NEW SHOES "Post Production"

This time, we can introduce good things to everyone. "Post Production" We met before the coronavirus spread so far. It was around the time when it was said that a mysterious disease was still prevalent in China. Around that time. Nowadays, the situation has decreased considerably, but before that, people in the same industry and brands, regardless of whether they were handled or not, often came to the store. And basically, for brands that we don't handle, we ask them to contact us in advance, and if they come without an appointment, we take a strong approach by not looking at the product first. I was there. smile Well, I have to reflect on that. That's how I met Mr. Kai from Post Production. smile One day, I suddenly came to the store. He's tall, and I could tell he had a brand-like air about him. So, as usual, I asked him to contact me in advance, and as I said that, I felt "something special". Even with the first contact, I often feel things that I don't usually feel when I work with people like this. At that time, I felt that something was wrong, and since I was running a shoe brand, I asked them to show me the shoes. However, at that time, it was the timing to start PETROSOLAUM's 03 LAST shoes, so I saw it without any expectations. However, I felt a strange atmosphere. These are the shoes I'm going to introduce today. And Kai's eyes and words. We decided to go to an exhibition at a later date and parted ways that day. But then again, the quality of the shoes was dazzling, but not this time. A year and a half since then. Many things happened with Mr. Kai, and I was able to meet him many times, have a lively discussion, and feel the same way. and, It's sunny and it's unveiling to everyone. Post Production Re-lux (Half Rubber) material_Baby Calf process_Mckay color_Black size_4(24cm),4H(24.5cm),5(25cm),5H(25.5cm) The brand's origin and signature loafer. Based on the noble Belgian shoes favored by European aristocrats, Post Production's original style loafers have lost the school feel of loafers such as belts, and the country feel. The details of the baby calf and the combination of its form give a gentle feminine essence to the look, but the fine finish and the leather quality that overturns the concept of the shoe have a hint of earthiness. Although he has a well-ordered face, he has a strong and independent appearance. The stitching on the upper is as fine as a dress shirt, and the heel is set a little higher at 2.5cm. What's more, it's a heel with a tapered heel that has a better shape as you go down. Due to the nature of loafers, which do not have shoelaces attached to the instep, it is a major premise that they will be selected according to the size of the batch drumstick, but the three-dimensional effect of the upper leather that warps toward the opening is amazing. The roundness of the heel that snuggles up to the heel of a Japanese boy. This allows you to grab your foot not only from the upper, but also from the rear that wraps around your foot. As mentioned above, the material is baby calf. Cowhide, isn't it? Among them, the baby calf, which is said to have the finest leather quality, is used on the entire surface. But it's not just the delicacy of the leather called a baby calf. The baby calf used by Post Production has a thickness that can be reassuring. Up until now, I was worried about the durability of the baby calf, but Mr. Kai thinks about it properly. Of course, no matter how beautiful the shoes are, if the leather used for the entire shoe is of poor quality, it is meaningless. Kai has experience with leather since he was a student, so he uses a stroller that is durable enough to withstand use in shoes, has a beauty that will make you fall in love with it, and is expected to wrinkle the upper when worn. Teru. So it's a vegetable tannin stroller. It looks like it's not full. However, it is a leather that will fully satisfy the heart of those who hold it firmly in their hands. this. I have already seen Kai's shoes many times, and I have a solid understanding of what he is thinking, what he is aiming for, and the hands and hearts that go into his shoes. . No way. oh yeah. Of course, the most important thing is "hand hanging". The hole in the heel is proof of that. It's a classic shoemaking process, but it's said that shoes are made by beating them. These Post Production loafers are also hammered hard. It is a nail hole of the proof. This is almost tannin, and the thickness of the baby calf is surprisingly thick, so it is a loafer that requires a three-dimensional form, so it is inevitably impossible to hang it by machine. Therefore, the leather itself is not under any strange stress, and it is guaranteed that you will always encounter a superb view of the expression of the leather after wearing it. And the processing of the edges of the leather is also very neat. Processing of the opening using the same material as piping processing like tape. You can't do this unless you do it intentionally. And it's a leather sole, but they also handle the edge of the sole. Combination of flat edge and round edge. This is the same as PETROSOLAUM's 03 LAST. It's beautiful to do this. Hont. A portion to be contracted and a portion to be relieved. Moreover, when you rub your face against the ground and look at the profile of the shoe, your eyes will be drawn to the sensual beauty of the outsole that rises toward the heel. The round edge gives depth to the side view. on second thoughts. Of course, the polishing process of the tapered heel leather stack is also Ka N Pe Ki. Look. A shape that goes into the arch of the foot as if it were being slammed. This will inspire your art. oh yeah. And this time, we asked them to attach the optional Vibram rubber experimentally so that they could wear it right away. I hope you are well. Even the outsole looks like this, so if you like it, guess the level of this shoe. An upper that shines brilliantly and doesn't get in the way of anything, even in new condition. After all, when it comes to shoemaking, since we are dealing with them, we need to pay attention to the details, but they easily surpass that part. It is the quality of a stroller that easily meets the expectations of the owner with its three-dimensional form. oh yeah. Unfortunately, I cannot wear these shoes. The first time I saw it nearly two years ago, and the other day I put my feet in it, but it doesn't fit my feet. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't match my feet, which are representative of Okayama prefecture. The reason for this is because of my legs, but the last of this Post Production model is Mr. Kai's original. As a result, as the brand says, it's a last that suits people who suit it so much that it faints in agony, and it doesn't suit people who don't. Therefore, it may be very good for those who have fairly tight and thin legs. I can't wear it myself, but regardless of that, I want to introduce it to everyone. Well, there are some parts that have an affinity with PETROSOLAUM shoes, but I think it's a wonderful coexistence. Check out Post Production. Also, at the store, we are currently asking customers to measure their temperature when they enter the store. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please disinfect your fingers with alcohol when entering and leaving the store. Tomorrow is the last day of the TAIGA TAKAHASHI installation, although it's mostly T-shirts. We are waiting for you to visit us.
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