Tabi Shoes 4/4 >>>

I talked about it the other day, but Mr. Matsui of Nobuyuki Matsui has been making it since the beginning.

That is Tabi Shoes.

As a designer active in overseas markets, these shoes are made as a representative brand of Japan.

Of course, there are other shoes that we are producing as part of our collection, but we continue to present one as the brand's iconic style without making any major changes to the prototype.

I've thought about handling it many times, but I couldn't handle it due to the conflict with shoes from other brands.

But now it's finally time to show it off to everyone.

Long awaited.

Nobuyuki Matsui's Tabi Shoes.

Well, to be honest, I think that big movements such as Margiela's tabi boots and tabi sneakers have happened. So I think it's unavoidable that it seems that way at first glance.

In fact, it seems that Maison Margiela and Nobuyuki Matsui are being developed side by side at a certain overseas select shop that carries Nobuyuki Matsui.

However, what we are aiming for is still different, and I think that people will inevitably choose this one if they actually wear it and walk and say, "Use it."

This is because it boasts overwhelming ease of wear.

The cushioning of the sole, the texture of the leather on the upper, and the side elastic are well balanced.

In launching this, first of all, it has been used very heavily, but it can run. This is true.

In fact, when I go on a business trip or when I know I'm going to be active, I always wear this when I leave the house. The other day I wore these from Omotesando to Sendagaya and dashed fiercely.

I'm sure that the sight of an old man carrying a rucksack and running hard in front of Takeshita Street gave the teens who flocked to Takeshita Street the courage to live.

Well, I usually only wear lace-up shoes, but this is a super convenient item that can be put on and taken off quickly because of the side elastic.

It means that you can use it like that if you need it.

The toe has a slightly rounded shape, and it feels like you're wearing it and your fingertips feel free.

There is no cramped feeling in the toes.

The colors are the season color Navy and the universal Black.

Both are said to be leather from Italy.

The leather is finely textured and soft, but it has good elasticity and thickness, so you can trust it.

And in the 2020SS season, the stitch work, which is the basis of Nobuyuki Matsui, is applied to the entire surface.

It is a specification that is sewn with a fairly thick and strong thread.

If you can understand the essence of the brand, I think you will be convinced.

stitch meaning. There is more.

White stitching on navy. Black contains the same color stitch.

You can't see it much, but there is elastic (rubber) on the side.

I think that there are many people who can pick up Black if it is Navy and Black. After all, there is ease of familiarity with clothes. Black is.

Well, I chose Navy. The reason is simple.

Because no other place makes shoes like this.

It was preceded by a certain kind of thing, a part close to the collector's soul that wants to collect, and a mind of the devil as a clothes lover.

However, I think that this navy can create a pretty good style if you get addicted to it.

Black with a glossy feel from the beginning.

If you wear it in the city, you will look twice at Navy.

And this. Personal belongings that are currently being worn and worn for heavy use.

I ran, squatted, stood up, and rode a bicycle.

The goodness of foot familiarity is excellent.

After all, shoes are something that protects the feet, and I think that they are a tool for active movement, so it feels like work shoes.

I think it's appropriate to use it that way.

However, this can change the mood of the outfit quite a bit. try it.

Matsui-san from Nobuyuki Matsui wears them all the time.

If you can get it, it would be nice if you could wear it with all your might.

The minimum size is 25.0 cm. It's 0.5 cm apart from there.

However, we still don't have a lot of quantity, so please think that there is almost no stock. There are 5 sizes of 25.0cm, 25.5cm, 26.0cm, 26.5cm, and 27.5cm.

This will also be on sale from the 4th (Sat) according to the plan this time.

Please let me introduce you to others.

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