Ultra "cotton"

I heard years ago that there are over 110 types of cotton material in the world.

Cotton is produced by growing a plant called cotton, which blooms, dies, and seeds emerge from within.What grows from the seeds is a fluff called ``cotton lint.''

Cotton is made by carefully collecting the fluff from the seeds.

By the way, compared to the collected cotton lint, the downy fibers that grow from the seeds are called "cotton linters".

This cotton linter is not made into cotton, but is used as a raw material for cupra.

The fiber called cotton is a plant that has been hybridized and improved through the research of human chemists and created by humans.

According to what I have read in the literature, I believe that cotton does not exist as a 100% wild species.

At least in the clothing world.

Even though there is a lot of cotton in the world, not all of it is used for clothing; only some are said to be suitable for clothing.

Among these, in the world of clothing, we see that 5% of all clothing is made of high-quality cotton.

Supima, Pima, Suvin, Sea Island, GIZA, etc.

Of course, all of them are high-quality raw materials, but there is a fashion market, and I find that the words "best" and "superb" are always used frequently when describing materials, not just cotton. I'm very curious.

I honestly think that there is no such thing as "the best" or "excellent" all the time.

Furthermore, even if the material is truly the best, it is extremely important to consider how the raw material is used, how it is finished, and what form it is made into. .

It's the same with cooking.

For example, let's say the same Japanese black beef is in front of you.

I think that depending on whether a top chef makes beef stew, my mother makes beef stew, or whether I, who don't usually cook, make beef stew, the resulting dish will be completely different.

I think everyone can easily imagine that.

The clothing industry is exactly the same as the above cuisine.

If you were to eat only the food prepared by top chefs day in and day out, the deliciousness and special feeling would fade, but fortunately, due to the characteristics of most people's living environments, clothes change between work days and holidays. , I think what you wear will be different.

However, all the clothes we carry in our store are first-class. I don't mean to say that, and to be honest, even in the clothes I sell, I'm conscious of the ``slowness'', and there are parts of it that I do intentionally.

However, as someone who regularly introduces clothes to customers,

Not only that, but as a clothing lover myself,

Also, for me, who comes from an upstream position in the clothing industry,

"Select Shop" conveys the "spirit of inquiry into materials" and the preciousness of Japan's "engineers" who are not often seen publicly, but who can be proud of to the world. "I think it's an important role.

So, this time, we will introduce the material that everyone knows, ``cotton.''

However, there is a type of "cotton" that not everyone knows about.

I think this will greatly overturn the value of cotton.

However, this was not an easy task and took two years. Even though it's cotton.

During that period, most of the time I spent was "spinning."

This would have been impossible for a local select shop to do on its own, but with the incredible help of the weaver, the great cooperation of the brand, and the sewing that accomplished something that would normally not be possible. The factory created something "the first in the world."

This has been investigated.

This time, I dare to put it into words,

It's not just me, it's the cotton that we can call "the best" at the moment.

At the moment.

I am truly grateful to the weavers for their technical ability, the cost and time they invested in creating this kind of fabric.

A passion for this technique and weaving that touches your soul from the depths.

I don't think there is any other cotton fabric weaving shop like this in the world.

Please look forward to.


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