This is the first series to be handled at our store. OLDE HOMESTEADER sweatshirt. Something called EXTRA COTTON FLEECE. This is an amazing sweatshirt. Change the way you perceive sweat. Or rather, I have changed. come across this. For myself, I mainly wear knitwear in the fall and winter, and in the spring and summer I only wear shirts, so I rarely wear sweatwear. Rather, even if I was able to meet clothes that satisfied me with knitwear and shirts, I couldn't really meet with sweatshirts that made my heart tremble. Due to its nature, it is 100% cotton, and if you can feel the cotton fiber, it is not a sweatshirt, but a shirt. Well, even though it's something that can be genuinely moved, I haven't been able to meet it. until now. However, the time has finally come. OLDE HOMESTEADER has an absolute position as a necessity in our shop. It was created by Mr. Fukuhara. The other day, the OLDE HOMESTEADER side posted on Instagram, and I posted it in the form of reposting it. I think that wearing OLDE HOMESTEADER is "wearing Mr. Fukuhara". By the way, Mr. Fukuhara runs OLDE HOMESTEADER. "Wearing Mr. Fukuhara" means What do you mean, I think it is an absolute requirement that the clothes that I want reflect the personality of the person who creates and plans them from a deep-seated place, and that they are something that can only be produced by that person. Simply put, it leads to "originality", and I don't get excited about copies that I've seen somewhere. Put simply. After all, original clothes have a lot of things that I find very attractive. However, it is a tremendously difficult process to create such original clothes and things. I know that too. That's why I believe that what I feel is "original" is the result of a huge amount of time, mind and hands, and endless confrontation until it's completed. And the OLDE HOMESTEADER sweatshirt called EXTRA COTTON FLEECE that I will introduce today. This is not a sweatshirt. Sweat though. I think people who wear sweatshirts on a regular basis will find it easy to compare them with what they have on hand, and even those who don't tend to feel like Bingbing. That's how much Mr. Fukuhara is facing each other and making it seriously. It's a sweatshirt when you put it on, so it looks very simple, but it doesn't change negatively even if you wear it on a daily basis and wash it repeatedly. This is great. OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON FLEECE" CREW NECK LONG SLEEVE material_COTTON 100% color_OATMEAL size_38,40,42,44 OLDE HOMESTEADER "EXTRA COTTON FLEECE" CREW NECK LONG SLEEVE material_COTTON 100% color _ TOP GRAY size_38,40,42,44 This two-color crew neck. Well, there are many things that I have to keep secret here because I can't write about it on this blog because Mr. Fukuhara is making a lot of face-to-face. But it's very immersive. It's a sweatshirt made in that way. oatmeal. top grey. In general, such sweatshirts are said to be "high quality", I think that's what people call things made with old-fashioned "loop knitting machines." But this is a no loop knitting machine. The most important thing is that it's not. I do not know that. Until I met this sweatshirt. This bulge and fineness of eyes. ribs too. The grain of the bodice is vertical. The neck and size balance look old, but the reverse weave of old clothes is not the top. I have a completely different way of thinking. In addition to that, OLDE HOMESTEADER's "original design". That's why it's something that surprises and satisfies everyone. Not only the fabric, but also the sewing threads are all cotton. Sewing is cotton thread. Nowadays, most clothes are sewn with polyester spun thread, but this is different. Even if you sew normally, the thread is easy to break, so you need to be careful and skillful, and it is a sewing thread that makes you hesitate. The ribs and neck are all cotton thread. The seams are stitched across the parts at the joints. And back. The back is also sewn with cotton thread. Natural fibers, even if they are sewing threads, have a higher affinity with the skin than those that come into direct contact with the skin. However, as a result of trial and error with regard to the needle thread count and bobbin thread count to ensure durability, they were able to find the most suitable combination of thicknesses for the OLDE HOMESTEADER. Also, as you can see in the picture, this back. Very finely brushed. It's not a normal back loop. different dimension. Moreover, this will evolve even more positively as you wear it and wash it. oh yeah. If you purchase this sweatshirt, we recommend that you wash it once before wearing it. By doing so, both the state of the front and the swelling of the back will reach the starting point that OLDE HOMESTEADER aims for. Then start wearing it. And at first, because of the T-shaped standard, the movement of the arm is outstanding and easy to move. It's similar to Taiga Takahashi's denim jacket that I introduced a little bit yesterday. That's why, when wearing a new one, I think there will be unnatural wrinkles on the armpits due to excess fabric. This part doesn't look so good at first. just, After repeated wearing and washing, the wearer's shoulders can be accommodated, and at the same time, the natural roundness and wrinkles of the shoulders are eliminated. This is strange. This is unique to OLDE HOMESTEADER. If that happens, a perfect sweatshirt that combines ease of movement, fit, and appearance will be born. Put simply, Wear it yourself and complete it. That's what it means. And the best balanced state will continue for an endlessly long period of time. When it comes to sweatshirts, don't you want to feel free to repeat, repeat, and wash them? However, if you keep doing that, most of them will become dry and you won't want to wear them. However, this is nothing to worry about. In surprise. All... the important thing is... how about "loop-knitting"? Even in Japan, Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER is involved. The super special technology that person has. It's a gift. Even if it's brand new, you'll be surprised. this. I can't really introduce it specifically on the blog, but I will talk about it at the store. smile And this too. trunks. Last year, we did the same thing at the end of the year under the title of "New Year's Eve Trunks", but this year we also prepared. Broad smooth touch beige base check. Super stylish leaf print. Navy-based flannel that wraps around your crotch softly and warmly. These 3 types. The type of rubber, how to put it in, sewing specifications, perfection. "Wrapped seams" on the sides and everywhere. As a result, when you wash it, a unique puckering appears, but this is also quite beneficial for the skin. There is no complaint about the processing of the crotch. There is no discomfort caused by overlapping fabrics, and the overlapping parts are flat. I don't think you'll ever see the inside of Trunks, but look at this. smile because it's pretty well done. It's the type that repeats wearing and washing endlessly. underwear. You can fully experience the quality changes of cotton in delicate areas. Wear this to welcome the New Year. To spend a happy new year. OLDE HOMESTEADER has a lot of information that I have to hide on my blog, but it's okay to explain it at the store, so if you're interested, I'll let you know. Take a look.
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