Cut and sewn by OLDE HOMESTEADER

Today, I will introduce the OLDE HOMESTEADER cut and sew. This will start from the first sale on January 2nd of the new year.

Last year (2022) started with a shirt using DJA 330/4 thread with The CLASIK, but this time, I just did a large-scale project with Yamauchi the other day, and the new season There aren't many deliveries, so the sales that I've only had for a limited time during the year are the main focus. And although there aren't many new lineups, Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER was making a good one, so I saved it at this time.

So, it will be released at the start of the new year. Among the OLDE HOMESTEADER, this is a cut and sewn series that has never been seen before.


material_COTTON 100%
color _ ECRU × NAVY size _ 38,40,42,44

OLDE HOMESTEADER "INTERKNIT RIB" MOCK NECK LONG SLEEVE material _ COTTON 100% color _ ECRU × NAVY size _ 38,40,42,44 This. This cutsew. The biggest feature is

this. It's this fabric. The mix rate is 100% cotton. However, it is a cut and sew made of two types of cotton with different properties. And the coloring is the color "ECRU x NAVY". The color "ECRU" and the color "NAVY". They are two different types of cotton.

This is very important in understanding this cut-and-sew. It is different from the cut and sew of OLDE HOMESTEADER so far. But, well, I'm not saying which one is better or worse. matter of taste. However, when I was introduced to Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER after creating a series using this fabric, I instantly fell in love. It was an impressive OLDE HOMESTEADER since "SUVIN Tokushu Spinning" which is being developed around summer.

As mentioned earlier, this knitted fabric has a different atmosphere from the OLDE HOMESTEADER fabrics that we have been developing in our shop. Due to the difference in yarn usage and knitting machine, it is a different genre from the old OLDE HOMESTEADER cut and sew. To make it easier to understand, the henley neck and mock neck cut and sew that we have been handling in our store so far had a certain thickness, but this time it is thicker. It's not as good as the one with the double thread. The brand has two color variations, but I thought that this fabric, "ECRU x NAVY", which I dealt with this time, was something I had never seen before in a cut and sewn item. That's why it's only available in that one color.

The appearance of this shade of this fabric is not cut and sewn. Shadows in natural light. For example, this is just like the way light is emitted from a pure white ultra-luxury shirting fabric. I think so I still remember the first time I saw this fabric. I think that the shadows of the knitted fabric appear only with the color "ECRU × NAVY" and the two types of yarn. Choikal.

In terms of knitted fabric, it is classified as "milling knitting". Well, it would be nice if you could think of it as a knitted fabric that is a little thicker.

The cut-and-sew that we have mainly handled at our store so far is called "double-sided knitting (smooth knitting)". The nature of the knitting machine is different. I think they're pretty similar. However, this fabric stretches more strongly due to the characteristics of the knitted fabric. And the important thread. "ECRU" = Undyed Supima Cotton "NAVY" = Supima Noil Cotton Recently, Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER has been working on combining and blending not only the same type of cotton, but also different types of cotton thread. , It seems that various methods are being pursued.

And that's how Tamamono was born. "ECRU" = Undyed Supima cotton comes to the front and the back that touches the skin directly. "NAVY" = Supimanoil is peeking from the back of "ECRU (undyed)". Also, there is something called "fallen cotton", and the thread itself has a simple unevenness. That's why the NAVY cotton thread seen from the back is not uniform.

What's more, the thickness of the thread itself is different between "ECRU", "NAVY", and "single thread". In addition, the texture is not just "smooth". Of course, the most exposed "ECRU" cotton is undyed, so the texture of Supima is maximized. So, well, well, it's pretty smooth. However, the "NAVY" supimanoil thread peeking out from under it is working very well. I think it's a rather unusual role. It's the first time I've come across something like this. It feels like a fairly dense fabric of "worsted wool". Very unique.

The table is unstained. From the back, navy with unevenness. And because the fabric stretches strongly, the uneven navy color comes out strongly and clearly according to the movement. That's how it is,,, Fashionable. Well, try it on and see for yourself.

There are 2 types of shapes. Henry neck and mock neck.

For Henley neck, the front button part is switched to plain weave undyed fabric. The seams are also fairly flat. The button is a cat eye shell button as usual.

Like the double-sided knitted fabric that we have handled so far, the front and back sides of the milling knitting this time are the same.

As usual, the shoulders are almost straight at first.

There are two types of flat seams, one with the same material on the front and back, and the other with different materials on the front and back. The back that touches the skin is all "cotton thread". The material of the sewing thread is different depending on the place, which is a specification unique to OLDE HOMESTEADER. The benefits of this seam design can also be felt as you wear it.

And here is the mock neck. The mock neck is also finished with the right sewing specifications, just like Henry. Even if you keep wearing it and wash it numerous times, it will not stretch or sag. So I can keep using it. The fabric feels good too.

Mock neck and Henley neck. The sizing does not change. It's a variation in 4 sizes, but I'm 167 cm, 52 kg and the smallest 38. There is plenty of space.

I think that this time's cut-and-sew will make you feel the volume of the fabric itself, so I think it's harder to pick up the body line than the previous ones. Well, whether it's a Henley or a mock neck, I'll leave the size up to you. It's obvious. Up until now, I've chosen a mock neck, but recently I've just finished a Ferreira mohair jacket with Yamauchi. I chose the henley neck one. Well, I don't care.

The shape of the OLDE HOMESTEADER cut-and-sew this time is not sophisticated, but I think the fabric is very fashionable. The fabric is so fashionable like never before. Also, when you wear it, please wear it after passing it through the water once as before. As I wrote earlier, it will be on sale from January 2nd in the new year.

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