OLDE HOMESTEADER "SUVIN Special Spinning" Clothes Ver.

Today, let me introduce the OLDE HOMESTEADER's crazy stuff. OLDE HOMESTEADER's "Suvin special spinning" socks that I introduced the other day. It is clothes using thread that is "specially spun" based on the Suvin cotton. Finally, the time has come to introduce this outfit. In this blog, I can't tell you the spinning method, so I'm really fidgeting. I want to say I want to say. I want you all to know that. I feel like my hands are going to type on their own, but I'll endure it. It was created by Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER. I'm sure it's made in a way that no one else is doing. There are so many benefits from that. Also, yes. I was wondering if I should write this here, but maybe from around 14:00 on the 19th (Friday) this week? Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER will be at the shop. Well, due to Mr. Fukuhara's circumstances, it's a weekday, mysteriously called Friday. Of course, they have visited CASANOVA&CO before. It was for a meeting. But this time, he will be at the store during business hours. I think. So if it's convenient for you, it might be a good idea to come. I think that Mr. Fukuhara himself will be able to feel the magnificence of what Mr. Fukuhara creates, including OLDE HOMESTEADER, which is filled with Mr. Fukuhara's "soul". Also, IRENISA's LIMITED STORE, which was the 5th time since their debut until yesterday, has ended, so we are starting today. Clothes from OLDE HOMESTEADER's "Suvin special spinning" series. This is super, super, super badass. I believe that those who have already purchased socks using the same thread will experience the extraordinary quality of the socks, but when it comes to clothes, the benefits are tremendous. Let me introduce it. It is a series named "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY". OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Y Neck Long Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_ECRU size_40,42,44,46 OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Y Neck Long Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_40,42,44,46 First, this. As mentioned earlier, the material is based on suvin cotton and is blended with colored cotton that was originally colored. Well, like socks, I don't want to say anything about using Suvin, but the most important thing is to use the raw material, do a "special" spinning, and use it as yarn. Also, the socks I introduced earlier were rather firm and comfortable to wear, but this is completely different. Clothes made from Suvin cotton have an image of being smooth, glossy, and soft, don't you think? Non non non. Isn't that what this is? I'm no longer interested in Suvin cotton fabrics, which have visible results such as how they are worn and how comfortable they are. We will deliver a new world that everyone in the world has never experienced before. Well, it's said that absolutes don't exist in the world, but since Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER created this from scratch, the same thing doesn't exist, so I think it's okay to assert. I'm thinking So, first of all, as the name suggests, this one has an unusual shape with a Y-shaped neck. Curiosities. Ah? smile This fabric is ultra comfortable even in this season. But it's not just the hot weather right now. Well, I've only recently started wearing this, so I haven't experienced it in seasons other than summer, but Mr. Fukuhara says it's most suitable for summer. However, it seems that he aimed for something that can be worn continuously in other seasons. Let me tell you about the characteristics of the fabric. As far as I can tell. smile Here is a picture of the table. As I have said many times, the threads that make up this garment are all specially spun based on Suvin cotton. knitting it The organization of the table is "Tenjiku weaving". The so-called cut-and-sew is a common type of knitted fabric. However, the texture of the knitted fabric is called "dotoku", but the texture is loosely woven. In other words, "sweetness". Have you ever seen "doama"? The texture of the knitted fabric is not so tightly packed, and the image is that it is woven a little loosely. By the way, the opposite of "dozen" is "dozen". It is said that the one that weaves tightly and densely. In other words, the "Tenjiku structure" on the front is made soft and sweet. for,,, Behind this. Behind the scenes, the organization is different. Normally, if the front side is knitted with tenjiku, the knitted fabric on the back side is woven in the horizontal direction. But this is different. The back side is "Kanoko". yes. It's a knitted fabric with an image of a polo shirt. In other words, "double organization". The table is a sweet tenjiku weave. Kanoko knitting on the back. Kanoko's polo shirts give the impression that they don't stretch too much, do they? That's the big advantage of this dress. The firmness of the kanoko weave fabric supports the soft texture of the cotton sheeting fabric. So it's very strong. In addition, Kanoko has a strong uneven surface, so when you wear it, the contact area with your skin is small. It's breathable and doesn't stick to your skin. What's more, it's all made up of "specially spun" specialty yarns. This is super crazy. The surface is a dense structure, though. You can see from the front that the Kanoko organization supports it from the back. So, if you look closely at