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Yesterday, it seems that there are many people who paid their jobs on Christmas on the 25th.

Thank you for your hard work for the new year's holiday.

We are doing

I would like to inform you again, but we will be closed only on January 1st, and will be open on New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve. At this point.

Well then, today is for the Han people who worked hard this year.

Wear this on New Year's Eve.

No, even if it's not just for New Year's Eve, I think there are enough reasons to wear it.



material_ LINEN 55%, COTTON 45%





So far, we have mainly dealt with socks and detergents.


The brand is a Japanese men's underwear brand. I have been handling it based on the mindset of "for the sake of it.

Because it is very useful.

And now, the time has finally come for me to introduce myself to all of you.




material_COTTON 100%





Two types of Trunks.

Linen and cotton glen check and 100 cotton black chambray as pictured.

I myself learned about the brand for the first time and have been wearing this trunks series ever since I met Mr. Fukuhara, who is passionate about this brand.

Now we have highly elastic boxer briefs, or do we officially call them boxer briefs?

I think most people wear them.

I don't think many people wear trunks.

I'll expand on that once I find out. this.

Unexpectedly, it's a good one.

Try wearing trunks.

I think that those who love the socks that are already available in stores will be able to feel the wonderfulness of what this brand creates, but this is also dangerous.

However, if there is one thing that bothers me, I think that people who are used to wearing boxer shorts that fit snugly may feel a little loose when wearing them. Initially.

However, that's all.

After that, it is stress-free, and the more you wear and wash it, the more you will be able to experience the goodness of "fitting into your lower body".

All of them are meaningful specifications to comfortably snuggle up to the body the more you wear and wash them.

It's a traditional fit, and it's made with the motif of old American trunks from half a century ago.

A three-dimensional effect that I have never seen before in Trunks.

Trunks made with rounded buttocks, bulges and splendid patterns.

The glen check is 55% linen and 45% cotton. It's a little stiff at first, but the more you wash it, the softer the linen fitting will come out.

Against black chambray.

For those who like old clothes, it might be a familiar fabric.

This one has a softer touch from the beginning.

All parts of the body are sewn with unbleached colored thread.

A rare pitch for Trunks.

Only Kandome is a red colored thread.

And what should be noted is this ultra-thin width "rolling stitch" specification.

This is the proof of Real Trunks.

Even the rolled seams are now in the mainstream of clothes that look like that.

With such a narrow width.

I don't think even a good shirt factory can do chain stitching with such a narrow width.

Except for the winding stitches, the final stitching (single stitching on both the front and back) is used, but the right material is used in the right place.

In the case of trunks, we pursue the sewing specifications anyway.


This part of the crotch where the winding stitch and the final stitch cross over.

You've never seen Trunks with such specifications.

Or rather, I've never seen this part of Trunks before. Common ones are

Compared to OLDE HOMESTEADER's trunks, it's much simpler.

The waist rubber is also the most suitable for these trunks.

There is no excessive tightening of common rubber.

Completely original design where the rubber and fabric overlap and the front placket are precisely assembled.

We will deliver a comfortable fitting.

For those who have been able to get good clothes this year.

Because I think that pants (underwear) are often perfunctory.

The goodness of the direct material to the skin, all meaningful specifications.

Experience the highest quality of Japanese trunks.

And it may not be grand, but I hope you have a good New Year's Eve.

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