Suvin Gold Supreme "4 types of clothes"

Clothes made using 100% "Suvin Gold Supreme", the world's best cotton fiber that we have announced so far.

Titled nonnotte × Kaneta Orimono × Fashion Izumi × CASANOVA&CO, it took more than two years from conception, but we are finally able to unveil it to everyone.

As previously announced, sales will begin in stores from 12:00 on Saturday, December 16th.

On the first and second days, Mr. Sugihara from nonnotte, Mr. Ota from Kaneta Orimono, and Mr. Mizuide from Fashion Izumi will be at our store.

Mr. Sugihara has been in our store many times, Mr. Ota is here for the second time, and Mr. Mizude is here for the first time, so they are people we don't get to meet on a daily basis, but they are upstream members of the clothing industry that Japan is proud of. It's all about people.

If you are planning to come, we would be happy if you could come and look forward to it.

The fabric of "Suvin Gold Supreme" that we have introduced so far.

There are two types: "plain weave" and "twill weave".

oh yeah.

This time, I was planning to take an enlarged photo of the fabric using a microscope, but due to some circumstances I was unable to do so.

However, whether you see it with the naked eye, touch it, wear it, or wash it, I believe that everyone will be able to feel the overwhelming feeling of the fabric and how wonderful it is.

Keeping the charm of Suvin Gold Supreme's material, it is an ultra-high density, undyed plain weave made of 85 count double yarn compact yarn that is not gas fired.

"Clear Heavy Broad -Suvin Gold Supreme-"

On the other hand, in order to take advantage of the softness and luster of the material, twill weave is made with sweet threads that cover the entire flat surface with a density that is barely transparent, making it hard for anyone to believe that it is made of 100% cotton.

"Drape Twill -Suvin Gold Supreme-"

I've written about a lot of things so far, so today I'll write about visuals.

4 types of clothes using 2 fabrics.

She is 167cm tall and weighs 52kg, so she wears all sizes small.

The pullover and coat are SM.

Both trousers are wearing size S.

I'll introduce them in order.

nonnotte × Kaneta Orimono × Fashion Izumi × CASANOVA&CO

<Clear Heavy Broad -Suvin Gold Supreme->

・Draping Box Pleats Turtle Pullover

material _ Suvin Gold Supreme 100%

color _ Natural

size _ SM,ML

・Two Sides of The Same Tapered Trousers

material _ Suvin Gold Supreme 100%

color _ Natural



When the arms are spread out, the angle of the front and sides of the body is clearly bent into an "L" shape, making this a super-sculpted pullover.

When you open your hands for the bag, all of the fabric follows the sleeves, creating a form that connects everything.

The length is based on my height, and the SM size is designed to be long.

Even if you tuck it in like this and keep the hem compact, the shape of this pullover will still be exactly what you want.

Do you understand? ?

Super dense Suvin Gold Supreme that shines finely under the sunlight.

The firmness of the fabric has a firm and extremely reliable feel, and the luster coexists with it.

This is a tamamono whose fiber angle is parallel to the thread.

The plain weave is said to be the least shiny of all fabrics, and it is undyed, and even though there is no unnecessary fabric processing, the fabric has a natural beauty.

Adding to that is nonnotte Sugihara's form design and Fashion Izumi's sewing level.

Most of the sewing specifications for the body of the Draping Box Pleats Turtleneck Pullover are bag stitched.

As a result, there are many places where the stitches are not exposed, but thanks to the intermediate iron, the transition lines of the fabric are still clearly visible.

In addition, the neck and sleeves are piped with the same material.

I think you can see the contrast between where the stitches appear and where they don't, especially if it's a plain weave.

Even if I raise my arms,

Even when it is lowered, the beautiful shape created by Sugihara's draping is visible from the back.

This is no longer a sculpture. sculpture.

It's not just the shape of the clothes itself, but the construction that no one can tell what's going on.

There are switches on the sleeves that I have never seen before.

However, Mr. Sugihara has placed the switches at the best points that can be said to be ``only found here,'' so I think everyone who picks up the product will be able to feel the benefits of this structure.

Stunning shape no matter where you look.

The front body has a "hugging space", the outline of the sleeves follows the movement of the arms, and the back view follows suit.

Although it is a ready-made garment, it is a technique to create it according to the outline of the wearer's clothes.

This pullover makes you feel this very much.

And these pants.

As the name Two Sides of The Same Tapered Trousers suggests, it is a double specification.

These pants coexist with gently rounded volume and sharpness.

Kaneta's high-density plain weave Suvin Gold Supreme is double layered, making it tough and retaining its shape no matter how much you wear it.

The double-layered design of these pants gave them more weight than I had imagined.

That's why, recently and even during this time, I've been wearing The Inoue Brothers' base layer tights (patches) every day.

However, since it doesn't have much fluff and the fabric is made by Kaneta, I think it will be quite comfortable to wear in spring, summer other than midsummer, and even into fall.

