OLDE HOMESTEADER's cut and sew that was released on January 2nd of this year's New Year. At that time, we were developing ivory mock neck and henley neck long-sleeved cut and sew, but it was already in progress at that time, and this is what we can finally show off. Today's tank top and T-shirt. Even though it's called a tank top, it's fine, but it's not in the shape of a normal tank top, and the T-shirt isn't a special order, but it's made by a brand. OLDE HOMESTEADER SLEEVELESS SHIRT color_ECRU material_COTTON 100% size_38,40,42 price_¥7,700-(tax included) this. A "sleeveless" tank top made by OLDE HOMESTEADER. "Tank top for wearing a shirt in summer" I had the theme made. I myself, of course, spend the summer in just a T-shirt, but more often than not I wear a shirt. No matter short sleeve or long sleeve. At that time, if the inner is a short-sleeved T-shirt, it will inevitably feel hot. That's why I think there's definitely an advantage to not having sleeves for summer innerwear. However, I don't like the neck opening that is unique to tank tops, so I use the Inoue Brothers tank top that I introduced the other day as an inner layer on the premise that the front of the shirt is closed. everytime. Therefore, I asked OLDE HOMESTEADER, who is always talking about various things, to make it. The brand had just completed a new fabric after many years of research, so I wanted everyone to pick it up. I had to fine tune the neck size. Well, Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER agreed with me because it was a small request, but I think it was very troublesome and I think he did a good job. But for that reason, I think I was able to create something good that doesn't exist in the world. Compared to normal tank tops, the neck is overwhelmingly higher. I wear it as an inner layer, and when I wear a shirt over it, it looks like I'm wearing a T-shirt. OLDE HOMESTEADER is basically sewn with "cotton thread" that is overwhelmingly familiar with the skin on the inside that touches the skin. However, in regards to this sleeveless, we have placed a special sewing thread of synthetic fibers on the front side so that it is more difficult to sag as much as we are attacking the neck size. That's the neck and armholes... Also the hem. As a result, clothes that come into contact with the skin most often have the ability to withstand the repeated washings that come with each time they are worn. And usually, not only tank tops and T-shirts, but most of these things have a neck that is switched with a rib or is binder treated to make it thicker, but the body is folded back and treated with a flat seamer. It has been. That's why the neck isn't thick, and it's thin and beautiful, and it's a specification that fits in mess. However, as I mentioned earlier, thanks to the combination of special synthetic thread and cotton thread, a neck that does not sag and is not twisted has been completed. And neck size adjustment is not "front only". Compared to the authentic tank top, the "back neck" is also raised higher. There is a reason why I raised this back neck. The theme of this SLEEVELESS SHIRT is something that shines as an inner layer of a shirt. This means that you must wear a shirt over it. When I wore a tank top, I always worried about not only the front but also the back. I've been wondering about the "mysterious space" in the back, which is created by the difference in neck measurements between the tank top and the shirt when wearing a shirt. lost it. I wanted to get rid of that feeling of the back neck of the tank top not reaching the neck and the back yoke of the shirt hitting the skin directly. That's why the back neck is also set to come close to the base collar of the shirt, making it a very comfortable height. Also, yes, about the important material, I have to keep the count a secret, but it's a little thicker than usual. this. and single yarn. The brand focuses on Supima cotton for its price, quality and potential of cotton products. This is also Supima cotton, but the short fibers of Supima cotton that are repelled during spinning are collected and spun into fabric. If you use it, you can create natural unevenness in the yarn and create a moderate gap in the stitches. It has the smoothness of Supima cotton, but it also has a moderate amount of roughness. As a result, the brand has created a new fabric that is ideal for innerwear in terms of moisture absorption and release. In addition, the knitting density is set considering the swelling of the yarn over time, so the knitted fabric itself is a common cotton sheeting knit, but it is familiar with general cotton sheeting knitting. And I think that you can feel the difference in supple growth. That's why I think I've completed a sleeveless shirt that you can wear comfortably in the summer. The back is slightly uneven compared to the front. And, although you can hardly feel it when you put it on, the shoulder area has a three-dimensional shape even though it is sleeveless. It's still unfamiliar when it's brand new, but if you wear it and wash it repeatedly, it will gradually transform into your specifications. So this is the sleeveless shirt I've been wearing all my life since it's been hot lately. I've probably only washed it about 15 times so far. However, the neck does not stretch at all, and although there is a slight amount