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Today, I will let you know.

We have been handling "AUBETT" until this spring/summer season, but as we announced in March, we have finished handling the new season of AUBETT after this spring/summer.

Since the debut of AUBETT, Mr. Sugihara, who has focused on making clothes for the brand, is retiring from his position as a designer. I took the choice.

And as some of you may already know, Mr. Sugihara will start a new brand as a designer.


We hope that everyone will be able to see this brand from this autumn/winter season.

Until now, once every six months, he visited our store as an AUBETT designer.

And from this time, he will be in our store as a nonnotte designer.

Nonnotte will start on August 11th (holiday/Friday).

On the 11th (holiday/Friday), they will be at our shop for one day from opening to closing, and on the next day, the 12th (Saturday), they will be at our store until around the evening.

I'm really looking forward to it.

While handling Sugihara's clothes, I always have something on my mind.

Mr. Sugihara is slowly creating a "revolution" in the clothing industry.

First of all, I felt that it was gradually spreading among people who work in clothes.

And Mr. Sugihara, as he has always been, I think that he will continue to bring about more "further revolutions."

I have never met a designer like this.

I myself was also taught by Mr. Sugihara about the "unknown world" of clothes, and he took me to that realm.

He thinks about clothes and the clothing industry from such a variety of perspectives, and yet has an amazing and overwhelming ability.

I think we live in an age when anyone can easily make "appropriate clothes". now.

I feel that it is possible to make "70 pieces of clothes" even if you are a total amateur with no technical knowledge or ability.

And sometimes it's seen as if it's an amazing piece of clothing.

In fact, there are many even existences like "kagemusha".

It's a time of great confusion. the clothing industry.

So it's my job to find out.

Mr. Sugihara is one of the few "real" designers in Japan.

"Draping" technology that Mr. Sugihara creates with his own hands.

This "draping" is what creates the outline and comfort of the clothes.

As far as I know, there are several people who are said to be the best pattern makers in Japan.

The pattern maker, of course, specializes in patterns, but Mr. Sugihara's pattern design that makes full use of "draping" is overwhelmingly appreciated by such pattern makers. I'm a designer.

In addition to that, I have never met a designer with such material development ability.

I don't think there is a designer who has such a wide range of skills, who is super-specialized, and who knows everything about raw materials, threads, and fabrics.

Mr. Sugihara has spent his life accumulating technology, experience, and a serious way of thinking.

This has tremendous "value".

And I project that onto my clothes.

That's why the clothes Mr. Sugihara creates have the power to move people's hearts.

I believe that Mr. Sugihara will continue to "revolutionize" the clothing industry through his creations.

This is nonnotte's 1st season, which will be a new start.

Everyone, please look forward to it.

I will introduce you later.

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