenomenon of the disappearance of other materials from gold occurs. It is a collection that you can experience. It is the only jewelry in the universe that transcends natural phenomena, endless time, and beyond human beings. "DISSOLVE" combines elements of both modernity and universality, geometricity and organicity. This jewelery collection will be tremendously unique. The production process is done by hand up to a "certain" level. And the "melting process". Through many years of research, this environment is artificially created, but before that, humans can do it. Even with DAN TOMIMATSU's world-class craftsmen, even the process. Gold was originally organic. Even with the process developed by DAN TOMIMATSU, the "individual" that actually meets the brand's standards and can be handed over to the customer is not all that has been put into production. natural and artificial. This is how the "DISSOLVE" collection, which has the concept of "things standing on the boundary between nature and people", is born. Originally, Mr. Dan Tomimatsu of DAN TOMIMATSU focused on gold. Even in the brand's collection, when it first appeared, it was a K18-only series. However, SILVER 925 is necessary for jewelry. The appearance of SILVER 925 is several years behind the development of K18. It took longer than gold. That's because K18 and SILVER 925 have different "melting points". DISSOLVE is based on K18 or SILVER 925, mixed with other metals, and melted to create natural phenomena intentionally. The melting temperature of the metals to be mixed with SILVER 925 is close to each other, which made it even more difficult. However, at our store, K18 and SILVER 925 have different base metal prices, so we have only sold SILVER 925 so far. However, this time also K18. It's the first time I've ever sorted it at our store. A memorable first time. We have prepared it so that customers who come to our store can actually see and learn about this spectacular world. After all, it is a special power. "DISSOLVE". The aura that exists in another world from the "fiber" of the clothes that we deal with on a daily basis. different flow times. The drifting air is different. This is whether you can meet in life or not. I think most people in the world have never seen such a "world". But this time, please experience it. The photo is also in DISSOLVE, "SIGNET RING" "RECTANGULAR RING" "QUADRUM RING" becomes. And this time, in addition to the DISSOLVE gold, there is something you can see for the first time. "MARBLE RING" "MARBLE RING". This is K18 YELLOW GOLD and K18 WHITE GOLD mixed like a marble. As for this, of course, it can be used as everyday jewelry, but this is how two types of precious metals with different colors are mixed to form a ring. I think this kind of thing is very suitable as a "wedding ring". This is very attractive. The range of ages of the customers who come to our store is very wide, but there are also people who are just at a turning point in their lives. For those people, I think it's good to have them take a look. Two widths are available: 2mm and 3mm, which can be permanently attached to the fingertip. Because it can be finished with the quality of DAN TOMIMATSU. I think it's very suitable as an important order jewelry for couples. As with other series, you can choose Rude (matte) finish or Polish finish. Left is Rude. Right is Polished. and, "ENLINK" that we announced yesterday. A series wrapped in gold thread. This is usually based on SILVER 925 and is partially developed, but this time it's crazy. Hand-wound K18 thread is also available. A gold thread that can be seen from the K18 base. Overwhelming luxury with exquisiteness and delicacy coexisting. Even thin ones are a masterpiece. I think that you can feel the power that is very powerful and that can only be found here. And here is a SILVER 925 type bangle. Normally, we carry a wide width of this gold thread, and you can also see it this time, but the narrow width type has a more gold thread. In the photo, SILVER 925 has a Polished finish, but you can also finish this base with a Natural matte finish. SILVER 925 that changes as you continue to use it. Along with this, the contrast between the two also changes. Enjoy that look. You can also choose from 3 sizes. And here. Rubber Band series from the "UNBOUND" collection. Normally, we handle SILVER 925 and K10 PINK GOLD, but this time we will also have samples of K18 YELLOW GOLD during the period. Although it is a rubber band formed with delicate lines, when it comes to K18, its thin shape emits a strong shine. It emits a different aura from SILVER 925. At our shop, we have never made a Rubber Band Bracelet using K18 YELLOW GOLD, either in-store or by order. So I think it's going to be very special. Especially when it comes to bracelets, if you already have a SILVER 925 bracelet, the K18 YELLOW GOLD stacking is the best match. K18 YELLOW GOLD. It's a privilege at an order event like this. During the 9-day period starting from the 2nd (Saturday), there are quite a few variations, so please take a look. Also, on the first day, there will be a special guest. Especially for me. This is the second time you have visited our storefront, and on the first day, Mr. Shiiki will be at the storefront all day. My encounter with Shiiki was dramatic. I think there are customers who have already talked about this. smile CASANOVA&CO today might not have become what it is without meeting Mr. Shiiki five or six years ago. But maybe it was necessary. smile Considering my roots with Mr. Shiiki. So, the first day is super hot. He's been on the cutting edge of world fashion for many years. We have many designers come to our store for events, but Mr. Shiiki is on another level. So if you can come to the first day, please look forward to it. We are looking forward to seeing all of you during the period.
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