Today, let me introduce you to the amazing OLDE HOMESTEADER. This is dangerous. Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER did something incredible. That's how "socks" were born into the world. Until now, we have asked our regular customers to pick up OLDE HOMESTEADER socks. I also wear OLDE HOMESTEADER socks every day. For the past few years, I've been wearing boots as well as leather shoes, even in the summer like now. It doesn't get stuffy, it's durable, and it's very comfortable on your feet. Well, since it's a clothing store, even though I have to stand up, I'm basically sitting down a lot, and I'm rarely able to stand straight except on Saturdays and Sundays. Still, I don't want to wear anything that interferes with my thinking, so it's important for everything to be completely painless. So, feet are very sensitive and nervous, and I think that the tiredness of the feet can be felt as the fatigue of the whole body. That's why socks are so important to me. I've always been introduced to the OLDE HOMESTEADER socks that I've been so impressed with, so I've always introduced them to customers who come to the store. I was. I was really looking forward to this. I wonder how long it's been since Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER first asked about this, but as far as I know, "The first sock that no one has done in all mankind" I think it's done. level that can be said. The material is not a loose material that is normally used for socks. And not just the material, Many brands, well, most of the world's brands, have done what they can't do. That's why it's definitely a sock that no one has ever experienced in this world. Impressed by this. And for those of you who already have OLDE HOMESTEADER socks, please feel the difference. Well, it's not at all inferior to what I've done so far. Because the difference between them is clear. There are many things about OLDE HOMESTEADER products that I can't write about in this blog, but I will introduce them. OLDE HOMESTEADER HEAVY WEIGHT SOCKS EXTRA PLAIN JERSEY material _ SUVIN COTTON 100% color _ ECRU (unstained) size_9 1/2(23.5cm?26cm),11(26.5cm?28cm) OLDE HOMESTEADER HEAVY WEIGHT SOCKS EXTRA PLAIN JERSEY material _ SUVIN COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_9 1/2(23.5cm?26cm),11(26.5cm?28cm) this. Socks made from suvin cotton. As usual, it's the undyed type ECRU, and isn't it the first time for the brand? Two colors of BLACK. Well, as for raw materials, I use suvin, I use suvin cotton. how is it? It is not great? I don't want to say that at all. Somehow, there are so many clothes that are like that kind of simple spec game, so it's not like that. I'm not from that field. Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER. Well, I don't think it's possible to use suvin cotton for socks. However, these socks are not raw materials, but how they are used. That's what stands out. For clothes, there are "original fabrics", don't you think? Fabrics only for that brand that are not distributed in the market. Of course, these socks are also "original". However, at what stage the level is "original" is outstanding. We procure suvin cotton, which is the raw material, The raw material "Original spinning". I have never heard of such a brand. The original "from the spinning". Normally, original fabrics are created by procuring threads that are available in the market, slightly changing existing threads, and weaving them independently to create original fabrics. But going back even further, I did "spinning" with a completely original. Special spinning. Not the mainstream "ring spinning". It's not "air spinning" to make Suvin a little more Japanese summer or to add a design. "Special spinning". Well, I would like to talk to people who are interested in the store, but I have never heard of such a special spinning for Suvin, and it is the first time for me. But I'm sure there will be those who get the benefits. I don't think there will ever be another pair of socks with this special spinning. Fukuhara's uniquely designed knitted fabric with tightly tightened threads. It feels harder than the touch of socks so far, but I feel a supple and soft bulge from the back. Still, it's insanely tough. I think that. Feeling worn. I can't write about the details in this blog, but you can feel that you can wear it. Should be. ECRU is composed of almost undyed cotton with a slight color blend. The texture of the knitted fabric can be seen very well because the tone is bright. The use of specially spun yarn is also characteristic, but I can't write about it on this blog, so it looks really good. Please think. And the first BLACK. It looks very handsome because it's "yarn-dyed" BLACK, which is dyed in the state of thread. I think it's a pretty cool black tone. Normally, socks need to fit snugly on the feet, so they are stretched with polyurethane rubber threads. However, OLDE HOMESTEADER socks have polyurethane rubber thread only in the rib part of the opening. That's why, if you wear socks other than these on a daily basis, you'll feel like you're not wearing them. It is comfortable enough to release your feet. This is the back. The back processing is also neat. The linking is fine, and it hits the foot directly, so it's as flat as possible without discomfort. This table. OLDE HOMESTEADER socks have such a logo on one side. We recommend that you first decide whether you have this logo on your right foot or left foot. That way, after wearing and washing, the shoes for the right foot will fit the right foot, and the shoes for the left foot will fit the left foot. Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER realized "Suvin" special spun socks. The price is a little different from the previous ones, but it's at this level, so I think it can't be helped. The material, of course, is a combination of spinning Suvin in this way. I think it's wonderful to be able to experience socks of this quality on a daily basis. If you are interested, please take a look.
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