In reality, I think these pants will give you a sense of considerable power.

side view.

The "C" shaped darts and tucks on the buttocks prevent the hip line from being exposed.

The shape connects with the tuck at the hem and the back of the body falls straight down.

I don't think there are many men's pants that have such meaningful details on the back.

I hope that you will be a valuable asset.

"Clear Heavy Broad -Suvin Gold Supreme-" setup.

For the past few days, I've been wearing the Ferreira Mohair jacket and pants from Yamauchi that I sold a year ago, and the 100% cotton is just as good as the super Ferreira Mohair. lol

That's what happens. That's strange. That's what it feels like.

I'm also wearing it with MOTHER HAND artisan's CASANOVA BROWN sweater that I sold the other day, and it goes even better with the power material than I expected.

However, once winter is over, I'm really hoping to be able to wear the undyed Suvin Gold Supreme setup.

I will list the price at the end of today's blog, but I thought I would be happy if at least one person was like me, so I decided to force the price of the undyed plain weave set to 150,000 yen.

Well, the top and bottom will cost ¥165,000 including tax. . .

The theory of making clothes such as regular shirts, tops, and pullovers is completely different from the theory of making clothes, and because of its unique shape, the pullover fabric has a single length, but it is amazing, and the pants, of course, are double-layered. Since it's for two coats, I had to end up with a price like this, but I wanted to keep it in a nice place.

So, although I don't think it's cheap, I would be very happy if someone could choose the world's first Suvin Gold Supreme undyed fabric set.

If you have it in your hands, please wash it frequently when the best season to wear it is to bring out the potential of this fabric.

And then, "Drape Twill -Suvin Gold Supreme-."

nonnotte × Kaneta Orimono × Fashion Izumi × CASANOVA&CO

<Drape Twill -Suvin Gold Supreme->

Two Sides of The Same Coat

material _ Suvin Gold Supreme 100%

color _ Amphora

size _ SM,ML

Mr. Ota of Kaneta Orimono created this coat in secret to Mr. Sugihara and me, and it is a coat that fully displays the charm of the twill weave fabric.

The flowing form and the drape of the fabric have a tremendous luster.

At first, it's quite shiny, but as I said the other day, for me, it's perfect when it's washed repeatedly and the fabric becomes more fluffy and fluffy.

Suvin Gold Supreme with a biased back belt.

If you use a belt, the front will fall down easily and the fabric will flow down the back.

Ideally, for me, it's best to wear it as an inner layer with a cut-and-sew shirt or T-shirt, and then roll up the sleeves.

The collar isn't hardened with interlining either, so I think it's best to wear it naturally as is.

On the other hand, when you remove the back belt, the bias fabric is released at once.

Welcome to the ever flowing world of Suvin Gold Supreme.

When the belt is worn, the fabric of the bag is gathered together, but when it is removed, the form created by Sugihara's draping becomes quite distinct.

Look. look.

That's a huge amount.

And there is a large capacity pocket inside.

There is also a deep beaded pocket on the outside.

Normally, when using soft fabrics, I don't recommend using pockets because I think it affects the shape of the clothes, but Sugihara-san and I decided to use pockets in real life. The placement and size are very thoughtful.

Pockets on clothes are usually made of fabric, but this coat is all made of Suvin Gold Supreme.

Even if you put too much stuff in your pockets and it loses its shape, it will return to normal after you wash it. lol

Anyway, it's best to let them make full use of this coat.

I've always thought about creating clothes that can be used like a uniform, and that will improve your appearance.

By continuing to use them without hesitation, I think people will learn more about the quality of Kaneta Orimono's fabrics and the quality of Fashion Izumi's sewing.

And then...

nonnotte × Kaneta Orimono × Fashion Izumi × CASANOVA&CO

<Drape Twill -Suvin Gold Supreme->

Two Sides of The Same Wide Trousers

material _ Suvin Gold Supreme 100%

color _ Amphora


Wide trousers.

I think these pants have the most classic look out of the four types of clothes this time.

However, we thought about maximizing the characteristics of twill fabric.

Since there are no outside seams, it doesn't interfere with the drape of the fabric on the sides as it moves.

I don't usually wear wide-legged pants, but I was conscious of the voluminous feel of my pants, so I think other people like me would be able to choose them as well. perhaps.

If you don't mind wide-leg pants, I think it's an easy win.

Intuck to prevent your waist from exploding.

Even when walking, you can feel the form of the draping.

And the hem is tri-folded with the sewing specifications of a shirt.

This makes the hem extremely light and gives the hem fabric a high degree of freedom, making it feel like you're wearing river-sewn pants.

And this luster.

These trousers come into direct contact with your skin, so please feel in agony when you feel them.

I promise you that you will always want to wear these pants during spring and summer.

Super dangerous.

I think it's rare to find 100% cotton pants with such a flowing form and such an elegant mood.

I am proud of that.

The pants I've seen and come across so far are made of glossy fabrics, and are usually made of satin, flimsy, and cheap.