this fabric, I don't think you can tell what kind of organization it is. It looks like a very strange fabric. By the way, the black color is a dark tone, so I don't think it's transparent. However, ECRU's non-dyed products may feel transparent to some people when new. However, like all OLDE HOMESTEADER products, this series assumes that you wash your clothes before wearing them. After washing, the texture of the fabric will become firmer, and I don't think it will bother you at all. This fabric is different from ordinary cotton knits, so I think it would be nice if you could see it as a new genre of clothes. Actually, this series was scheduled to start in March or April of this year. But Mr. Fukuhara was trying too hard, so the start was later than planned. Then, on the contrary, it became a fairly realistic time. Until now, I've mostly spent my time wearing long-sleeved shirts even in the summer. For that reason, I asked OLDE HOMESTEADER to make a sleeveless shirt called SLEEVELESS SHIRT as an inner shirt. But I wanted to spend the summer in something that would blow me away, not just the shirt. That's why when I completed this unprecedented piece of clothing, I wanted everyone to see it as an alternative to shirts. So, for me, this series is almost like wearing a shirt. I think. The way it feels on the skin and the comfort of wearing it is completely different. I absolutely do not want to wear clothes that interfere with my thinking. That's why I want to wear something that doesn't have any "negative elements". And this OLDE HOMESTEADER series is perfect. As long as you are comfortable wearing it. Well, I think that each person has their own tastes in terms of color, shape, and appearance, so I can't say anything. However, when we set aside appearances, Everyone who picks up this is undoubtedly inexperienced in their lives so far, and yet it boasts a comfort that will impress and inspire. Also in this price zone. The "SUVIN Special Spinning Series" makes amazing clothes. Including the price. Y Neck's neck is made by folding this fabric into a double layer and snuggling up to your neck. And the neck is getting stronger. The rib of the hem is long. This rib also uses the same thread as the body. Mr. Fukuhara also researched the tension of the ribs, and designed it aiming for the best position that does not tighten too much but holds it properly. The sleeves also have ribs, but it's the same. This rib is also folded and double. Double sleeves. Behind this. Sewing is all "cotton thread" sewing. Cotton thread, not synthetic fiber thread like polyester. For that reason, please give it water once before wearing it. Both the fabric and the sewing thread are in a state of tension when they are brand new. Soak it in water, inflate it, and let it relax. The overall elasticity is completely different from a brand new product that has not been washed with water. Your level will improve dramatically. back of sleeve. No matter how you look at it, the seams on the back are also flat. And it stretches properly. It's stress free and very well done. ECRU is undyed, but BLACK is "yarn-dyed" just like socks. It's not just black thread, it's got multiple colored threads, so it's actually super handsome black. A complex and beautiful fabric. OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Cardigan material_COTTON 100% color_ECRU size_40,42,44,46 OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Cardigan material_COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_40,42,44,46 And next is this. Cardigan. Basically, it's the same as Y Neck. It feels like it has become a cardigan type. As with previous OLDE HOMESTEADER products, the shoulders are almost straight at first. As it is washed and worn repeatedly, the natural roundness of the shoulders of the owner is formed. Don't forget this buttonhole with this cardigan. It has nothing to do with styling or coordination, but this buttonhole is super cool. First, the shape. "Teardrop type". And yet, the width of the stitches around this hole is narrow. This is something that cannot be done with a normal buttonhole sewing machine today. As far as I know, only some clothes from COMOLI and OLDE HOMESTEADER. "Modified Buttonhole Sewing Machine". The narrow width of the buttonhole stitch is super cool. This alone will greatly improve the old mood. Furthermore, it's not just that the width of the darning is narrow. "After female" specification. "post-female". A buttonhole is a "hole" in the fabric, isn't it? To open the "hole", the "scalpel" is to open the hole itself. Depending on whether the "female" goes "before" or "after" the stitching, the appearance of the buttonhole will be completely different. I like "later female" clothes that are casual or have an aged mood. I think clothes with beautiful nuances should be "first female". Well, I prefer "later female". "Post-knife" means that the buttonhole is stitched first, and then the knife is cut. "Sakikushi" means that a scalpel is inserted first to make a notch in the fabric, and then the surroundings are stitched. With the back knife, the fabric itself touches the button more than the overlock stitches, so the buttonhole is stronger. However, the amount of thread blowing out from the buttonhole increases. However, I think that old clothes, especially vintage jeans, were all "after-female". At the denim sewing factory where I used to work, the more elaborate the brand was, the more