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Someday, someday, I've been thinking about it in my head for a long time, and I think I'll finally be able to give it a little shape.

I don't think this designer is the kind of person who would be limited to the Japanese fashion market, and from the moment I met him for the first time, I had a strong sense of that.

How many years ago already? About three years ago, four years ago. That time came unexpectedly. And when I was in Okayama.

A person who came because he wanted to introduce from a certain person.

That is Mr. Matsui from Nobuyuki Matsui.

At that time, they didn't have the method of presenting their collections like they do now, so I don't think there were clothes lined up in select shops like ours.

He is a person from the so-called haute couture field. Mr. Matsui.

There are slogans that I often hear these days, such as tailoring and so on, and there are slogans like that, but it's not that kind of imitation.

It's not just a nibble level, it's a person who was more seriously doing it. I have the theory and I have the technology. I continue to do that in my atelier today, and I use a lot of the techniques of professional tailors and the skills of my hands.

It is, so to speak, the real deal.

Because the tailored jacket that Mr. Matsui made is nothing special. It's the most memorable tailored jacket I've ever worn. Well, in terms of price, it was about 300,000 yen easily exceeded. Unusual comfort. As long as the size matches.

However, if you only do tailoring, you are just a tailor, so you create creations based on that. The atelier is located a little away from the wholesale district of Ueno, Tokyo.

It's a strange place.

Normally, when I go on business trips in Tokyo, I mainly go to Shibuya, Omotesando, Jingumae, Nakameguro, and other "those areas", but I have to leave all at once and go far away. And how many times have you been there in February and March?

Well, going back to the topic, the development of Nobuyuki Matsui at our store started from the 18SS season. And now we are entering the 20SS season, so it will be the 5th season. Since it's the fifth season, I think it's a turning point, so I'm thinking of setting up a special opportunity this time.

Earlier, I talked about a super-genuine tailoring jacket, but until now we have not dealt with such things at our store, and we have developed seasonal collections.

The clothes in Nobuyuki Matsui's collection are lined up in line with the concept and theme of each season, but there are some things that are still evolving little by little.

A double ring belt with a metal ring attached to the "water buffalo horn ring" which Mr. Matsui hollowed out from the water buffalo horn.

The main body is black smooth leather.

This is it.

All buckles are affected by manual work and the shape of the corners, so there are great individual differences in the shape of the buckle.

He says he doesn't really want to make it because it's hard to carve water buffalo by hand, but when he made something we ordered in the past,

There was also a live broadcast on Instagram of the hand-scraping process. It's a belt that has a very unique mood from the buckle.

I can't help but look at collection pieces, and I think this is one of Nobuyuki Matsui's representative pieces.

Also, Nobuyuki Matsui announced the 20AW season collection the other day, but it is a new material that the brand will work on from now on.

This is very attractive.

Enchanted leather.

A representative item of Nobuyuki Matsui, a belt that can be used regardless of the season. Brand NEW leather that can be combined there.

I had this specially made.

I'll introduce you later.

I would be happy if you were looking forward to it.

And like the belt, there is something that Nobuyuki Matsui has been making since the beginning. That is Tabi Shoes.

Now I'm getting tired under the influence of Margiela, but 18SS? Before that?

Nobuyuki Matsui has been making Tabi Shoes for some time. It's also the 5th season of handling, and it's a long-awaited start. It seems that it is sold along with Margiela at famous overseas shops. If anything, I think Nobuyuki Matsui would be more orthodox if he went abroad. I'm Japanese.

This season, the brand offers 3 colors, but our store offers NAVY and BLACK.

The stitching, which is one of Nobuyuki Matsui's iconic styles, is all over.

this. These Tabi Shoes I've been wearing and wearing these days. This is also when working in Okayama. This is also the case when you dash hard in Tokyo. always.

Well, I'll tell you more about this later.

Just an announcement today.

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