nonnotte From Saturday, March 2nd

I have some news for you today.

Nonnotte's spring/summer collection will start on Saturday, March 2nd.

Until yesterday, we were holding IRENISA's LIMITED STORE.

Next is nonnotte.

February and March are two different months, so I was thinking about them in different ways, but it turned out to be the next week. lol

As the date approached, I was surprised. lol

Well, as good as it is.

The nonnotte collection is already on sale at stores across the country, but our store took advantage of this timing.

From Saturday, March 2nd.

Also, Mr. Sugihara of nonnotte came to the store when we released "Suvin Gold Supreme" clothes in December.

This time, after about two and a half months, he will be at our store for the first time in two and a half months.

The first day, Saturday, March 2nd, will be open all day.

The next day, March 3rd (Sunday), will be from opening until around evening.

We are planning to have a store at our store.

A designer who has brought about a revolution in clothing for me since his debut as AUBETT.

Currently, the brand is called nonnotte, and I have always felt that Mr. Sugihara's clothing creations are of great value from the bottom of my heart.

Through this new season of nonnotte, those who are already familiar with Sugihara's clothes will be introduced to another level of depth.

If you are able to hold or see Ms. Sugihara's clothes from nonnotte for the first time, I hope that you will be able to experience the ``revolution'' that I myself experienced.

And this time, it's not just clothes for men.

The roots of Sugihara's clothing-making business dates back nearly 70 years to women's clothing.

Historically, that era is said to be the time when women's clothing had the most beautiful forms in the world.

Since I am a designer with clothes making in my veins, this time I have also prepared variations that women can also consider.

I would be happy if you all looked forward to visiting us.

I'll introduce you later.

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