"water mirror"

Seeing things reflected on the surface of the water.

It seems that this is expressed in the collection.

Nobuyuki Matsui.

The first delivery has already arrived at our store, and the second delivery has arrived today.

Now you can fully see what you want to express in the season.

At First Deli, there were clothes that splendidly created water-like shapes that changed freely, such as SURREAL SLACKS and SURREAL BOMBER, but at Second Deli, they were very interesting.

I wonder what's always going on in Nobuyuki Matsui's Matsui-san's head.

The clothes themselves are tight-fitting, and most of them make me think that if I gain any more weight, I won't be able to wear them.

I make clothes that are far from the oversizing and loose sizing of today, but the tighter the fit, the more difficult it is to cheat.

Clothes that understand the curves of the human body and are designed in great detail to create a three-dimensional effect.

When you wear it, you can see that the comfort is terribly different.

Pants, of course, but even shirts have darts and create a constriction in the upper body.

At our store, there are many clothes that are extremely elaborate, but among them, it is still a rare existence.

And in this second delivery, something that symbolizes this collection came again.

I was looking forward to this.

A jacket with glass buttons.

Strictly speaking, tempered glass.

So you can use it like a normal button.

The distorted shape of the glass looks like ice formed by hardening naturally.

Super high-quality ice with a transparency of 99% or more.

Or rather, since I can already see the other side, can I say 100%?

It has two buttons, but the bottom button is it.

The other button is an indigo dyed button with a stamp.

Just by looking at this, I can understand the level of the clothes.

There is a saying once said by a famous person.

“Put your favorite buttons on your favorite jacket. And enjoy the clothes.

I think it's a word that makes you feel the clothing culture.

Buttons are attached to most clothes, but their importance is very high.

If it's a sneaker, it's the part that corresponds to the shoelace.

The fabric, sewing, and more importantly, how to make threads are very important, but I think that the parts used to form the clothes and make them function will change completely depending on what kind of materials are used.

I think that is also one way to enjoy clothes.

By the way, this glass button.

Hokkaido glass artist Glass craftsman? A special button requested by a person.

Although it is a jacket that uses such glass buttons, it uses a lot of inside-out technology and has a very difficult and complicated construction that makes it difficult to know which outer material should be called outer material.

This is Nobuyuki Matsui.

It's a very moving and exciting piece of clothing.

I haven't taken any photos yet, but for the time being, the delivery of the collection is over.

Please take a look.

This season is the most abundant among the ones we have handled so far.

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