of fluff, the swelling of the thread is overwhelming. It lets the wind through, and the high-quality shirt fabric is quite useful. However, this OLDE HOMESTEADER was not originally a fashion brand, but an underwear brand, so the sizing is quite tight. That's why we offer one size larger than normal sizing. I'm 167cm tall and weighing 53kg with a modest petite body and 38. Even if it was made one size up, it still felt a little tight for those who are used to the loose sizing of the upper body. I learned a lot from this. Therefore, I think that it is very good for those who even fit the size. OLDE HOMESTEADER CREW NECK SHORT SLEEVE color_ECRU material_COTTON 100% size_38,40,42 price_¥8,250-(tax included) A T-shirt using the same fabric as the previous sleeveless. This is what the brand is originally developing this season. As before, the fabric developed by the brand is very useful, and it is a T-shirt that allows the breeze to pass through in the summer. As for the image, there is an old American heavyweight thin T-shirt, isn't it? It's so windy, but it feels like the neck doesn't sag at all. As you can see in the picture, it is completely T-shaped at first. As the garment is worn and washed repeatedly, the shoulders of the wearer naturally become rounded. This is a surprise. Then, the surplus portion where there was a surplus at the beginning shrinks, and the stretched portion becomes larger. Furthermore, it is an excellent product that changes to a comfortable size that is not unreasonable until the neck is clogged. The sleeveless tank top I mentioned earlier has a rather fixed neck, but this one has more freedom to open for the wearer. The sewing is also different from the previous one. The stitching on the front and the back are all sewn with cotton thread. So are the cuffs. However, even though it is the same cotton thread, it is the best balance specification that the brand has researched by changing the thickness on the front and back. back. The fabric is suitable for summer in Japan, but the smoothness of the back is especially noteworthy. It's very comfortable to wear. this. OLDE HOMESTEADER CREW NECK SHORT SLEEVE (Twin yarn Ver) color_ECRU material_COTTON 100% size_38,40,42 price_¥9,900-(tax included) And this. This is also made by OLDE HOMESTEADER. What is this? The sleeveless shirt and T-shirt I mentioned earlier were made of the same single yarn fabric. single yarn = one yarn It was a woven fabric. This is a two-ply yarn. Two-ply yarn = two yarns are twisted together to form a single yarn. It is a T-shirt made of fabric knitted with the double yarn. The sewing specifications and sizing are the same, but the thread is changed from single thread to double thread. As a result, you don't have to worry about being see-through when you wear it, and the knitted fabric of the fabric stands out. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the two-ply yarn makes the fabric look solid, and it's not a flat T-shirt. This is the back. You can also see the texture of the cotton sheeting on the back. Because of the two-ply yarn, the diagonal movement is weakened, and there is a sense of security when wearing it. I think we've created something that's well-balanced, with just the right amount of wind. Both on this blog and in stores, when I explain clothes such as single yarn or two-ply yarn, I often say it, so I want you to see the difference and feel it. I wanted to do it, so I think you can feel a little bit of that through this. Also, this fabric is undyed and unbleached, so the color gradually fades to white after washing. I don't think natural color cotton t-shirts are that common. It has a very high level of matching with the appearance of the flat seamer. and, OLDE HOMESTEADER CREW NECK SHORT SLEEVE color_ECRU material_COTTON 100% size_38,40,42 price_¥11,550-(tax included) came out. this. special piece. Two-ply yarn alignment Ver. Pulling is to put the same thread in the place where one thread fits. In other words, if the T-shirt I introduced at the beginning was a single thread, this is an Ultra T with four threads in the same place. I was able to make a knitted fabric with a very very conspicuous texture. This is too difficult to make and the quantity is the most limited. But will the number of people be limited? smile However, it is a transcendental maniac piece. I want people who like clothes to wear it while thinking about fabrics and threads. Well, I've never heard of a T-shirt with a double thread, but surprisingly, it's surprisingly hot when you wear it. I think this is the gift of OLDE HOMESTEADER thread. It is very comfortable to wear and has a heavy feel. And the eyes of the overwhelmingly beautiful double-threaded fabric. Furthermore, when you wear this, the color will wither. I didn't think there was such a T-shirt, so I had it made. We believe that you will be able to fully experience the quality of the materials used by OLDE HOMESTEADER. this. It's quite comfortable when the air conditioning is working. Also, I think it's good because I think that women can't see through underwear when they wear it. Well, I don't think women read this blog. I think it's a T-shirt for enthusiasts, but if you like it, please take a look. Please consider sleeveless and 3 types of T-shirts according to each purpose.
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