Nobuyuki Matsui "Art Piece"

We are announcing that it will be held from the 4th (Saturday), but for those who can come to the store this time, there is something we would like you to see.

That is the clothes named "Art Piece" art by Nobuyuki Matsui.

The things that we always handle at our shop are products, not the realm of "art".

Even during normal business hours, there are things that are endlessly "art", things that are close to "works", or things that you want to call so, and there are actually one-of-a-kind items, but this time it's really We have created an opportunity for you to see what you can call that with the cooperation of our designers.

I am also a designer who continues to present collections every season, but I also create works at the same time. That is Nobuyuki Matsui.

This time, we will exhibit and sell about 10 "Art Pieces" created by our designers. I wrote that it was an exhibition sale, but in reality there are some things that cannot be sold, and some that are only exhibited.

However, the power of Nobuyuki Matsui is put into the "clothes", and the "work" is unparalleled.

The designer himself has so far shown his collection looks, shows, installations, etc., but he has not shown much to the general public.

However, this time, not only can you see it at the store, but also because of the current situation, they have allowed us to publish it on our website.

I'm posting a part of it today, but if you can come to the store, I would like to see all the pieces.

Also, during the period, when the designer is in the atelier, we will have a live call between the store and the atelier, so we would like you to listen to the story about the work.

Each special special piece.

Its extremely complicated structure is astonishing.

And the craftsmanship is genuine.

It will be an opportunity only for these 3 days, so please take care of it.

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