Nobuyuki Matsui, whom I talked to a little the other day.

This will be the first time we will be holding this event, so we are preparing for you to enjoy it in various ways.

One of them is Nobuyuki Matsui's representative ring belt. The items that are usually available in the collection are black smooth leather items, but this time I wanted to create something that brings out the depth of the item even more.

A belt has a clear role to fasten the waist in an outfit, right? I think it may be used as a one-point accent for clothing.

However, the belt plays a major role. Even if I didn't go that far, I felt the possibility that I could make a super item within the limited framework of the belt.

Even if you look at it year-round, there are those who collect a lot of shirts, those who mainly buy pants, and those who only buy cut-and-sews. I think it depends on the person's taste and the style of usage. However, don't you buy multiple belts for the season?

If you haven't bought one in years, it's pretty common.

Even with clothes, they play a supporting role due to their nature, and they rarely have a turn to come into play in everyday shopping.

I think it tends to be difficult to circulate things that people simply want to own. The price of raw hides has also gone up.

I haven't bought a belt in years.

I still use all the bridle leather I bought 10 years ago.

That's why I want to graduate from it myself.

Overwhelming standing position different from other leather.

Unparalleled rarity due to the production method.

Leather that directly reflects the leather quality of live animals and scratches.

The more you use it, the more it will shine. What a simple thing, the state of the depth.

Undyed, of course.

Unique technology that Japan is proud of.

This leather is born from the meticulous work that takes a huge amount of time unique to Japanese people. This is the new material that Nobuyuki Matsui will use as a brand.


Italy is not the world's largest leather producer,

It's not the Netherlands that makes special leather,

The only leather that can only be produced there.

Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.

"White tanned leather" made there.

Normally, leather starts from raw hides.

I think you can understand that there are two types of notation for leather, "skin" and "leather".

But the two are completely different things. What's the difference.

"Skin" is the state of the so-called skin.

The process called "tanning" is done to keep the skin as leather.

As a result, the skin is reborn as leather and can be used continuously without rotting.

In other words, "leather" is before tanning and "leather" is after tanning.

Depending on the tanning method, even the same raw hide can be completely different. Also, as a supplement, I think that all the types of leather are written in horizontal letters in katakana.

For example, "smooth leather" or more subdivided into "vachetta leather". "Guidi Leather" and "Entrefino Leather" are also foreign branded leather made by such companies.

All of them are named by their tanning method or by being tanned in a unique way rooted in the land.

In other words, most of them are made overseas. So katakana.

This white tanned leather is literally written in kanji and hiragana.

Because it is made in Himeji, Japan.

Generally, when tanning leather, they use chemical solvents that we have never heard of.

On the other hand, this white tanned leather. The materials used for tanning are only those that everyone knows.


·rapeseed oil

・Himeji river water

·Light of the sun

that's all.

All that's left is a daunting amount of perseverance, perseverance, and outstanding technology.

Only one person in the world can make leather that can be called "white tanned leather".

leather made by him.

Each piece has a different leather quality, and the way it gets scratched and grained is also different.

And it's not colored. Not bleached.

Natural white, exposed in the sun. It's a gift of nature.

It's this belt.

By using it, it's not like it's going to be shiny, but in a word, it's going to be a gem that gives off a tremendous atmosphere. special belt.

Our store beta post (former ED ROBERT JUDSON β) sells white tanned deerskin, and I also use white tanned leather for my wallet and business card case.

I was blown away by the unusual texture of this white tanned leather and have been using it for a long time.

That's why I heard that Nobuyuki Matsui would be working on a new project, and I can say that this was the inevitable result of talking to Mr. Matsui.

A long belt with a width of 2.5 cm and a total length of 130 cm. All have the brand name of the designer's push.

The belts that are usually available in the collection only have the name embossed, but this time it's a special edition, so I asked them to add ink so that they can make a judgment when looking at it to some extent.

The buckle is Nobuyuki Matsui specification.

One sliced ​​water buffalo horn.

Regarding this, it is not perfectly round, but a distorted shape, and there are individual differences, so each one has a pattern on the surface.

The other comes with a silver ring or a black ring.

Each has a double ring specification that is greatly different in texture from the water buffalo horn.

I hope you can choose the one you like between silver and black.

I think you will be able to fully enjoy not only the white tanned leather quality, but also the atmosphere of this double ring.

Is it the black ring that has a contrast between the double ring buckle and the leather?

I think that each silver has its own claim.

Well, once you put it on, you can't see the buckle unless you tuck it in.

And this belt. The total length is 130 cm, so it is relatively long for a leather belt.

In terms of styling, the style of hanging items such as gacha belts is already established from a broader perspective.

But I think most of the clothes are made of nylon or leather with a strong feeling of pera. That's why it's easy to see and use as a styling accent, but I think it looks cheap.

Of course, there are times when it works as an advantage in the positive direction.

However, as you get older and you come to like this genre of clothes, I think there are some difficult parts.

I wanted to upgrade that kind of visible and easy-to-understand styling.

That's why I wanted to hang it with this ultra-rare leather. This luxury leather will change the act of hanging the belt to a completely different thing.

Normally I wouldn't use a belt like that myself, but give it a try. Because it's completely different.

The combination with the clothes of Araki Yuu, Yamauchi, etc. handled in our store is outstanding,

It will not be defeated by strong clothes such as amachi. and Midorikawa.

Furthermore, it harmonizes with clothes with clean air such as COMOLI and Graphpaper.

It's white leather, but it's not pure white.

And it's this texture.

I think that it maximizes the potential of cowhide.

Also, this belt. It's hard to notice, but it's a special edition.

It's made for this occasion, so it's double.

Moreover, it is an agony specification of white tanning on white tanning.

Two-ply finish with white tanning.

At the stage of meetings with Mr. Matsui, there was a proposal to use a single piece of white tanned leather, and considering its properties as a belt, there was also a proposal to put a different leather on the back to increase durability. there were.

It's a very expensive leather. It's white tanned.

Because it is extremely difficult to make, the price is not double the usual price.

I was surprised to hear that too. It's so expensive

That's why I was planning to bring another leather to the back to keep the price down.

But hey, surprise. When it comes up, the front and back are white tanned.

And neither are connected.

More than double the amount of leather used for a normal length belt. Matsui-san, you did a great job.

I think it turned out to be even better than I imagined.

However, the original price was quite outrageous.

But hey, this is the first and last belt.

Both Mr. Matsui and we are working very hard on Price.

Anything less than this is real and seriously unreasonable.

I've heard of the so-called cost of materials and labor, so this destroyed the theory of price in making things.

I'll tell you more about that.

The attached tanned leather tag has our store's letters on it.

Limited quantity.

It will go on sale from Saturday, April 4th.

I think that our shop will surely satisfy those who like clothes that are made wonderfully and those who like such things.

Please look forward to.

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