Nobuyuki Matsui “Deep”

Today, let me introduce Nobuyuki Matsui's outstanding clothes.

Nobuyuki Matsui with the theme of “Tiefen” for this collection, Spring/Summer 2023.

This is a German word meaning "depth" or "deep."

And I make clothes that express that.

First, the jackets and coats that symbolize the season.

Since these two are finished, let me introduce them.

Nobuyuki Matsui


face material _ POLYESTER 80%, POLYURETHANE 20%

sleeve lining material _CUPRO 100%



First, this.

A great jacket.

It is a blouson with a high level of material, sewing, pattern, and fusion.

This quality and workmanship is at a level that seriously overwhelms the mind.

The color is navy.


For example, almost no light penetrates deep into the ocean.

Coloring that expresses the color of such a deep place.

The outer material is "Ultra Suede".

Therefore, the blend ratio is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane.

I myself prefer natural fibers on a daily basis, so most of the lineups in the store are centered on natural fibers.

Or rather, there weren't many synthetic fibers that appealed to me, so it happened naturally.

But for a while, I heard and felt that the quality of Japanese artificial leather has improved dramatically.

However, there was still nothing I could agree with.

After all, it's real leather anyway. That's what I thought.

Meanwhile, Mr. Matsui.

It blew my mind away.

The fabric this time.

The quality of this Ultrasuede is amazing.

The texture of the surface, the fineness of the texture, the reflection of light, the smoothness, the moment I saw it, I felt that it was on a completely different level from anything I had ever encountered.

Full of luxury.

No matter how you look at it, the fabric is full of luxury mood.

I still vividly remember being very surprised by this at the exhibition half a year ago.

Well, according to Mr. Matsui of Nobuyuki Matsui, it looks like a very expensive fabric.

It is more expensive than real leather that is distributed around Japan.

Also, when I saw brands from all over the world in Paris the other day, I realized that the more important the construction of clothes is, the more likely they are to use synthetic fibers.

It seems that the quality of the synthetic fiber has improved significantly, but it is also highly durable, so the shape of the clothes does not sag, and it seems that the idea is to realize and maintain a solid architectural beauty.

It's sustainable. Not something.

In addition, it is also easy to handle.

It's okay to get wet, it's lightweight, and it's easy to care for, which is a positive aspect of this material.

Due to the characteristics of polyurethane, there is a perception that deterioration progresses after three years, and I thought that it would be impossible to predict the lifespan of clothes.

However, it seems that it is not like that at all when it comes to quality so far.

Bigger, bigger, better material.

It's that kind of ultra suede, but...

This time, Mr. Matsui of Nobuyuki Matsui had a goal for clothes, and he adopted this material to achieve it.

Well, it matches perfectly with Nobuyuki Matsui's clothes.

Whether you look at it from the front or the back, it's super high level.

I feel a very aura in this dress.

Yesterday, I used the word "aura" on the blog of COMOLI's black tie rocker coat, and my recent buying motto is "aura".

No clothes can have an "aura", and it's not easy to make such clothes.

To be honest, at present, not all the clothes we handle are clothes with an “aura”.

Well, that's because if the entire lineup becomes like that, only the expensive ones will be gone. smile

That's why we have those things in some of our lineups.

Of course, I think that Nobuyuki Matsui's clothes also have a lively "aura".

I don't think you can find this kind of clothes in this genre even if you search all over Japan.

I feel that this Nobuyuki Matsui blouson is not inferior to the 300,000 yen, 400,000 yen, and 500,000 yen blousons made by the world's famous big maisons.

That's exactly what I feel, from the first sample I saw at an exhibition to the finished product.

That's why it's a blouson for adult Han.

This is one of the best outerwear I have prepared for this spring/summer season.

In terms of sewing specifications, the outer material is ultra suede, so the specifications are slightly different from those of fabrics.

Well, the stitches don't really show up.

It is a part that matches the collection and is "deep", that is, it does not allow light to enter. Both cuffs have a lining that sticks out so that you can feel the details of the clothes even when you can't see them.

This lining is Nobuyuki Matsui's original cupra, which has the highest density and thickness in the world.

The pocket has a gusset with tucks on the main body, and the flap is curved and cut off.

This is also a detail to make the most of the tough characteristics of the Ultrasuede outer material.

It's also very well done behind the scenes.

There is no lining on the bodice.

Considering the slippage of the sleeves, only the sleeve linings are made of original cupra fabric as mentioned above.

Firmly pointed collar.

There are no stitches on the collar.

And the fastener is LAMPO made in Italy.

According to Mr. Matsui, LAMPO and EXCELLA have the highest quality in the world.

