Starting tomorrow "Suvin Gold Supreme"

As I've been telling you for a long time, starting tomorrow.

nonnotte × Kaneta Orimono × Fashion Izumi × CASANOVA&CO

Clothes made of two fabrics made from the world's best cotton material "Suvin Gold Supreme".

The store is fully prepared to welcome you with Suvin Gold Supreme.

Also, as I mentioned, tomorrow, December 16th (Saturday) and the day after tomorrow, December 17th (Sunday), Mr. Sugihara from nonnotte, Mr. Ota from Kaneta Orimono, and Mr. Mizude from Fashion Izumi will be at our store. He will do it for you.

On the second day, the 17th (Sunday), I guess it lasted until about the evening.

This is a great opportunity, and I would be very happy if you could meet all three of us.

oh yeah.

It's late, but I've already washed the twill coat "Two Sides of The Same Coat" twice, but I didn't have much time, so yesterday I finally washed the undyed plain weave pullover. , I also tried washing my pants.

I wanted to see how it looked wet in the water, so I washed it by hand.


It was amazing. . . .

The twill fabric melts in the water.

But, for the plain weave, I thought they were washing the "leather". lol

Especially the double layered trousers.

This was a no-brainer.

Because it is ultra-high density like never before, and because it is a thin thread, it absorbs water and becomes rich, and the water no longer collects between the fabrics, and the water slides on the surface, increasing the thickness.It was amazing. .

This is not 100% cotton fabric. That's what it feels like.

As I said earlier, I thought they were washing the leather.

Even more surprising is the "smell."

When clothes made of high-quality wool or animal hair are washed or soaked in water, the higher the quality, the more distinctive ``animal odor'' they emit.

That's what I felt with cotton.

"The smell of Suvin Gold Supreme."

I was so surprised by this that I immediately contacted Mr. Sugihara.

The scent of Suvin Gold Supreme, a ``cotton original''.

I felt that the blood was extremely thick, not only in the feel and appearance, but also in the smell.

This is my first experience in my life.

I think this is unique to Suvin Gold Supreme's generous amount of Two Sides of The Same Tapered Trousers, but try washing them without detergent or with unscented detergent.

Then you can feel it, faintly but definitely.

"The smell of virgin cotton."

Unfortunately, with dyed twill fabrics, you can only experience an amazing melting sensation, but if you are interested, please give it a try. lol

We are looking forward to seeing you from tomorrow!

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