I'm sure everyone has that kind of image.

However, these pants are double-layered, giving you a sense of security when wearing them, and the fabric is overwhelmingly good.

In addition, the outline is created by Mr. Sugihara's draping.

I think it would be difficult to use them unless you really like them, and it's not something that everyone can wear, but I think they're made at an amazing level.

Well, I don't intend to make the clothes I created this time to be tasteless, ordinary things that everyone can wear. lol

However, we believe that all four types will be able to deliver a unique and spectacular view to those who receive them.

And this.

Twill Drape Twill setup.

Amazing drape and shading of the fabric.

Well, price is price, and color is color, so I don't know how many people will try it.

However, we promise that for those who get their hands on it, we will deliver an overwhelmingly powerful experience.

The collar and endpapers of a coat sway in the wind.

It's best not to worry about these parts at all.

Let the wind blow it around naturally.

It also goes great with Isabella Stefanelli in hand.

The jeans I was wearing when I was wearing my coat were Hi Mi Tsu.

The dimensions of each are listed below.

The clothes Mr. Sugihara creates are more three-dimensional than their dimensions suggest, so they are beyond my imagination, but I hope you can use them as a reference.

[Clear Heavy Broad -Suvin Gold Supreme-]

・Draping Box Pleats Turtle Pullover

<Size SM>

Sleeve length: 82cm

Chest measurement: 146cm

Length: 73cm

<Size ML>

Sleeve length: 85.5cm

Chest measurement: 154cm

Length: 75cm

・Two Sides of The Same Tapered Trousers

<Size S>

Waist (in natural state due to elastic): 75cm

Rise: 34cm

Inseam: 57cm

Watari width: 38.5cm

Hem width: 16cm

<Size M>

Waist (in natural state due to elastic): 79cm

Rise: 34.5cm

Inseam: 58cm

Watari width: 39.7cm

Hem width: 17cm

<Size L>

Waist (in natural state due to elastic): 86cm

Rise: 34.5cm

Inseam: 59cm

Watari width: 41.5cm

Hem width: 18cm

[Drape Twill -Suvin Gold Supreme-]

・Two Sides of The Same Coat

<Size SM>

Length: 118cm

Shoulder width: 44cm

Chest measurement: 116cm

Sleeve length: 60cm

Sleeve length: 82cm

Hem circumference: 171cm

<Size ML>

Length: 119cm

Shoulder width: 52cm

Chest measurement: 134cm

Sleeve length: 63cm

Sleeve length: 89cm

Hem circumference: 188cm

・Two Sides of The Same Wide Trousers

<Size S>

Waist (in natural state due to elastic): 75cm

Rise: 34cm

Inseam: 66cm

Watari width: 39cm

Hem width: 26cm

Total length: 100cm

<Size M>

Waist (in natural state due to elastic): 79cm

Rise: 35cm

Inseam: 68cm

Watari width: 40.2cm

Hem width: 27cm

Total length: 103cm

<Size L>

Waist (in natural state due to elastic): 86cm

Rise: 36cm

Inseam: 76cm

Watari width: 41.7cm

Hem width: 28.5cm

Total length: 112cm

This will be the above number.

Regarding Two Sides of The Same Wide Trousers, the length changes tremendously from size S to L.

Even if you are that tall, there are almost no Japanese people who are not tall enough.

If it's long, please contact Fashion Izumi as it can be hemmed.

Finally, regarding the price,

Draping Box Pleats Turtle Pullover

¥64,000- (¥70,400-)

Two Sides of The Same Tapered Trousers

¥86,000- (¥94,600-)

Two Sides of The Same Coat

¥180,000- (¥198,000-)

Two Sides of The Same Wide Trousers

¥110,000- (¥121,000-)

This is the sales price above.

As previously announced, we will start selling in-store from 12:00 on Saturday, December 16th.

However, we are still receiving calls from customers who live far away and have difficulty coming to our stores.

We plan to go on sale at our online store the next day, December 17th (Sunday) at around 6pm.

However, since the products are not separated between in-store and online listings, some items may be sold out by the time they are posted.

I don't know. lol

I have written a long blog and introduced them in advance, but I would like to introduce them to Kaneta Orimono, Fashion Izumi, and Sugihara from nonnotte.

Without the skills and passion of these people, the textile clothing called Suvin Gold Supreme would never have been completed.

I think it's a great accomplishment for our store to be able to create clothes for everyone to see using this cotton fiber, which I first learned about a few years ago and is said to be the best quality in the world.

Through these clothes, I would be very happy if everyone could learn that ``clothes can move people'' and learn about the talented people in the clothing industry.

I always think that truly valuable clothes can be ``educating.''

My life has changed a lot through clothes.

I think it's an exaggeration to say that when you come into contact with something like this, learn about it, and use it, your life will change, but I'm sure there are elements that will have a positive effect.

I would be happy if people who like it wear it and use it.

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