instructions were given for the "post-female" specification. That's why, other than dresses, when creating clothes with an old-fashioned mood, I think "after female" is appropriate. It might be interesting to see what happens to the buttonholes on your clothes. Cardigan buttons are shell buttons. Quite glossy. The combination of that luster and the old buttonhole with cotton thread is really cool. this. The cardigan has a pocket, but the direction of the pocket opening is changed and the fabric is folded back to make it double, so that the pocket opening does not stretch too far. feel safe. Of course, the back is also sewn with cotton thread. Cardigan BLACK. OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Crew Neck Long Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_ECRU size_40,42,44,46 OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Crew Neck Long Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_40,42,44,46 This is a crew neck type. The fabric and specifications are basically the same as those introduced so far. OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Crew Neck Short Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_ECRU size_40,42,44,46 OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON JERSEY" Crew Neck Long Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_40,42,44,46 A short sleeve version is also available. OLDE HOMESTEADER neck shape from an old sweatshirt. The cuffs of the short sleeves have ribs. But I don't think it will dig into your arm. An image that will help you. As for short-sleeves, if you can wear them on their own, it's fine, but some people may be concerned about the sudden see-through feeling of a normal T-shirt. If it's black, it's not see-through, but in my initial image, it felt like wearing it over OLDE HOMESTEADER's sleeveless, tank top, and thin innerwear. Still, I think it's super comfortable this time of year. Well, not only this crew neck type short sleeve, but also Y Neck type and cardigan, the best thing is to wear it over sleeveless. With Y Neck, you can see a little sleeveless neck from the neck. The way it looks, it's super nice. In the series I've introduced so far, I wear the Y Neck ECRU over the sleeveless ECRU. That's what I wanted to do. And the pants are Araki Yuu's Knickerbockers. It's the same today. By the way, I'm 167cm tall and recently lost weight to 51kg, so I'm a size 40. It is spacious enough. Sleeve length is correct. I've been losing weight little by little since I turned 30, so I wonder if it's okay. smile I'm drinking too. Should I drink more? smile So, size 40 is S size, 42 is M size, 44 is L size, and 46 is XL size. By washing it once from a new state, the sleeve length is about 3 cm, the length is about 2 cm, and the shoulder width is about the same. Rather than stretching, it gives the impression that the tension in the fabric has been relaxed. And there is more. But this is the end. OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON RIB" Mock Neck Short Sleeve material_COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_42,44,46 this. I'm using "Suvin Special Spun" yarn, but the knitting fabric is so different. "Full rib". At first, I was planning to handle only the series I introduced earlier. And I was looking forward to wearing Y Neck. So, just recently, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Fukuhara in Tokyo. At that time, Mr. Fukuhara said, "Please try wearing this." That's it. The series I introduced earlier had already arrived at the store, and I thought that this full ribbed product wouldn't be able to win against that series, which has a cotton sheeting front and a kanoko back. So, I tried wearing it honestly. "Agony". It was amazing, both inside and outside. you're kidding. this. I thought. I've worn ribbed clothes many times before, and it feels thick to the touch because it's ribbed. However, when you wear it, it feels like you're not wearing it. And even though it's thick, it doesn't feel hot, and the wind passes through it, making my body feel very comfortable. It is common to all the OLDE HOMESTEADER series introduced this time, but I already felt the limit of 100% cotton "knitted fabric". Arbitrarily. I thought I already knew the ceiling. Especially when it comes to 100% cotton T-shirts, I don't think there's anything better than what I know so far. Then it was right in front of me. Super impressed. I can't take it off anymore. That's why I hurriedly told Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER, "Give me all the inventory" of this black mock neck. However, I was wearing a size 42 at that time, and I liked the balance, so I left the size 40, which is one size lower, assuming size 42 as S, size 44 as M, and size 46 as L. I made it It looks heavy, but the feeling of wearing is incredible. Of course, the back is also sewn with cotton thread. table. back. We hope that you can choose the model that suits your taste in this "Suvin Tokushu Spinning" series. The front is tenjiku and the back is a knitted fabric that no one has ever tried before, and the rib mock neck is very suitable for washing and using it over and over. The fabric does not sag, it maintains its shape moderately, and it is clothes that suit the owner more and more. I don't know any other brand that can deliver this excitement at this price. Be stunned. The way of thinking about cut-and-sew changes.
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