Well, but Excela zippers are used by many Japanese brands, and the atmosphere doesn't match Nobuyuki Matsui's nuances, so I use LAMPO.

Also, although it is rare, many of Nobuyuki Matsui's clothes have double front zips, so it seems that LAMPO has more variations with double zip specifications.

I think the combination of the mood of Nobuyuki Matsui's clothes and LAMPO is very compatible.

And this.


I'm 167cm tall and weigh 52kg and I'm wearing size 2 which is the smaller one.

It's not oversized at all, so it has the right amount of room for proper fit and smooth movement.

Well, the clothes that Mr. Matsui makes, if the sizes match, they will come out with a wonderful form.

This is the foundation of Mr. Matsui's time in England.

It's clothes that show a person's style very beautifully.

side view.

Neatly, on the shoulders, gently along the chest and back, flowing outlines.

No matter how you look at it, the back looks beautiful.

If the size fits.

There is no complaint about the return of the collar and the standing.

Transcendental elegance felt when worn in natural light.

I think this blouson is very suitable for adults to wear on holidays.

It's clothes in the framework of over 30.

In your 20s, it's still too early.

Of course, since it was Mr. Matsui's design, it's very detailed and very well done, so it's okay to have a great deal of trust in its quality.

It might be good to have them look at the real thing as if they were licking it.

And one more thing.

Nobuyuki Matsui


face material _ POLYESTER 80%, POLYURETHANE 20%

lining material _CUPRO 100%

sleeve lining material _CUPRO 100%




This is the same outer jacket as before.

Even though it's called a jacket, the length is a little long, so it feels more like a coat.

This one is Mr. Matsui, who has been making "real jackets" with "hair core" and "stabbing" on a daily basis, so the essence is poured into it.

By the way, about Nobuyuki Matsui's tailored jackets, which we have been carrying in our store for a long time, this season, I was so impressed with the Ultra Suede series that I wanted you to see them. I have not ordered. smile

That's how confident I am in this series.

Well, it's not me who's making it, but Mr. Matsui.

There is a switch on the back that represents the internal parts to be put inside the tailored jacket.

I think this kind of switching is unique to Mr. Matsui.


Like the blouson, the original cupra fabric comes out from the cuffs.

Button can be opened and closed.

It's a wing specification.

The blouson mentioned earlier does not have sleeve openings, but since this is a jacket, the cuffs are designed to open.

Two large water buffalo buttons with engraving on the front.

Water buffalo buttons dyed in indigo to match the color of the outer material.

So, this button is full of detail.

You can't see anything when you're "deep".

That's why I shaved a part of the button and added a height difference to the button.

It seems that even in places where you can't see it, you can see the details by touching.

I think it's very conceptual, but it's pretty elaborate. Matsui's clothes.

The look of the jacket itself has no lapels and looks simple.

But this also has a meaning, just like the button, in the "depth" "no detail can be seen".

That's why he wanted to create a jacket that looks simple at first glance.

However, with such a simple thing, the detailed construction and quality cannot be hidden, and the hurdles are very high.

I don't think everyone can do that.

However, it is precisely because I am a designer with a background as a “tailor” that I am able to achieve such things.

I think that you can experience the height of Nobuyuki Matsui's clothes.

And wear it, too.

After all, the beauty of Nobuyuki Matsui's clothes will be revealed when you wear them.

The length is a little long, isn't it?

This jacket is also a size 2, but size 2 is a little big for me, so I have Takemoto, who always takes pictures, wear it.

I think he was about 174cm tall and weighed in the early or mid 50kg range.

I'm thin, so there's a little extra room.

I think this jacket is best suited for people in their mid to late 170cm height range and weighing between 60kg and 65kg. in anticipation.

I think it's equivalent to size 3 of the blouson mentioned earlier.

We are looking for suitable people. smile

Takemoto has a little more blank space, but it's still a very high-level back style.

I think it's quite masculine.

The outline from the shoulders to the sleeves and the neck line are outstanding.

The pocket has a structure with a cut from the body, but the inside is equipped with a cupra lining.

From the front, you can see the back side of the lining, so the redness is strong, but if you use the pocket flap, you can see it slightly.

A pocket with this structure.

Like the blouson, it takes advantage of the characteristics of the outer material.

oh yeah.

The back of this jacket is also amazing.

It's a unlined specification, but it's a wonderfully polite process.

I'm doing it right.

It's so beautiful, isn't it?

The quality of clothes, including this kind of processing, is very important.

This has a great effect on the appearance, comfort and durability of clothes.

And the accumulation of such details determines whether or not the clothes have an "aura".

I think both the blouson and the jacket are of good quality, so if you are interested, please take a look.

I am sure you will feel it.

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